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Heroes are part of the Agent's team during combat in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Up to two heroes can join in battle at a time (three heroes are allowed for certain special fights where the agent is allowed or required to be absent, such as Heroic Battles).

Heroes are recruited by using Command Points Command point icon , winning PVP Tournaments, as part of Marvel XP Rewards, collecting Lockboxes, or by completing special time-limited missions known as Special Operations.

Each has different Hero Actions which may be used for attack or defense. Team-Up Bonuses are also granted for certain pairings.

There are currently 166 heroes that can be recruited in the game. For a list for when Heroes could be recruited to the team, see Recruitable Heroes.

Hero Levels Edit

Leveling up Heroes unlocks new actions, Isotope-8, Empowered Isotope-8 and Augmented Isotope-8 slots, and PVP Elite Bonus. Up to two Heroes can be trained at a time. The Speed Up Training option can be used for free when there are 5 minutes or less of training time remaining.

Level XP-icon Silver-icon Shield point-icon Time Bonus Training Gold icon (Optional)
Rapid[1] Speed Up[2]
1 - - - - - - -
2 250 500 8 3 minutes Action 2 4 -
3 438 1,000 9 15 minutes Iso-8 Slot 1 6 2
4 656 2,000 10 30 minutes Iso-8 Slot 2
Empowered Iso-8 Slot
(In default uniform only)
10 3
5 902 5,000 12 1 hour Iso-8 Slot 3 15 5
6 1,173 8,000 15 2 hours Action 3 25 7
7 1,466 15,000 18 4 hours Iso-8 Slot 4 35 11
8 1,781 30,000 22 8 hours Iso-8 Slot 5
First Augmented Iso-8 Slot
48 17
9 2,114 50,000 26 12 hours Action 4 64 22
10 2,467 100,000 30 16 hours Iso-8 Slot 6

Second Augmented Iso-8 Slot
Bronze Elite Bonus[3]

85 29
11 2,837 200,000 35 20 hours Iso-8 Slot 7
Silver Elite Bonus[3]
110 34
12 3,223 300,000 40 24 hours Iso-8 Slot 8

Third Augmented Iso-8 Slot
Gold Elite Bonus[3]

125 45
13 6,159 400,000 45 28 hours Empowered Iso-8 Slot
Diamond Elite Bonus[3]
140 45
14 7,994 500,000 50 32 hours Fourth Augmented Iso-8 Slot
Vibranium Elite Bonus[3]
160 45
15 18,540 600,000 75 36 hours Advanced Class Ability[4]
Adamantium Elite Bonus[3]
185 45
Total 50,000 2,211,500 395 182H 45M [5] 1012 310

Base stats for heroes are based on a Level 2 Agent, when they are first accessible in the game

  1. Rapid Training allows a Hero to instantly level up without spending time training. It also allows a Hero to skip ahead of a Hero that is currently in the training process. It does not require any XP, but it can only be used if the XP-icon gauge is not completely filled.
  2. Speed Up Training can only be used if the XP-icon gauge for that level is filled and training has been started. There are several different cost options for using Gold icon to reduce the remaining training time.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 For more information, please see Elite Bonus.
  4. For more information, please see Level 15 Multi-Action Ability.
  5. 182H 45M with last 5 minutes of every training skipped for free.

Heroes Required for Epic Bosses Edit

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Heroes Required for Premium Missions Edit

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Heroes by Class Edit

Tacticianicon Tacticians

Blastericon Blasters

Bruisericon Bruisers

Scrappericon Scrappers

Infiltratoricon Infiltrators

Generalisticon Generalists

Limited Availability - Spec OpsEdit

 Spec Ops 1   Spec Ops 2   Spec Ops 3   Spec Ops 4   Spec Ops 5   Spec Ops 6   Spec Ops 7 
 Spec Ops 8   Spec Ops 9   Spec Ops 10   Spec Ops 11   Spec Ops 12   Spec Ops 13   Spec Ops 14 
 Spec Ops 15   Spec Ops 16   Spec Ops 17   Spec Ops 18   Spec Ops 19   Spec Ops 20   Spec Ops 21 
 Spec Ops 22   Spec Ops 23   Spec Ops 24   Spec Ops 25   Spec Ops 27   Spec Ops 28   Spec Ops 29 
 Spec Ops 30   Spec Ops 31   Spec Ops 32   Spec Ops 33   Spec Ops 34   Spec Ops 34   Spec Ops 35 
 Spec Ops 36 

Limited Availability - PVP TournamentsEdit

 Season 1   Season 2   Season 3   Season 4   Season 5   Season 6   Season 7 
 Season 8   Season 9   Season 10   Season 11   Season 12   Season 13   Season 14 
 Season 15   Season 16   Season 17   Season 18   Season 19   Season 20   Season 21 
 Season 22   Season 23   Season 24   Season 25   Season 26   Season 27   Season 28 
 Season 29   Season 30   Season 31   Season 32 

Limited Availability - CollectionsEdit

 Magnetic   Omega   Unstoppable   Coiled   Demonic   Shadowy   Inhuman 
 Mischievous   Fanged   Impending   Psycho   Mimetic   Sandbox   Boombox 
 Timeless   Toolbox   Symbiotic   Enchanting   Unbreakable   Superior   Atomic 
 Icebox   Arcane   Boomerang   Duck in a Box   Wintry   Reptilian   Sparking 
 Shocking   Supreme 

Limited Availability - Covert TasksEdit

 Covert Task 2   Covert Task 6   Covert Task 7   Covert Task 9   Covert Task 12   Covert Task 13   Covert Task 16 
 Covert Task 17   Covert Task 21   Covert Task 22   Covert Task 24   Covert Task 25   Covert Task 26 

Heroes by CostEdit


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Default orderEdit

Alternate UniformsEdit

Alternate Uniforms (Alts) are available for some heroes, similar to Agent Uniforms. These may be available in the heroes' original class, or may allow the use of a different class. Alts may be permanent or limited edition items.

Alternates are bought with Command Points Command point icon , but are not available until the Hero for which it is intended has been recruited.

Alternate uniforms have passive effects that are in addition to the hero's standard effects.

Certain Alternate Uniforms have been released as a set. These include:


Hero changes, bug fixes, game updates, new content, or other announcements will be distributed by Playdom to the Marvel: Avengers through Patch Notes

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We've got demons. Let's worry about that for now.
This article or section contains content that has not yet been released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or is likely to change.

Marvel and/or Playdom will announce new Heroes at various events (such as comic conventions) and on their official website. While these names may be announced in advance, their in-game class and stats may not be available until they are added to the game and are subject to change.

This section lists officially announced Heroes that will be recruitable in the future. There are also announced Alternate Uniforms.

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