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There are some questions that get repeated A LOT in the comments of various pages. If you have a question, there are many people here with a wide variety of knowledge about the game. Don't be afraid to ask a question, but check below first so that you're not repeating something that has already been asked and covered many times.

The FAQs page is also a great place to ask generic questions, since the Admins and other experienced Users will generally "Follow" this page for new comments and questions.

Remember: This is a community project. Everyone here is a player just like you. We don't work for Playdom.

What are _____? What does _____ Mean?

Have you looked in the Glossary?

Who Should I Recruit Next?

This is a really tough question to answer when you don't give us any information about who you have already, and what's important to you.

There is no one single answer to this. Different people have different play styles and that will dictate who you should recruit next. However, there is a page for people to post their thoughts on various heroes, so perhaps reading the Hero Reviews page will help you to make a decision.

Is there a way to get more Gold or Command Points or Silver for free?

  1. Heve you checked out our page on Free Stuff?
  2. You get 1 Gold evey time you level
    • Read Xobai's tutorial on How to Spend Gold)
  3. Have you read User:Potkettleblack's tutorial on How to Farm CP?

I just saw a weapon/item in PVP. What was it? How can I get one too?

All items are listed in the Gear page. So look for it there. The Gear page will tell you what it is and how you can get one.

Is there a way to get more Command Points?

Asside from buying them? Potkettleblack' has written an excellent tutorial on "Farming" Command Points and maximizing Boss Rewards.

How Do I Remove Allies / I Can't Remove an Ally, Please Help!

If you are still Friends with the person you are trying to remove, it's dead easy.

If the person you're trying tro remove is no longer on your Friends list, it's a little more difficult, but not impossible.

Either way, the answer can be found in the Playdom Forum, Courtesy of DashX

Why do I keep getting a "Combat Validation Error"?

There are a couple of reasons this could be happening:

The Chess Set in a Distress Call
For some reason, if you call in a Distress Call and your Ally's Agent uses one of the items in the Chess Set, this causes a Combat Validation Error. There is nothing you can do to get around this. Hopefully Playdom will fix this in their next Update.
Conflict between a Firefox Plugin and M:AA.
If you're using Firefox and you keep getting combat validation errors, try the following:
  1. Restart Firefox. This doesn't mean reload the page, it means shut your Browser down and restart it
  2. Try using another Browser - do you still keep getting the same error if you try using another Browser?
  3. If you're super-committed towards playing MAA with Firefox, then you will have to remove all the Plugins and then try playing again. At some point, you'll figure out which Plugin is causing the conflict

I'm having a Technical Issue, Please Help!

We'd love to help, but we're not Playdom and can't help you with any Tech Support issues outside some generic advice:

  1. Restart your Browser
  2. Try a different Brower - are you still getting the same issue?
  3. Wait for 24 hours - is it still an issue?
  4. Check out Playdom's list of Known Issues for MAA, if your issue listed there it may be able to be of help

Out side of this, you will need to log a Ticket with Playdom's Support Team. The information above will help the Support Team to troubleshoot what the issue is, as to whether the issue is with your Browser or with your specific account.

How Do I Submit a Support Ticket to Playdom?

First of all, check the Known Issues Playdom has released for M:AA.

You will need to go to the website for Playdom's Support and create an Account (this is also the same account that you use to play any of the Playdom games via rather than through Facebook.

If you do play M:AA through Facebook, you will need to supply them with your Facebook ID (this website has instructions on how to get that).

Take screenshots if you can of your Issue.

Tell them EVERYTHING you have done to trouble shoot the issue in as much detail as you can. Most of the time, the Playdom Support Team will give you an instruction and ask you to wait 24 hours to see if that resolved the issue. If you can show them that you have already done this and that it hasn't been resolved, your issue may get resolved quicker.

This Video might help make it a smoother process:

And lastly; good luck! They have a notorious reputation for NOT fixing problems, so be prepared for a bad experience. Sadly, if this does occur, there is nothing that we can do to help you outside of the information we have given here.

Will Playdom re-release ___ for Command Points?

It is unlikely, but not impossible. We are not Playdom, so we can't answer this question. You are best to ask this question to the MAA Developers via Playdom's M:AA Forum.

What is the maximum level for an Agent?

Currently Agents have a maximum level of Level 300.

The game is telling me that I've been Banned from PVP, Why?

Yet another thing we can't help you with, as we are players just like you and do not work for Playdom. But there is a page on Playdom's website ([ Why Was I Suspended from PVP?) that may be able to give you some answers. The only thing we can help you with is sympathy, which doesn't help you to get a favourable resolution.

I have Another Question...

If you have a question that isn't covered above, feel free to ask it in the Comments below and the people that are "Following" this page will try their best to answer you.