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Scrappericon Deadpool at PVP

Win PVP Season 1 Adamantium League

Is this an interrogation? I bet you want me to tell you that I am a wise-cracking mercenary with a regenerative healing factor - basically a better version of Wolverine. Or you want me to say I have a keen sense of fashion and a gorgeous face. Well I'm not going to! This 'Merc With a Mouth' is keeping his mouth shut this time!

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Ghost Rider-Classic

Scrappericon Ghost Rider at S.O. - All Hallows

Special Operations - All Hallows Reward

To save his adopted father, Johnny Blaze made a pact with the demon Mephisto. In return, the motorcycle stuntman would become Mephisto's emissary, the Spirit of Vengeance: the Ghost Rider. With his living chains, hellfire, and supernatural strength, Ghost Rider is the bane of all who cause others pain.

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Exoskeletal Battletank

Blastericon Exoskeletal Battletank at Chapter 9 - Mission 4

The latest in stolen Stark Industries technology incorporated into AIM's armament program.

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