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Iso-8 Élaboré[]

  • A-Iso Prismatic 104 Ionizing Augmented Iso-8 - Modèle:EI-Ionizing Discharge Ionizing Discharge
  • A-Iso Green 071 Suppressing Augmented Iso-8 - Modèle:EI-Suppression Suppression
  • A-Iso Red 011 Charged Radiant A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Charged Attack Charged Attack
  • A-Iso Red 043 Focused Radiant A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Focused Attack Focused Attack
  • A-Iso Red 030 Powerful Radiant A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Powerful Attack Powerful Attack


Effets Relatifs

  • Modèle:EI-Absorb Energy Absorb Energy - Healed by Energy Attacks. Protecting allies from single target and area energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Ambient Charge Ambient Charge - Nearby energy attacks cause Ambient Charge
  • Modèle:EI-Cosmic Absorption Cosmic Absorption - Takes half damage from Energy attacks. Nearby Energy Attacks generate one Cosmic Energy. Restores stamina when hit by energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Energy Feedback Energy Feedback - Heals allies that use energy attacks and damages enemies that use energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Energy Manipulation Energy Manipulation - Takes half damage and gains an extra turn from energy attacks. Chance to protect against energy attacks. Gains Potential Energy when attacked by energy attacks.
  • Modèle:EI-Energy Protector Energy Protector - Protect allies from energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Fire Stance Fire Stance - Energy attacks grant Executioner a damage bonus on his next attack
  • Modèle:EI-Flammable! Flammable!, Modèle:EI-Ice Stance Ice Stance and Modèle:EI-Sand Disperse Sand Disperse - Vulnerable to energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Hidden Potential Hidden Potential - Energy attack damage received is reduced by 50%, restores 20% stamina and grants one charge of Stored Energy
  • Modèle:EI-Immovable Object Immovable Object - Doesn't ignore damage from energy attacks, doesn't counter energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Insulating Shield Insulating Shield - Absorbs damage from enemy energy attacks, converting to a Conductive Charge
  • Modèle:EI-Malleable Malleable - Doesn't reduce damage from energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Psychic Energy Attack Psychic Energy Attack - Energy attack with psychic properties
  • Modèle:EI-Radiation Exposure Radiation Exposure - Increases damage received from energy attacks
  • Modèle:EI-Titanium Armor Titanium Armor - Cuts all non-psychic damage taken in half