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Combat Backgrounds are Backdrops in Combat, depicting the location of a Battle. Some Combat Backgrounds may reference real-life locations, and some reference Marvel Universe locations. These Images also appear on Hero Recruitment Pop-ups in the game, with some of them being currently exclusive to this section of the game. There are backgrounds that are exclusive to an event, such as Special Operations. As of Season 2, there are also variants of these backgrounds exclusive for Incursion battles. Some characters' abilities can change the current background.

Normal Combat Backgrounds

Group Boss Red Skull Combat Backgrounds

Incursion Combat Backgrounds

Characters can change Combat Backgrounds


Name Ability Background/s
Scroll of Aknazsak.png
Scroll of Aknazsak
Scroll of Aknazsak-Fourth Seal of Aknazsak.png Fourth Seal of Aknazsak Combat Background 022.jpg


Name Ability Background/s
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1.png
Cloak and Dagger-Black Out.png Black Out Combat Background 081.jpg
Heimdall Icon 1.png
Heimdall-Gjallarhorn.png Gjallarhorn Combat Background 025.jpg
Mockingbird Icon 2.png
Mockingbird-Call the Seas.png Call the Seas Combat Background 074 Nerkkod.jpg


Name Ability Background/s
Heimdall Icon.png
Gjallarhorn Combat Background 025.jpg
Malekith Icon.png
Portal to Svartalfheim Combat Background 066.jpg
Mysterio Icon.png
Change of Scenery Combat Background 075.jpg
Combat Background 074.jpg
Combat Background 022.jpg
Nerkkod Icon.png
Call the Seas Combat Background 074 Nerkkod.jpg