Wiki AvengersAlliance

Haste Heroes that take two turns every round Sentinelle OmegaSpitfireVif-Argent
Heart and Mind Romantically linked CyclopeEmma Frost
Heart of the Jungle Bonus for bringing Ka-Zar and Shanna Ka-ZarShanna
Hearts of Iron Romantically linked Iron ManRescousse
Hellenic Heroes with Greek Ties ArèsElektraHerculeMédusa
Hellfire Former or current Hellfire Club members AngelCaptain BritainDaimon HellstromEmma FrostIron ManMagnetoPhénixPsylockeTornade
Heroes for Hire Heroes who are member of Heroes for Hire Iron FistJessica JonesLuke Cage
Highway to Hell Heroes who are linked to hell in some way Daimon HellstromGhost RiderMagikSatana
Hollywood Heroes who are actors SpiraleWonder Man
Hoofing It Heroes with hooves Beta Ray BillGorgone
Horse Power Bonus for bringing Beta Ray Bill, Chevalier Noir, and Valkyrie Beta Ray BillChevalier NoirValkyrie
Hot Stuff Heroes who use fire attacks RocketCrystalDaimon HellstromDeathlokElsa BloodstoneLe DestructeurGhost RiderLa TorchePhénixPunisherHulk RougeSatanaStar-LordSunfire
House of M Father and child MagnetoVif-Argent
ou MagnetoSorcière Rouge
I Wanna Be The Very Best Heroes with a creature companion Chase SteinKa-Zar
Identity Theft Both got powers from another individual, Malicia stole Miss Marvel's powers and Miss Marvel got her powers from Mar-Vell Miss MarvelMalicia
Illuminati Heroes who are current or former members of the Illuminati_(Earth-616) Illuminati Le FauveFlèche NoireLa Panthère NoireDr StrangeIron ManMédusaMr
Imposter Moon Knight adopts a personality based on certain heroes Captain AmericaMoon Knight
ou Moon KnightSpider-Man
ou Moon KnightWolverine
In-Laws A hero and their in-law MagnetoVision
ou Vif-ArgentVision
Inhuman Relations In-laws Flèche NoireVif-Argent
ou MédusaVif-Argent
Invaders Heroes that were in the Invaders_(Modern)_(Earth-616) Invaders Captain AmericaSpitfireUnion Jack
Isn't Easy Being Green Bonus for bringing two green-skinned heroes DraxGamoraHulkMiss Hulk
It's Alive! Bonus for bringing Le Destructeur and L'Enchanteresse or Loki or Thor Le DestructeurL'Enchanteresse
ou Le DestructeurLoki
ou Le DestructeurThor
It's Complicated Love Triangle Sorcière RougeWonder Man
ou VisionWonder Man
Kang Bonus for daring to work with Kang AgentKang
Keep it Secret Heroes who are members of the Secret Avengers Agent VenomLe FauveVeuve NoireCaptain AmericaCaptain BritainŒil De FauconHulkL'Oiseau-MoqueurMoon KnightMiss MarvelSpider-WomanMaître De CorvéeThorValkyrieWar Machine
Keys to the Kingdom Heroes who are heirs to a throne AngélaDaimon HellstromLokiSatanaStar-LordThor
King and Queen King and Queen of Wakanda Wakanda La Panthère NoireTornade
Kiss of Death Vampiric heroes BladeMorbiusSpitfire
Kleptomaniac Heroes who are heroic thieves Chatte NoireFantomexGambitLokiStar-LordTornade
Knight in Shining Armor Romantically linked Chevalier NoirCrystal
La Barre Est Haute Héros qui ont utilisé le personnage Goliath Hank PymŒil De Faucon
Ladies Man Heroes who are known casanovas. FandralGambitIron ManStar-Lord
Les Braddock Jumeaux Captain BritainPsylocke
Les Garçons Summer Heroes who are family members of the Summers by blood CableCyclopeHavok
Like A Big Brother Heroes with a brotherly relationship Chase SteinMolly Hayes
Like A Big Sister Heroes with a sisterly relationship Karolina DeanMolly Hayes
Looking Grimm Sister Grimm/Ben Grimm Nico MinoruLa Chose
Martial Arts Masters Heroes who are known to be proficient with martial arts La Panthère NoireVeuve NoireDaredevilElektraIron FistKarnakKitty PrydeL'Oiseau-MoqueurPsylockeSquirrel GirlWolverine
Marvelous Marvel Girl/Miss Marvel Kamala KhanMiss MarvelPhénix
Mauvais Mojo Héros du Mojoverse ShatterstarSpirale
Mighty Avengers Heroes who are members of Luke Cage's Mighty Avengers BladeLe FauconJessica JonesLuke Cage
Mind Games Heroes with psychic abilities CableDocteur VaudouEmma FrostL'EnchanteressePhénixPsylocke
Mommy Issues Son and adopted daughter of Mystique DiabloMalicia
Money Talks Heroes who are financially motivated BlizzardBoomerangLe ConstricteurDeadpoolMaître De Corvée
More Human Than Human Heroes who are Inhumans Flèche NoireCrystalGorgoneKamala KhanKarnakMédusaSéismeThane
Ms. Fake Opale had the role of Dark Ms.Marvel in the Dark Avengers OpaleMiss Marvel
Murderworld Survivors Heroes who survived Murderworld CableRocketChase SteinDominoNico MinoruShatterstarX-23
Natural Born Killers Bonus for bringing two assassins BoomerangAngélaDeathlokElektraGamora
Needs Food Badly Heroes with a ravenous hungers MorbiusVolstagg
New Mutants Heroes who are former members of the New Mutants RocketMagik
Newly Assembled Members who have recently joined the Avengers ArèsDr StrangeHavokIron FistJessica JonesLuke CageHulk RougeMaliciaSpider-ManSpider-WomanSquirrel GirlTornadeLa ChoseWolverine
Not In That Way One-sided crush Karolina DeanNico Minoru
Not of This Earth Bonus for bringing two heroes not from this reality AngélaBishopCableShatterstarSuperior Spider-ManThundraUltimate Spider-Man
Nouveaux Membres des Avengers : nouveaux, tous différents Kamala KhanLe FauconNovaUltimate Spider-Man
Oathbrother Sworn Brothers Beta Ray BillThor
Odin's Blood Biological children of Odin AngélaThor
Odinsons Sons of Odin LokiThor
On Again, Off Again Romantically linked CrystalVif-Argent
One Voice Romantically linked Flèche NoireMédusa
Ordained Heroes with a background in divinity Daimon HellstromDiabloPunisher
Orphanage Orphaned Heroes AngélaBladeCableChase SteinCyclopeŒil De FauconHogunHypérionJessica JonesKa-ZarKarolina DeanLokiMolly HayesNico MinoruDiabloMaliciaShatterstarSpider-ManStar-LordVictor Mancha
Out of Hand Heroes who are former members of The Hand DaredevilElektraPsylockeDents De Sabre
Paradoxical Questions Victor Mancha and Someone who knows the right questions to force a 404. Chase SteinVictor Mancha
ou Nico MinoruVictor Mancha
Partners In Crime Both heroes have teamed up stealing items GambitTornade
Patriots Heroes who feels a strong support for his or her country Captain AmericaCaptain BritainSpitfireSunfireUnion Jack
Pluie Bénie Héros ayant vécu en Afrique La Panthère NoireShannaTornade
Polar Opposites Complete opposites, both in powers and personality IcebergSunfire
Portable Heroes who can teleport MagikDiabloSpirale
Prestance Poilue Héros qui entretiennent une barbe Baron MordoBishopBladeDr StrangeFandralFixerGorgoneHeimdallHerculesHogunKarnakLe FauconMorbiusVolstagg
Progeny of Olympus Olympus ArèsHercule
Protege Heroes who have a father/daughter like relationship Kitty PrydeWolverine
Proud To Serve Heroes who are military veterans Agent VenomBeta Ray BillCaptain AmericaDeathlokLe FauconMoon KnightMiss MarvelHulk RougeRocket RaccoonSpitfireUnion JackWar Machine
Punisher Gets Punished A hero and her former idol Molly HayesPunisher
Puny God Avengers movie reference, Hulk massively beat up Loki HulkLoki
Qui Se Ressemble... Héros aux noms s'inspirant d'oiseaux Kate BishopL'Oiseau-MoqueurLe FauconŒil De Faucon