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A Challenge Point is an in-game resource that is consumed each time a player initiates a PVP battle. Practice sessions do not consume Challenge Points.

Challenge Points are tracked on the Challenge Bar, which has a maximum of 5 Challenge Points. The Challenge Bar is refilled at a rate of 1 Challenge Point every thirty minutes, or 5 Challenge Points per two hours. It does not refill when the agent levels up.

Five Battles is also available as a Daily Reward. Challenge Points were previously sendable Gifts and available by visiting Allies, but were removed on 15 February 2013.

Challenge Points can also be obtained from certain links provided in the game's Facebook App Page, which can be accessed from the wiki's free items page for Facebook players.

Challenge Items

They can be bought in the Store under Energy Icon.png Energy. They cannot be sold.

Challenge icon large.png Challenge icon large.png Challenge icon large.png
One Battle
1 Gold icon.png

Incursion Reward

Three Battles
2 Gold icon.png

Incursion Reward

Five Battles
5 Gold icon.png

Incursion Reward