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Cinétique (Type)/Équipement

Cinétique (Type)/Héros

Iso-8 Élaboré[]

  • A-Iso Blue 043 Charged Kinetic A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Charged Attack Charged Attack
  • A-Iso Blue 011 Focused Kinetic A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Focused Attack Focused Attack
  • A-Iso Blue 030 Powerful Kinetic A-Iso - Modèle:EI-Powerful Attack Powerful Attack


Effets Relatifs

  • Modèle:EI-Energy Manipulation Energy Manipulation - Takes half damage and gains an extra turn from kinetic attacks. Chance to protect against kinetic attacks. Gains Potential Energy when attacked by kinetic attacks.
  • Modèle:EI-Titanium Armor Titanium Armor - Cuts all non-psychic damage taken in half


  • Kinetic-type attacks is distinguished differently from Energy-type attacks even though in reality, kinetic is a type of energy. Kinetic-type attacks is 'formed' or 'conjured' by forming a force by manipulating the velocity of particles and atoms. Practically, kinetic-type attacks are invisible, or just very faint to see.