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Guardian of the galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of heroes who opposed the Phalanx conquest of the Kree system, (as well as many who had opposed Annihilus' incursion into their universe), and banded together in an attempt to prevent any further catastrophes from ever occurring.

On the recommendation of ally Nova, the group establishes a base of operations at the space station Knowhere, which possesses a teleportation system with near-universal range. An intelligent, super-powered dog called Cosmo acts as Knowhere's chief of security and works closely with the new team.

After an initial clash with the revitalized Universal Church of Truth, the team's investigation of a mass of Limbo Ice reveals a semi-amnesiac man who identifies himself as Vance Astrovik, a.k.a. Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy of Earth-691. Astro's declaration inspires the as-yet-unnamed team to adopt the "Guardians of the Galaxy" name for their own.

In-Game MembersEdit


Drax Icon 1Drax Icon 2
Gamora Icon 1Gamora Icon 2
Groot Icon 1Groot Icon 2
Rocket Raccoon Icon 1Rocket Raccoon Icon 2
Star-Lord Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 2


Groot Icon
Moondragon Icon
Rocket Raccoon Icon
 Rocket Raccoon


Adam Warlock Icon 1
Agent Venom Icon 1
Angela Icon 1
Iron Man Icon 1Iron Man Icon 2Iron Man Icon 3Iron Man Icon 4Iron Man Icon 5
Mantis Icon 1
Moondragon Icon 1
Ms. Marvel Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 2Ms. Marvel Icon 3
Phyla-Vell Icon 1
Richard Rider Icon 1

Non-game canonEdit

  • These characters are (or were) members of Guardians of the Galaxy in other media, but not in the game
Kitty Pryde Icon 1Kitty Pryde Icon 2
Thing Icon 1Thing Icon 2

Team-Up BonusesEdit

Guardians of the Galaxy Heroes who are current or former members of the Guardians of the Galaxy Adam Warlock Icon 1Agent Venom Icon 1Angela Icon 1Drax Icon 1Gamora Icon 1Groot Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Mantis Icon 1Moondragon Icon 1Ms. Marvel Icon 1Phyla-Vell Icon 1Richard Rider Icon 1Rocket Raccoon Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 1

Guardians of the Galaxy-RelatedEdit





Rocket RaccoonEdit


Guardian Uniform EffectsEdit

Name Name Name
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 193
 Bleeding Heart
with Drax
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 193
 Honorary Guardian
with Guardian Insignia
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 193
 Knowhere to Hide
with Gamora
Effect BG 2 BlueEffect Icon 193
 Knowhere to Run
with Rocket Raccoon
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 193
 Legendary Outlaw
with Star-Lord
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 193
 We Are Groot
with Groot


Icon Name
Guardian Insignia Guardian Insignia

Guardian UniformsEdit

These Heroes have uniforms based on the Guardians of the Galaxy film.

GOTG new uniforms
Guardian Drax Portrait Alt Guardian Gamora Portrait Art Guardian Groot Portrait Art
Guardian Drax Guardian Gamora Guardian Groot
Guardian Rocket Raccoon Portrait Art Guardian Star-Lord Portrait Art
Guardian Rocket Raccoon Guardian Star-Lord

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