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The Circle of Eight (or Circle of 8) is a villainous organization in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. They were mentioned throughout Season 1, and play a major role in Story: Season 2.

In-Game Members



Enemies: Soldiers

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Circle of Eight Enemy 1 Kunoichi Brawler Circle of Eight Enemy 4 Raider
Chiyome Goliath Reaver
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Onna Bugeisha Behemoth Marauder


Story: Season 1

Although the Circle of Eight did not make an appearance all throughout the first Season, there have been multiple mentions of the organization in various Dialogues.

Chapter 2 - The Iso Effect

The first mention of this organization came from a vision of SHIELD and the Circle of Eight; a vision of a fortuneteller S.H.I.E.L.D. has used before. A Hero was sent to have her aboard the Helicarrier to debrief her of this vision.

Chapter 4 - You, Foe

S.H.I.E.L.D. has recovered intel that includes a reference to the Circle of Eight. The same fortuneteller was brought back again to be introduced to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s supernatural assets.

Chapter 5 - Gods & Monsters

A Tactician Hero was sent to analyze various locations in the city where spray-painted eight-pointed stars were discovered. After the hero has sent photos to analyze the graffiti, Tony Stark could not find a discernible pattern, but the fortuneteller recognizes the patterns from her Circle of Eight visions.

Chapter 10 - Chaos Circle

NYPD was investigating a crime scene of a room covered and full of the same eight-pointed star graffiti from the previous mission. The room was also full of dead bodies. From Tony Stark's remark, they have also painted the word "chaos" all over the walls.

Chapter 11 - Mutant Mayhem

On every location that the eight-pointed star graffiti were before, there were Test subjects standing watch over the sites. A Hero was sent to bring the test subjects back to be shot up by Professor X's serum to return back to normal. This arose the question of the Circle of Eights involvement on forced mutations on the test subjects.

Phoenix was sent to Professor X to tell him of this information. Phoenix has told Tony Stark and the others that Xavier thinks that this does not seem to be Magneto's doing, in which Tony Stark agrees.

Intel suggested that there will be a Circle of Eight meeting on a certain location, and a Hero was sent to infiltrate them. Though, no one from the group was recognizable.

After the battle with Mystique, Nightcrawler found several references to the Circle of Eight inside the Laboratory.

Later on Nightcrawler meets Baron Zemo. After the battle with Baron Zemo and Nightcrawler, Baron Zemo left through a portal. Nightcrawler suspects that he was after the records that he found, but Baron Zemo didn't get all of the records.

Story: Season 2

The Circle of Eight are expected to appear and have an important role in this Season.

Special Operations

Special Operations - Long Live the Queen

Scarlet Witch has alerted S.H.I.E.L.D. to a large stockpile of Iso-8 that was mixed together with the Mutant Growth Hormone and to an information that only Scarlet Witch could have detected using her powers. Upon the Iso-8 making its way onto Nick Fury, Wanda questions Fury about the Circle of 8.

A Hero was sent to run down the Circle of Eight's origins by digging up the archives that were saved from the last recent attack on the UN Building.

Emma Frost found that the Laboratory that she was in were full of records of Sebastian Shaw investigating the Circle of Eight. The records were brought in to S.H.I.E.L.D. afterwards.

Special Operations - Avengers Vs X-Men

An informant from the FBI has information regarding the Circle of Eight. A Hero was sent to find out about this information. The information is revealed that the FBI are also interested in knowing about the Circle of Eight, and has made a probable connection to this organization with The Pulse.

Special Operations - All Hallows

Records from the Hellfire Club mentions that the Circle of Eight are in league with Demonic entities. A Hero was sent to retrieve their records.

Special Operations - Sins of the Fathers

Daimon Hellstrom believes that the Circle of Eight will be drawn into the chaos that Blackheart has brought upon the world.

As the Alliance gets close to wrapping up the problem with Blackheart, there have been more rumbles about the Circle of Eight. A local historian claims that he knows more about the organization, and a Hero was sent to pick up a box of his old documents about the Circle of Eight.

Marvel XP

In The Hand's Dossier Files, Maria Hill has stated that Signal intelligence captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. station houses in Tokyo, Shanghai and Madripoor indicate that the Hand has been beefing recently with The Circle of Eight.

Known Circle of Eight Victims

The Circle of Eight have been killing characters throughout the story. Below is a list of individuals that have been victims of the Circle of Eight:

Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights 8
Chapter 3 - Crisis of Leadership 8
Chapter 4 - Globetrotting 8
Chapter 5 - Spot Treatment 8
Chapter 6 - When Opportunity Knocks 8
Chapter 7 - Crest of the Wave 8
Chapter 8 - Trial By Fire 8
Chapter 9 - Signs of the End 8
Total number of Victims 64


Story: Season 2 Teaser Image

  • The Circle of Eight were confirmed as villains in Season 2 at San Diego Comic Con 2013.
  • The Circle of Eight is an organization exclusive only to the universe of Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
  • The Circle of Eight were the first Villain group truly exclusive to the game.
  • It is commonly believed that the "eight" in the group's name alludes to the eight Worthy of Cul Borson / The Serpent, and although it remains unclear if Cul Borson is in fact the actual mastermind behind the Circle of Eight, the underlying storyline is an adaptation of the comic event Fear Itself.
  • The Teaser Image for Story: Season 2 may have been a reference to how the Circle of Eight targets low-level Villains as their victims, as Agony, Aimi Yoshida, Mandrill, Tempo, and Two-Gun Kid (five of the Circle of Eight Victims) appear in the Image.
  • Known victims killed in the MAA Universe aside those listed above. the Season 2 promo image hints other sacrificial victims. Many of these characters are still alive in the comics, aside Armless Tigerman (who has been deceased in the comics for many years) and the original Agony, who was killed (host only) by Venom's other "daughter" Scream, the symbiote then went on to become part of Hybrid, and later the 2nd Agony of Mercury Squad.
  • Many of the Circle of Eight's victims might be considered heroes rather than villains, such as Raza Longknife (a member of the Starjammers), Adrian Luca, Grant Alexander, and Aimi Yoshida (Honorary members of the X-men and Brotherhood of Mutants).
  • The teaser cover used as a promo showing that lesser villains are being hunted down and killed as a promo for Season 2, is a parody/homage of the X-Men story-arc "Days of Future Past" with Armless Tiger-Man taking Wolverine's place on the cover, and Lady Octopus taking Kitty Pryde's place.
  • Various characters of the videogame X-Men: Destiny were killed by the Circle of Eight.