Wiki AvengersAlliance

Rad Bromance Best Friends Le FauveWonder Man
Ran Away From Home Heroes who ran away from home Chase SteinŒil De FauconKarolina DeanMolly HayesNico MinoruVictor Mancha
Rasputins Brother and sister ColossusMagik
Rassemblement ! N'importe quelle combinaisaon d'Avengers Originels A-BombArèsCaptain AmericaChevalier NoirCrystalHank PymHerculeHulkHypérionIron ManKate BishopL'Oiseau-MoqueurLa GuêpeLa Panthère NoireLe FauconLe FauveMiss HulkMiss MarvelMoon KnightRocketSéismeSorcière RougeSquirrel GirlSunfireThorTigraVeuve NoireVif-ArgentVisionWonder ManŒil De Faucon
Red in the Ledger Heroes who started their careers as villains Anti-VenomAvalancheBoomerangChatte NoireVeuve NoireRocketLe ConstricteurLe DestructeurElektraEmma FrostL'EnchanteresseFixerGambitGamoraGrootŒil De FauconHybridLe FléauLokiMagikMagnetoMédusaOpaleMorbiusSentinelle OmegaPunisherVif-ArgentMaliciaDents De SabreL'Homme-SableSatanaSorcière RougeSpider-WomanSpiraleSunfireSuperior Spider-ManMaître De CorvéeThundraVisionWonder Man
Redheads Heroes with red hair AngélaVeuve NoireCrystalDaimon HellstromDaredevilElsa BloodstoneLe FléauMédusaPhénixRescousseSatanaShatterstarThundraVolstagg
Revengers Heroes who were former members of the Revengers Anti-VenomWonder Man
Rivaux Occultes Baron Mordo et Dr Strange Baron MordoDr Strange
Rock Stars Heroes with rock theme attack names Star-LordLa Chose
Rock and Roll Love-hate relationship La ChoseThundra
Roommates Heroes who lived together at one point Le ConstricteurDeadpool
Rude Awakening Bonus for bringing Nova and Rocket Racoon or Gamora GamoraNova
ou NovaRocket Raccoon
Safety First Heroes who wear a helmet ArèsAvalancheBeta Ray BillChevalier NoirHeimdallIron ManLe FléauMagnetoNovaRescousseStar-LordThorWar Machine
Saints Chevaliers Héros avec Chevalier/Knight dans leur nom Chevalier NoirMisty KnightMoon Knight
Sans-Alias Héros qui gardent leurs nom et prénom Baron MordoBeta Ray BillChase SteinDaimon HellstromElsa BloodstoneEmma FrostGamoraGrootHank PymJessica JonesKamala KhanKarolina DeanKate BishopKitty PrydeLe DestructeurLuke CageMisty KnightMolly HayesNico MinoruRocket RaccoonVictor Mancha
Savage Savages Heroes that have feral tendencies Ka-ZarDents De SabreShannaTigraWolverine
Second Chances Former Villain and her handler Luke CageOpale
Seismic Shuffle Heroes who like to shake La Choses up AvalancheRocketCaptain BritainColossusGorgoneGrootLuke CageL'Homme-SableLa ChoseVision
Sensibilisation Au Cancer Héros ayant combattu ou vaincu le cancer A-BombAnti-VenomDeadpool
Serve and Protect Heroes that have been police officers Sentinelle OmegaTigra
She's The Boss Chase Stein and Nico Minoru Chase SteinNico Minoru
Shinobi Heroes that were ninjas DaredevilElektraŒil De FauconKitty PrydePsylocke
Shooting the Breeze Heroes with wind powers CrystalTornade
Sibling Rivalry Brother and sister La TorcheL'Invisible
Sidekick Iron Man and his "sidekick" Iron ManSquirrel Girl
Sinister Six Former Members of the Sinister Six Anti-VenomL'Homme-SableSuperior Spider-Man
Six Pack Heroes that were members of Six Pack CableLe ConstricteurDeadpoolDomino
Six Packs and Powder Cable & Deadpool CableDeadpool
Soif De Sang Héros avec des attaques qui causent Saignement AngélaAnti-VenomArèsChatte NoireChevalier NoirLa Panthère NoireBladeDraxElektraElsa BloodstoneFandralFixerGamoraGrootHybridJessica JonesKa-ZarMoon KnightPunisherDents De SabreSifSpider-Man 2099SpitfireSuperior Spider-ManMaître De CorvéeTigraVolstaggWolverineX-23
Sombre Beauté Romantiquement liés Beta Ray BillSif
Song of Torch and Ice Friendly Rivalry La TorcheIceberg
Sorcerer Supremes Heroes who once titled Sorcerer Supremes Docteur VaudouDr Strange
Souple Et Solide Romantiquement liés ColossusKitty Pryde
South of the Mason-Dixon Heroes from the Southeastern United States RocketGambitMalicia
Southern Hospitality Romantically linked GambitMalicia
Sovereign Heroes that have been rulers of a nation or realm Flèche NoireLa Panthère NoireCaptain BritainHulkMagikMagnetoMédusaTornadeThor
Spear and Magic Helmet Le Fléau and Valkyrie Le FléauValkyrie
Spider Bite Spider-Man and Silk were bitten by the same radioactive spider SilkSpider-Man 2099
Spider Ward L'Invisible & Spider-Girl L'InvisibleSpider-Girl
Star Crossed Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen Spider-GwenSpider-Man
Stick It Heroes that use pole weapons DaredevilGambitL'Oiseau-MoqueurShannaValkyrie
Stink-Eye Le Constricteur sued Hercule for excessive force and won. Hercule hasn't forgiven Le Constricteur for suing him Le ConstricteurHercule
Street Level Heroes who fight in the street Anti-VenomBoomerangChatte NoireDaredevilElsa BloodstoneLe FauconHybridIron FistJessica JonesKamala KhanKate BishopLuke CageMoon KnightPunisherL'Homme-SableSpider-Man
Succès Japonnais Personnages liés au Japon DaredevilPsylockeSunfireWolverineŒil De Faucon
Suffragettes Heroes who are current or former members of the Lady Liberators Elsa BloodstoneVeuve NoireL'InvisibleMédusaSorcière RougeMiss HulkSpider-WomanTornadeThundraTigraLa Guêpe
Superfan Heroes with a love for superheroes Kamala KhanNovaMolly HayesVictor Mancha
Support Network Heroes who helped reform L'Homme-Sable L'Homme-SableSpider-Man
ou L'Homme-SableLa Chose
Swingers Heroes that swing into action FandralSpider-ManShannaSuperior Spider-ManUltimate Spider-Man
Systkin Asgardian brother and sister HeimdallSif
Tangled Web Former or current hosts of the Venom Symbiote Agent VenomAnti-VenomHybridSpider-ManSuperior Spider-Man
Team Œil De Faucon Œil De Faucon and Kate Bishop Œil De FauconKate Bishop
The New Black Heroes with Black in their name Flèche NoireChatte NoireChevalier NoirLa Panthère NoireVeuve Noire
Thunderbolts Heroes who are members of the new Thunderbolts Agent VenomBoomerangVeuve NoireDeadpoolElektraFixerŒil De FauconIron FistLe FléauLuke CageOpalePunisherHulk RougeSatana
Tin Men Heroes with robotic armor Iron ManRescousseWar Machine
Tinfoil Hats Heroes immune to psychic abilities Le DestructeurLe FléauMagneto
Tiny Transistors Cybernetic heroes Beta Ray BillBishopCableDeathlokFixerSentinelle OmegaSpiraleVictor ManchaVision
Titanomachy Bonus for bringing two heroes with a grudge or vendetta against Thanos DraxGamoraThane
Tooth and Nail Mortal enemies Dents De SabreWolverine
Tornadebringers Bonus for bringing heroes that wield the power of the Tornade Beta Ray BillTornadeThor
Tossers Heroes with tossing abilities BoomerangHerculeHulkJessica JonesMagnetoMédusaMolly HayesPhénixHulk RougeDents De SabreMiss HulkSuperior Spider-ManLa ChoseThundraVolstagg
Tough Love Jessica Jones et Luke Cage Jessica JonesLuke Cage
Tout Est Possible Héros qui manipulent les probabilitées Chatte NoireDominoSorcière Rouge
Tout Le Monde Sur Le Pont Hank McCoy et Hank Pym DeathlokHank PymLe Fauve
Toxic Personality Characters known for using poisons ShannaUltimate Spider-Man
Training Montage Heroes famous for training others Captain AmericaGorgoneLuke CageMaître De CorvéeWolverine
Two Fianchetto Bishop and Kate Bishop BishopKate Bishop
Two Thugs Best friends GrootRocket Raccoon
Unexpected Results Bonus for bringing Morbius and Spider-Man MorbiusSpider-Man
Untouchable Heroes that can become intangible Docteur VaudouKitty PrydeOpaleVision
Veaux De Bova Bova] Vif-ArgentSorcière RougeSpider-Woman
Vilain Petit Canard Enfants défavorisés auprès d'Odin AngélaLoki
Walk Two Moons Heroes with Moon in their names OpaleMoon Knight
War Buddies Heroes that fought in World War II together Captain AmericaSpitfireUnion JackWolverine
Warriors Three Heroes who are members of the Warriors Three FandralHogunVolstagg
We Could Be Friends Unlikely friendship AngélaGamora
Weapon X Heroes that were in the Weapon X Program Captain AmericaDeadpoolDents De SabreWolverineX-23
Weather Patterns Blizzard et Tornade BlizzardTornade
Web Warriors Spiders from other worlds SilkSpider-GirlSpider-GwenSpider-Man 2099Spider-Man NoirSuperior Spider-ManUltimate Spider-Man
West Coast Membres des Avengers de la Côte Ouest Hank PymL'Oiseau-MoqueurLa GuêpeMoon KnightTigraVisionWar MachineWonder ManŒil De Faucon
What Is Love? One sided crush L'EnchanteresseThor
Which Is Witch Loki once disguised himself as Sorcière Rouge LokiSorcière Rouge
Whip it Good Heroes who uses whip-like weapons Le ConstricteurMédusa
Wings Of Liberty Meilleurs Amis Captain AmericaLe Faucon
Wolverine Is A Jerk A hero and her former idol Molly HayesWolverine
Wunda Twins Siblings who grew up on Wundagore Mountain Vif-ArgentSorcière Rouge
X-Factor Heroes who are new members of X-Factor HavokVif-ArgentDents De SabreShatterstar
X-Force Heroes who are members of any incarnations of X-Force AngelCableRocketColossusDeadpoolDominoFantomexDiabloPsylockeShatterstarSpiraleWolverineX-23
You Have My Sword Heroes who wield swords AngélaChevalier NoirBladeDeadpoolFandralGamoraHeimdallMagikPsylockeShatterstarSifSpiraleMaître De CorvéeValkyrie
Young Avengers Heroes who were part of the Young Avengers Kate BishopLoki