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Ebony Maw Portrait Art

Ebony Maw is a villain who is a member of Thanos' group The Black Order, he only has appeared as a non-combative villain featured in the dialogue of Special Operations 13- Infinity, and Special Operations 20.

Though frail and without powers, Ebony Maw can undo even the greatest of heroes using nothing but his voice. Lies and deceit flow freely from his tongue, making him a master of manipulation.

In-Game Canon[]

Ebony Maw does much of the talking for The Black Order during Special Operations 13-Infinity. After Red Hulk's deploy is complete, he notes that he landed a punch on Ebony Maw that he would not soon forget, it was further noted Tony Stark would be jealous as Tony wanted to be the one to hit Maw.

Tony Stark notes early on that Ebony Maw is a coward hiding behind his allies' muscle.



  • He is currently the only non-combative member of The Black Order.