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The Daily PVP Reward (or PVP Bonus Spin) is a feature that was released as part of PVP Tournament: Season 5 in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. It was first introduced to the game on February 15, 2013.

Winning the first 5 battles per day automatically triggers the Daily PVP Reward, similar to Daily Reward, which is randomly predetermined from 9 options. Players can have option to respin by paying 5 Gold icon Gold to get another chance to "Try Again" and select another Reward. This can be show again in the "PVP BONUS SPIN" button" located at the bottom right of the PVP interface.

The Daily PVP Reward resets at 10:00 AM UTC. For more information, see Game Features Timezones.

Current Daily PVP Rewards (Facebook Version)Edit

PVP Tournament: Season 32Edit

PVP Tournament: Season 32
Championship Belt
Championship Belt
Thunberbolt Badge
Thunberbolt Badge
Ultramax Security Key
Ultramax Security Key
Supreme Lockbox x1
2x Supreme Lockbox
Supreme Lockbox x1
5x Supreme Lockbox
Supreme Lockbox x1
10x Supreme Lockbox
Challenge icon large
One Battle
Gold Sale 1
10 Gold
Synthetic Cube
Synthetic Cube

Current Daily PVP Rewards (Mobile Version)Edit

Daily PVP Reward
Challenge icon large

5x Challenge Points
Energy icon large2

5x Energy
Command point icon

1x Command Point
Iso-8 Chip Prismatic

Random Iso-8
(Iso-8 that appears will depend on the Agent's current Level)

1x Gold
10 CP

20x Command Point
Gold More-iOS

10x Gold
CP More-iOS

50x Command Point
Pyro Technique

Pyro Technique

Previous Daily PVP RewardsEdit

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See AlsoEdit

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