Wildcard - MutantsEdit

Wildcard - Mutants
Daily Mission - Bastion
Mastery Stars Score
Star icon 9,500
Star icon Star icon 149,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon 298,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 596,000
Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon Star icon 1,192,000

"Anything might be necessary on this mission. Complete the mission with the characters required."
— Mission Info

"Wildcard - Mutant heroes only!
Missions are restricted to certain heroes.
Only heroes who are Mutants may participate in today's Daily Mission.
— Rule Details

Location: Yorkville, Trafalgar Square


  • Agent is prohibited in this Daily Mission.
Children of the Atom Heroes who are mutants Angel Icon 1Avalanche Icon 1Beast Icon 1Bishop Icon 1Cable Icon 1Cannonball Icon 1Colossus Icon 1Cyclops Icon 1Domino Icon 1Emma Frost Icon 1Fantomex Icon 1Gambit Icon 1Havok Icon 1Iceman Icon 1Kitty Pryde Icon 1Magik Icon 1Magneto Icon 1Molly Hayes Icon 1Nightcrawler Icon 1Phoenix Icon 1Psylocke Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 1Rogue Icon 1Sabretooth Icon 1Scarlet Witch Icon 1Shatterstar Icon 1Squirrel Girl Icon 1Storm Icon 1Sunfire Icon 1Wolverine Icon 1X-23 Icon 1

Roulette RewardsEdit

Date Items
December 13, 2014; December 27, 2014; January 11, 2015 6 random Lockboxes, 2 Supplies, 1 random Isotope-8 crystal

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