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Iso-8 Élaboré[]

  • A-Iso Prismatic 043 Charged Elemental A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Charged Attack Charged Attack
  • A-Iso Prismatic 011 Focused Elemental A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Focused Attack Focused Attack
  • A-Iso Prismatic 030 Powerful Elemental A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Powerful Attack Powerful Attack


Effets Relatifs

  • Modèle:EI-Electric Isolation Electric Isolation - Takes reduced damage from Electricity attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Elemental Mastery Elemental Mastery - Increases Storm's Elemental damage
  • Modèle:EI-Energy Manipulation Energy Manipulation - Takes half damage and gains an extra turn from elemental attacks. Chance to protect against elemental attacks. Gains Potential Energy when attacked by elemental attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Form of Sand Form of Sand, Modèle:EI-Form of Sand Form of Sand - Immune to electricity attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Mistress of the Elements Mistress of the Elements - Reduces Lightning damage by 50%
  • Modèle:EI-Static Charge Static Charge - Nearby electric attacks may chain to this target, causing extra damage
  • Modèle:EI-Thunder Watch Thunder Watch - Immunity to Electricity damage and counter-attacks Electricity attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Titanium Armor Titanium Armor - Cuts all non-psychic damage taken in half
  • Modèle:EI-Weather Witch Weather Witch - Allies with Protective Shroud take 50% less lightning damage