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Gear includes Melee, Ranged, and Gadgets that can be equipped by your Agent. They can be acquired through various means, such as purchasing them from the Store with Silver and S.H.I.E.L.D. Points or with Gold, as drops during Missions and Special Operations, or mastering entire mission chapters.

Gear is generally designed for equipping for Combat. Certain Hero Actions work particularly well with certain equipment.

Power Level
A weapon's power level is compared to agent level. If power level > agent level, the weapon will increase in power as the agent progresses. If power level = agent level, the weapon is at it's peak of effectiveness (not accounting for adjustment in agent basic stats). If power level < agent level, the weapon will not progress, and might slightly regress. At a certain point, when agent level is much greater than the item's power level, the amount of stamina required to use it vs. the damage it will do becomes fairly absurd.

Target Key
Vous-Même - Self (Agent)
Un seul Allié - One Ally
Un seul Ennemi - One Enemy
Tous les Alliés - All Allies
Tous les Ennemis - All Enemies
Tous - All
Grade Key
 Store - Available at the Store
 Premium - Premium Gear
 LE - Limited Editions
 Mission - Mission Gear
 DM - Daily Mission Gear
 Deploy - Deploy Drop Gear
 Epic - Epic Boss Gear
 Challenge - Challenge Mode Gear
 Golden - Golden Weapon
 Incursion - Incursion Roulette
 SO - Special Operations Gear
 PVP - PVP Tournament Gear
 CT - Covert Task Gear
 FS - Free Stuff

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