Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 016
  Exploits Combos
Attack Buff
 Deals extra damage against targets with Combo Setup
Related / Similar Effects:
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 043
 Paragon Exploiter
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 016
Exploits Combos
Attack Buff
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 016
 Deals extra damage against targets with Combo Setup


  • Deals 50% extra damage against targets with Combo Setup.

Augmented Isotope-8Edit

Icon Name
A-Iso Yellow 016 Pugilist Augmented Iso-8
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 017


Icon Name
Custom Tidal Fist Custom Tidal Fist
Maggia Captain's Fist Maggia Captain's Fist
(When another piece of Maggia Set is equipped)
Tidal Fist Tidal Fist
The Finisher The Finisher
Techno-Organic Endoskeleton Techno-Organic Endoskeleton


Name Ability
Black Widow Icon 1Black Widow Icon 2Black Widow Icon 3Black Widow Icon 4
Black Widow-Martial Arts Combo Martial Arts Combo
Iron Fist Icon 1Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-The Iron Fist The Iron Fist
Iron Fist Icon 2
Iron Fist-White Hot Iron Fist White Hot Iron Fist
Kamala Khan Icon 1
Kamala Khan-Big Brawl Big Brawl
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Face Punch Face Punch
Luke Cage Icon 2
Luke Cage-Fatal Fists Fatal Fists
Mantis Icon 1
Mantis-Vital Strike Vital Strike
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Wind-Up Punch Wind-Up Punch
Nightcrawler Icon 1Nightcrawler Icon 2
Nightcrawler-Ambush Ambush
Quicksilver Icon 1Quicksilver Icon 2Quicksilver Icon 3
Quicksilver-One Mile Punch One Mile Punch
Quicksilver Icon 2
Blast From The Past
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 027
 Time Displacement
Rogue Icon 1Rogue Icon 2Rogue Icon 3
Rogue-Brawl Brawl
Silk Icon 1
Silk-Web Rush Web Rush
Spider-Girl Icon 1
Spider-Girl-Snap Back to Reality Snap Back to Reality
Spider-Man Noir Icon 1
Spider-Man Noir-Busting Heads Busting Heads
Thing Icon 1Thing Icon 2
Thing-Clobberin' Time Clobberin' Time


Name Ability
Bastion Icon
Power Choke
Batroc Icon
Famine Icon
Kurse (Scrapper) Icon
Scrapper Kurse
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 022
 Fatal Fist

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