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1st Anniversary[]

Our fans are awesome!. As a gift to everyone who has made this such an amazing year, we’re doing 3 things.

  • The Fan’s Choice poll has ended and the fans have spoken. For a Limited Time Only, Mockingbird and the Phoenix Five costumes are available in the store!
  • What’s a party without cake? Now in the gift page you will find Anniversary Cake for a limited time only. Use it in battle for a festive surprise!
  • Lastly, everyone likes a party favor to show you were there. Visit the Marvel: Avengers Alliance fan page on Facebook to claim your 1 year anniversary reward at 3 pm PST, 01 March 2013 (11 pm UTC).

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Anniversary reward was later changed to 3:00 PM PST

Later the original note and this page were edited to reflect the new 3:00 pm PST time.