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Heroes (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Avalanche Icon 1.png
Avalanche-Epicenter.png Epicenter Sonic Buff Debuff
Baron Mordo Icon 1.png
Baron Mordo-Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.png Crimson Bands of Cyttorak Magic Debuff
Beast Icon 1.png
Beast-War and Peace.png War and Peace Debuff
Beast Icon 2.png
Beast-War and Peace.png At the Mountain of Madness Debuff
Beast-The Grapes of Wrath.png Masque of the Red Death Debuff
Boomerang Icon 1.png
Boomerang-Tracker-Rang.png Tracker-Rang Ranged Debuff Tech
Cammi Icon 1.png
Cammi-Distraction.png Distraction Debuff Buff Tech
Chase Stein Icon 1.png
Chase Stein-X-Ray Goggles.png X-Ray Goggles Debuff Tech
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1.png
Cloak and Dagger-Black Out.png Black Out Debuff
Doctor Doom Icon 1.png
Doctor Doom-Trifurcator.png Trifurcator Debuff Tech
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1.png
Doctor Voodoo-Doom Curse.png Doom Curse Debuff Magic
Doctor Voodoo-Spirit Possession.png Spirit Possession Debuff Buff Psychic
Electro Icon 1.png
Electro-Surge.png Surge Debuff
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1.png
Elsa Bloodstone-Tea Time.png Tea Time Debuff
Enchantress Icon 1.png
Enchantress-Charm.png Charm Debuff Magic
Enchantress-Alluring Voice.png Alluring Voice Debuff Magic
Fixer Icon 1.png
Blaster.pngFixer-Blast Mine.png Blast Mine Tech Debuff
Tactician.pngFixer-Chemical Mine.png Chemical Mine Tech Debuff
Infiltrator.pngFixer-Irradiated Frag Mine.png Irradiated Frag Mine Tech Debuff
Gamora Icon 1.png
Gamora-Demoralizing Shout.png Demoralizing Shout Debuff
Groot Icon 1.png
Groot-I AM Groot!.png I AM Groot! Debuff
Hawkeye Icon 1.png
Hawkeye-Pinpoint Target.png Pinpoint Target Debuff
Heimdall Icon 1.png
Heimdall-Vigilance.png Vigilance Buff Debuff
Hogun Icon 1.png
Hogun-Overwhelming Presence.png Overwhelming Presence Debuff
Iceman Icon 2.png
Iceman-Ninth Circle.png Ninth Circle Debuff Ice
Invisible Woman Icon 1.png
Invisible Woman-Force Cage.png Force Cage Debuff
Karnak Icon 1.png
Karnak-Stress Point Perception.png Stress Point Perception Debuff
Loki Icon 1.png
Loki-Trickster Seal.png Trickster Seal Ranged Magic Debuff
Luke Cage Icon 2.png
Luke Cage-Bodyguard.png You're Not Worthy Debuff
Misty Knight Icon 1.png
Misty Knight-Killer Driller.png Killer Driller Tech Debuff
Mockingbird Icon 1.png
Mockingbird-Critical Intel.png Critical Intel Debuff
Mockingbird Icon 2.png
Mockingbird-Call the Seas.png Call the Seas Magic Buff Debuff
Moonstone Icon 1.png
Moonstone-Gravity Syndrome.png Gravity Syndrome Debuff Buff
Mr. Fantastic Icon 1.png
Mr. Fantastic-Bifurcator.png Bifurcator Debuff Tech
Omega Sentinel Icon 1.png
Omega Sentinel-Neural Disruptors.png Neural Disruptors Ranged Energy Debuff Electric Tech
Rescue Icon 1.png
Rescue-Status Reset.png Status Reset Buff Tech Debuff
Scarlet Witch Icon 1.png
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field.png Probability Field Buff Debuff Magic
Spider-Woman Icon 1.png
Spider-Woman-Fear Pheromones.png Fear Pheromones Bio Debuff
Spider-Woman-Seduction Pheromones.png Seduction Pheromones Bio Debuff
Spider-Woman Icon 2.png
Spider-Woman-Fear Pheromones.png Fear Me Debuff
Spider-Woman-Seduction Pheromones.png Love Me Debuff
Spiral Icon 1.png
Spiral-Macabre Fandango.png Macabre Fandango Ranged Magic Debuff Buff
Thane Icon 1.png
Thane-Black Hand.png Black Hand Debuff
Winter Soldier Icon 1.png
Winter Soldier-Magnetized Blast Mine.png Magnetized Blast Mine Debuff Tech
Winter Soldier-Magnetized Irradiated Frag Mine.png Magnetized Irradiated Frag Mine Debuff Tech
Winter Soldier-Magnetized Chemical Mine.png Magnetized Chemical Mine Debuff Tech

Enemies (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Ability Type
Black Dwarf Icon.png
 Black Dwarf
Nihilistic Joy Debuff
Dark Hawkeye Icon.png
 Dark Hawkeye
Pinpoint Target Debuff
Dark Widow Icon.png
 Dark Widow
Dark Widow's Mark Debuff
Morlun Icon.png
Draw Power Buff Debuff
Siphon Power Debuff Buff
Preen Debuff
Mr. Sinister Icon.png
 Mr. Sinister
Undermine Debuff Psychic
Mysterio Icon.png
Fog Machine Debuff
Change of Scenery Debuff
Ronan Icon.png
Tip the Scales Debuff

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