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Heroes A - H (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Agent Venom Icon 1

(Out of Control mode)

Agent Venom-We Are Venom We Are Venom Buff
Angel Icon 1
Angel-Impositio Manus Impositio Manus Heal Buff
Angela Icon 1
Angela-Battle Cry Battle Cry Buff
Avalanche Icon 1
Avalanche-Epicenter Epicenter Sonic Buff Debuff
Baron Mordo Icon 1
Baron Mordo-Astral Phase Astral Phase Magic Buff
Beast Icon 1
Beast-The Grapes of Wrath The Grapes of Wrath Buff
Bishop Icon 1
Bishop-Inner Force Inner Force Buff
Bishop-Accelerated Healing Accelerated Healing Buff Heal
Black Cat Icon 1
Black Cat-Stroke of Luck Stroke of Luck Buff
Black Knight Icon 1
Black Knight-Atonement Atonement Buff
Black Panther Icon 1
Black Panther-Panther Stance Panther Stance Buff
Black Widow Icon 1
Black Widow-Widowmaker Widowmaker Buff
Blade Icon 1
Blade-Bloodlust Bloodlust Buff
Boomerang Icon 1
Boomerang-Wind-Up Wind-Up Buff
Cable Icon 1
T-O Control -T-O Control -
 T-O Control
Cable-Temporal Shift Temporal Shift Buff Tech
Cammi Icon 1
Cammi-Distraction Distraction Debuff Buff Tech
Cammi-Gather Intel Gather Intel Buff Tech
Cammi-Defensive Matrix Defensive Matrix Buff Tech
Cannonball Icon 1
Cannonball-Kinetic Field Kinetic Field Buff
Captain America Icon 1
Captain America-Shield Guard Shield Guard Buff
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1
Cloak and Dagger-Child of Light Child of Light Heal Buff
Cloak and Dagger-Child of Darkness Child of Darkness Heal Buff
Colossus Icon 1
Colossus-Steel Curtain Steel Curtain Buff
Crystal Icon 1
Crystal-Aerokinesis Aerokinesis Buff
Cyclops Icon 1
Cyclops-Evasive Maneuvers Evasive Maneuvers Buff
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1
Daimon Hellstrom-Cloaked in Shadows Cloaked in Shadows Buff
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 2
Daimon Hellstrom-Cloaked in Lost Souls Cloaked in Lost Souls Buff
Daredevil Icon 1
Daredevil-Radar Sense Radar Sense Buff
Death Locket Icon 1
Death Locket-Combat Subroutine Combat Subroutine Buff
Death Locket-Recon Subroutine Recon Subroutine Buff
Destroyer Icon 1
Destroyer-Enchanted Armor Enchanted Armor Buff
Destroyer-Cooldown Cooldown Buff
Destroyer-Frenzy Frenzy Buff
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1
Doctor Voodoo-Daniel Drumm Daniel Drumm Ranged Psychic Debuff Buff
Doctor Voodoo-Spirit Possession Spirit Possession Ranged Psychic Debuff Buff
Doctor Voodoo-Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell Evanodor Compatriot Boost Spell Magic Buff
Dr. Strange Icon 1
Dr. Strange-Shield of the Seraphim Shield of the Seraphim Buff Magic
Drax Icon 1
Drax-Cry for Blood Cry for Blood Buff
Electro Icon 1
Electro-Supercharge Supercharge Buff
Emma Frost Icon 1
Emma Frost-Unlock Potential Unlock Potential Buff
Fandral Icon 1
Fandral-En Garde! En Garde! Buff
Fandral-Elixir of Recovery Elixir of Recovery Buff Heal
Fixer Icon 1
BlasterFixer-Defensive Measures (Blaster) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
TacticianFixer-Defensive Measures (Tactician) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
InfiltratorFixer-Defensive Measures (Infiltrator) Defensive Measures Tech Buff
Groot Icon 1
Cutting (2 rounds) - Can be KO'ed from attacks; Becomes a Flora Colossus when Cutting expiresCutting (2 rounds) - Can be KO'ed from attacks; Becomes a Flora Colossus when Cutting expires
Havok Icon 1
Havok-Channel Energy Channel Energy Buff
Heimdall Icon 1
Heimdall-Vigilance Vigilance Buff Debuff
Heimdall-Gjallarhorn Gjallarhorn Buff
Hercules Icon 1
Hercules-Gift of Battle Gift of Battle Buff
Hogun Icon 1
Hogun-Elixir of Recovery Elixir of Recovery Heal Buff
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Neurotripe Neurotripe Buff Tech
Howard the Duck-Duck-tini Duck-tini Buff

Heroes I - P (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Iceman Icon 1
Iceman-Breaking the Ice Breaking the Ice Buff
Invisible Woman Icon 1
Invisible Woman-Force Field Force Field Buff
Iron Fist Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Healing Chi Healing Chi Buff Heal
Iron Fist-Heart of Shou-Lao (Classic) Heart of Shou-Lao Buff
Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-Praying Lotus Praying Lotus Buff Heal
Iron Man Icon 1
Iron Man-Deflector Shield Deflector Shield Buff
Juggernaut Icon 1
Juggernaut-Surge of Cyttorak Surge of Cyttorak Buff
Ka-Zar Icon 1
Ka-Zar-Primal Roar Primal Roar Buff
Kamala Khan Icon 1
Kamala Khan-Disembiggen Defense Disembiggen Defense Buff
Kamala Khan-Lockjaw's Lookout Lockjaw's Lookout Buff
Kang Icon 1
Kang-Chrono Shield Chrono Shield Buff Tech
Karolina Dean Icon 1
Karolina Dean-Prismatic Shield Prismatic Shield Buff
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 1 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 2 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 3 Be Prepared Buff
Kraven the Hunter-A Hunter's Thirst A Hunter's Thirst Buff Heal
Lizard Icon 1
Lizard-Conduct Experiment Conduct Experiment Buff
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Bodyguard Bodyguard Buff
Magneto Icon 1
Magneto-Magnetic Field Magnetic Field Buff
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Take It Slow Take It Slow Tech Buff
Mockingbird Icon 2
Mockingbird-Call the Seas Call the Seas Magic Debuff Buff
Mockingbird-Preserver Preserver Magic Buff
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Raspberry Raspberry Buff
Molly Hayes-Temper Tantrum Temper Tantrum Buff
Moonstone Icon 1
Moonstone-Gravity Syndrome Gravity Syndrome Debuff Buff
Moonstone-Big Bang Singularity Buff
Morbius Icon 1
Morbius-Experimentation Experimentation Buff
Ms. Marvel Icon 1
Ms. Marvel-Absorb Energy Absorb Energy Buff
Nico Minoru Icon 1
Nico Minoru-Kick Ass! Kick Ass! Buff Magic
Nico Minoru-Blood Sacrifice Blood Sacrifice Buff Magic
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Defense Array Defense Array Buff Tech
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Hologram Array Hologram Array Buff Tech
Phoenix Icon 1
Phoenix-Mind Link Mind Link Buff
Psylocke Icon 1
Psylocke-Mental Coordination Mental Coordination Buff
Psylocke-Kinetic Shield Kinetic Shield Buff
Punisher Icon 1
Punisher-Smoke Grenade Smoke Grenade Buff

Heroes Q - Z (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Red Hulk Icon 1
Red Hulk-Bulwark Bulwark Buff
Rescue Icon 1
Rescue-Protector Protocol Protector Protocol Buff
Rescue-Reconstruction Matrix Reconstruction Matrix Buff Tech
Rescue-Status Reset Status Reset Buff Tech Debuff
Sabretooth Icon 1
Sabretooth-Berserker Berserker Buff
Sandman Icon 1
Sandman-Gathering Sand Gathering Sand Buff
Scarlet Witch Icon 1
Scarlet Witch-Chaos Shield Chaos Shield Buff Magic
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field Probability Field Buff Debuff Magic
Shanna Icon 1
Shanna-Nature's Bounty Nature's Bounty Buff Heal
She-Hulk Icon 1
She-Hulk-Burst of Speed Burst of Speed Buff
Sif Icon 1
Sif-Inspire Courage Inspire Courage Buff
Spider-Man Icon 1
Spider-Man-Spider-Sense Spider-Sense Buff
Spiral Icon 1
Spiral-Macabre Fandango Macabre Fandango Ranged Magic Debuff Buff
Squirrel Girl Icon 1
Squirrel Girl-Nuts to This Nuts to This Buff Heal
Storm Icon 1
Storm-Protective Shroud Protective Shroud Buff
Sunfire Icon 1
Sunfire-Kouen Banjou Kouen Banjou Buff Fire Energy
Taskmaster Icon 1
Taskmaster-Battle Orders Battle Orders Buff
Thane Icon 1
Thane-Amber Field Amber Field Buff Energy
Thing Icon 1
Thing-Stone Wall Stone Wall Buff
Thor Icon 1
Thor-Inspire Bravery Inspire Bravery Buff
Valkyrie Icon 1
Valkyrie-Sacrificial Blessing Sacrificial Blessing Buff
Victor Mancha Icon 1
Victor Mancha-Calculator Kid Calculator Kid Buff Tech
Volstagg Icon 1
Volstagg-Guard the Rear Guard the Rear Buff
Volstagg-Elixir of Recovery Elixir of Recovery Buff heal
War Machine Icon 1
War Machine-Overcharge Overcharge Buff Tech
War Machine Icon 2
War Machine
War Machine-Full Overcharge Full Overcharge Buff Tech
Wonder Man Icon 1
Wonder Man-Wonders Never Cease Wonders Never Cease Heal Buff

Enemies (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Ability Type
Avalanche Icon
Seismic Resonance Buff
Baron Mordo Icon
 Baron Mordo
Astral Phase Buff
Shield of the Seraphim Buff
Baron Strucker Icon
 Baron Strucker
Hail HYDRA! Buff
Baron Zemo Icon
 Baron Zemo
Inner Focus Buff
Blackheart Icon
GeneralistTactician Blackheart
Intangibility Buff
Blackheart Icon
Bruiser Blackheart
Razor Shield Buff
Blizzard Icon
Stay Frosty Buff
Blob Icon
Immovable Object Buff
Corvus Glaive Icon
 Corvus Glaive
Animosity Buff
Doctor Octopus Icon
 Doctor Octopus
Toxic Purge Buff
Dr. Doom Icon
 Dr. Doom
Mystical Ensnaring Buff
Green Goblin Icon
 Green Goblin
Goblin Serum Buff
Hammer Icon
Incite Hatred Buff
Hammerhead Icon
"Get 'em Boys!" Buff
Harpe Icon
Burning Hatred Buff
Hydro-Man Icon
Liquidate Buff
IN-Delta Icon
Engage Buff
Incascia Icon
Burning Hatred Buff
Iron Patriot Armor Icon
 Iron Patriot Armor
Full Overcharge Buff
Kang Icon
Chrono Shield Buff
Time Shift Buff
Living Pharaoh Icon
 Living Pharaoh
Absorb Energy Buff
Conducting Matrix Buff
Maggia Captain Icon
 Maggia Captain
"Get 'em Boys!" Buff
Man-Ape Icon
Chest Pound Buff
Militant Icon
"Hail Hydra!" Buff
Moonstone Icon
Gravity Well Buff
Morlun Icon
Draw Power Buff Debuff
Siphon Power Debuff Buff
Mystique Icon
Redoubled Efforts Buff
Iso-8 Enhancement Buff
Omega Sentinel Icon
 Omega Sentinel
Defense Array Buff
Hologram Array Buff
Prime Sentinel Icon
 Prime Sentinel
Capacitor Array Buff
Defense Array Buff
Guardian Directive Buff
Hologram Array Buff
Reflex Array Buff
Upload Protocol Buff
Ronan Icon
Universal Charge Buff
Stasis Field Buff
Sabretooth Icon
Healing Factor Buff
Sandman Icon
Disperse Buff
Savin Icon
Unstable Power Buff
Selene Icon
Scield Buff
Servo-Pummeler Icon
Charge Up Buff
TA-Delta Icon
Mind Over Matter Buff Psychic
Positive Thinking Buff Psychic
TA-Beta Icon
Positive Thinking Buff Psychic
Tactical Force Icon
 Tactical Force
Ideological Shield Buff
Tetrabrach Icon
Burning Hatred Buff
Thanos Icon
Omnipotence Buff
Thanos Icon
Bruiser Thanos
Touch of Nihilism Buff
The Hood Icon
 The Hood
Vanish Buff
Ultron Mode-B Icon
Ultron Prime
Status Reset Buff Debuff Tech
Vapor Icon
Change State Buff
Iso-8 Enhanced Buff
Venom Icon
Symbiote Shield Buff
Marauder Icon
 Web-Head Hooligan
Iso-Ade Buff
Marauder2 Icon
 Web-Head Marauder
Iso-Ade Buff

Augmented Iso-8


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