Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 024  Plaie Ouverte
Effet Néfaste 3 manches
 Taking additional damage from melee attacks
Plaie Ouverte
3 manches
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 024
 Taking additional damage from melee attacks


  • Characters with this effect take 25% additional damage from melee attacks.


Icon Name
50px50px Scrapper's Safeguard Suit
Modèle:EI-Scrapper Safeguard Scrapper Safeguard

Augmented Isotope-8Modifier

Icon Name Action
A-Iso Prismatic 030 Painful Augmented Iso-8
(Shatterstar Icon 1 Shatterstar only)
20px Blade Maelstrom
Modèle:EI-Pain Train Pain Train
A-Iso Blue 016 Pulverizing Augmented Iso-8
Modèle:EI-Pulverize Pulverize
Equipped Melee Abilities


Icon Name
50px Batazer
50px Combat Knife
50px Dense Electro-Tech Hammer
50px Electro-Tech Hammer
50px S.H.I.E.L.D. Slugger
50px Scrapper Augmenter
(Scrapper only)
50px Scrapper Enhancer
(Scrapper only)
50px Tactical Knife


Name Ability
Agent Venom Icon 1

Modèle:EI-Under Control Under Control

20px Advanced Combat Training
Captain America Icon 4

Modèle:EI-Offensive Operations Offensive Operations

20px Shield Throw
Elektra Icon 1
20px Ancient Art
Gambit Icon 1
20px Royal Flush
Heimdall Icon 1
20px Uru Blade
Iron Fist Icon 2
20px Five Fingers of Death
Karnak Icon 1
20px Stress Point Perception
Luke Cage Icon 1
20px Brawl

Modèle:EI-Pain Train Pain Train
(When enemy has Exposed)

Luke Cage Icon 2
20px Ragnarok'em Sock'em
Molly Hayes Icon 1
20px Drop Kick
20px Brawl
20px Searing Smash
20px Punch
20px Hammering Blow
Squirrel Girl Icon 1
20px Squirrel Strike

Modèle:EI-Pain Train Pain Train
(When enemy has Exposed)

Union Jack Icon 1
20px Trench Warfare


Name Ability
Arcade Icon
Bruiser Arcade
Magnetic Field Activated
Fichier:Bastion Icon.png
Faltering Fists
Fichier:Bastion Icon.png
Scrapper Bastion
Faltering Fists
Op Spé 19 - Group Boss
Fichier:Dark Thor Icon.png
 Dark Thor
Hammer Throw
Heimdall Icon
Uru Blade
Fichier:High Evolutionary Icon.png
 High Evolutionary
Advanced CQC
Hybrid Icon
Blaster Hybrid
Spec Ops 18.3
Fichier:Maximus the Mad Icon.png
 Maximus the Mad
Hard Light Compressor
Fichier:Mysterio Icon.png
Stunt Man
Fichier:Ronan Icon.png
Sudden Judgment
Skirn Icon
Hammering Blow
Fichier:Thanos Icon.png
Scrapper Thanos
Energy Pillars
Fichier:Union Jack Icon.png
 Union Jack
Trench Warfare

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