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Store screenshot

The Store is where you can buy your Agent's Gear, Uniforms, Supplies, and Iso-8. Most items are unlocked by leveling and by doing research. Items are bought using a combination of Silver Silver-icon and S.H.I.E.L.D. Points Shield point-icon or with Gold Gold icon .

The store displays the Gear, Uniforms, Supplies, and Iso-8 tabs, inside them contain the icons, the filter bar, and eight items in one page. Selecting an item displays how many you own and the stats. Clicking the COMPARE button to compare between the items (for Gear compares with the Gear on your first slot, and for Uniforms compares with your Agent Uniform you're equipping). Gold border on the items indicated they are bought with gold. Items are shuffled every time you log-in the game. Selecting the icons in the store will only display what's under this type, and you can go back by deselecting it. Can purchase or sell up to 99 items at the time.

Players can sell their items by clicking the SELL ITEMS button on the top right and you can go back purchasing items by clicking the PURCHASE ITEMS button. They cannot sold the following items: Energy, Challenge Point, Simulator Point, and research items (e.g. Blueprint: Infiltrator's Power Armor). They also cannot sold the equipped weapon, unless they unequipped it.

For limited edition items, see Limited Edition Items.

Table of Contents
Gear Uniforms Supplies Iso-8
Ranged Icon Ranged Generalisticon Generalist Supplies Offense Offense Iso-8 Chip Red Icon Red
Melee Icon Melee Blastericon Blaster Supplies Defense Defense Iso-8 Chip Blue Icon Blue
Gadget Icon Gadget Bruisericon Bruiser Supplies Healing Healing Iso-8 Chip Yellow Icon Yellow
Infiltratoricon Infiltrator Fichier:Lockbox Icon.png Lockbox Iso-8 Chip Orange Icon Orange
Scrappericon Scrapper Fichier:Energy Icon.png Energy Iso-8 Chip Green Icon Green
Tacticianicon Tactician PVP Icon2 PVP Iso-8 Chip Purple Icon Purple
Iso-8 Chip Prismatic Icon Prismatic
Empowered Iso Icon Empowered Iso
Class Restricted Iso Icon Class Restricted Iso
Character Restricted Iso Icon Character Restricted Iso
Augmented Iso Icon Augmented Iso
Character Restricted Augmented Iso Icon Character Restricted Augmented Iso

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