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Effet Néfaste (Type)/Équipement

Effet Néfaste (Type)/Héros

Effet Néfaste (Type)/Ennemis


Effets Relatifs

  • Modèle:EI-Remove Debuffs Remove Debuffs, Modèle:EI-Cleansing Fire Cleansing Fire, Modèle:EI-Potential Unleashed Potential Unleashed, Modèle:EI-Cosmic Power Cosmic Power, Modèle:EI-The Blessing of Angolob The Blessing of Angolob, Modèle:EI-A Clean Slate A Clean Slate and Modèle:EI-Restorative Nanobots Restorative Nanobots - Remove negative effects
  • Modèle:EI-Chaos Shield Chaos Shield - Replaces many negative effects with their opposite
  • Modèle:EI-Dark Pact Dark Pact - Raises stats when affected by Dizzy, Exposed, Slowed, or Weakened
  • Modèle:EI-Exploit Corruption Exploit Corruption - Deals extra damage while affected by most debuffs
  • Modèle:EI-Loki's Shroud Loki's Shroud - Protected by Loki's enchantments, providing the Jotuns resistance to debuffs
  • Modèle:EI-Panacea Response Panacea Response - Party members remove a harmful status effect at the beginning of their turn
  • Modèle:EI-Perplexed Perplexed - Unable to use Debuff abilities
  • Modèle:EI-Purifying Flames Purifying Flames - Removes and prevents debuffs
  • Modèle:EI-Titanium Armor Titanium Armor - Cuts all non-psychic damage taken in half
  • Negative effects such as Weakened, Exposed, Dizzy and Slowed are replaced by their opposite