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October 16, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Bug & Balance Fixes:

June 24, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Uniform Update - Uncanny X-Force Fantomex

  • Uncanny X-Force Passive
    • Misdirection
      • 20% / 50% / 70% chance of negating enemy attacks
      • Chance to dodge increases for an Uncanny X-Force ally after being successfully attacked to a maximum of 70% and reduces to 20% upon a successful dodge
      • Does not affect enemies immune to Psychic effects
    • Mental Resilience
      • Chance to block psychic attacks
      • Taking less damage from psychic attacks

April 25, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Adjustments & Bug Fixes

  • Passive Evasion Effects
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a character with the passive evasion effect to miss when attacking using a preemptive counter
    • Fixed an issue where allies were causing the evade to trigger
    • Fixed an issue that caused allies to evade beneficial actions
    • The above adjustments have been applied to the following:

November 15, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Undocumented Change

November 12, 2013 Patch Notes[]


May 21, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Fantomex Fix

  • Fantomex's Misdirection will now be removed from the team when he is defeated

April 23, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Fantomex Fix

  • Fixed a tooltip error in Misdirection passive that listed it as lasting one round
  • Fixed a bug where Misdirection was not being removed after Fantomex’s death

March 20, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Fantomex Revealed

  • Class: Tactician
  • PVP Tournament: Season 6 Reward
  • Passive: Team Misdirection
    • Attacks against Fantomex and his allies have a 20% chance of being negated by illusions
  • Level 1: Diabolique
    • Single Target
    • Target Focus
      • Increases damage taken by the next single-target attack
    • Grants Focused to all allies
      • Accuracy increased by 25%
  • Level 2: Allons-y
    • All Enemies
    • Lock-On
      • Taking additional damage from ranged attacks
    • E.V.A.
      • Chance for E.V.A. to counter when an ally attacks or is attacked
  • Level 6: Fantôme
    • Single target
    • Stealthy
      • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
    • Disoriented
      • Has a chance of attacking allies
  • Level 9: E.V.A