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Holiday Supplies are special items themed after holidays and available for limited times as gifts or collected while visiting allies.


Image Name Effects Availability
Candy Apple Candy Apple  Restores Health and Stamina to all allies and gives a sugar rush
Applies Exhausted to all enemies

Taffy Taffy  Restores health and stamina to all allies
Applies Adhesive X and Sticky to all enemies

Toothbrush Toothbrush  Grants Rebuff and Pearly Whites to all allies
Removes Halitosis and grants an extra turn if Halitosis is removed
Enemies are blinded by your white teeth

Pumpkin Bomb Pumpkin Bomb • Damages an enemy and may cause Burning or Poisoned... or Both! Halloween

Marshmallow Ghosts Marshmallow Ghosts  Restores health and stamina to all allies and grants Ethereal
 Applies Cower to all enemies

Candy Bucket Candy Bucket  Contains Marshmallow Ghosts, Taffy, and Candy Apple Halloween

Pumpkin Fruit Pie Pumpkin Fruit Pie  Thick Pumpkin Cream Filling Halloween


Image Name Effects Availability
Christmas Cookies Christmas Cookies  Completely Restores Stamina to all allies Christmas

Cookies and Milk Cookies and Milk  Leave out for Santa, or restore Health and Stamina to one ally Christmas

Dreidel Dreidel  Spin to randomly grant stat buffs to an ally Christmas

Snowball Snowball  Damages all enemies and applies Chilled Christmas

Present Present • A surprise debuff package for your favorite enemy! Christmas

Spiced Eggnog Spiced Eggnog  Removes all Debuffs and restore Health and Stamina to one Ally Christmas

Apple Cider Apple Cider  Get in the Holiday Spirit with Follow-Up and Counter Attacks! Christmas


Set 1[]

Image Name Effects Availability
Black Widow Valentine Black Widow Valentine  Til death do we part

 Restores Health and increases one ally's Evasion

Valentine's Day

Hawkeye Valentine Hawkeye Valentine  Cupid's arrows, straight to the heart
 Restores Health and increases one ally's Accuracy
Valentine's Day

Iron Man Valentine Iron Man Valentine  My Arc Reactor glows for you. And you. And that cute blonde over there.
 Restores Health and increases one ally's Damage
Valentine's Day

Thor Valentine Thor Valentine Was Tony talking about me?
 Restores Health and increases one ally's Defense.
Valentine's Day

Set 2[]

Image Name Effects Availability
Agent Venom Valentine Agent Venom Valentine  "Be My Symbiote."
 Gradual health regen and chance to remove a debuff each round
Valentine's Day

Captain America Valentine Captain America Valentine  Nothing beats a classic - Happy Valentine's Day.
 Provides Inspiring Leadership to one ally, increasing all stats
Valentine's Day

Emma Frost Valentine Emma Frost Valentine  "You're always on my mind, too."
 Raises all stats for one round and removes debuffs
Valentine's Day

Ms. Marvel Valentine Ms. Marvel Valentine  "Have a Marvelous day!"
 20% chance to avoid enemy attacks and gain an extra turn
Valentine's Day

St. Patrick's Day[]

Image Name Effects Availability
Lucky Shamrock Lucky Shamrock • A token of good luck!
• Increases one ally's stats for one round, and provides a chance for an extra turn
St. Patrick's Day


Image Name Effects Availability
Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Bunny • Restores Health and Stamina
• Ribbon not edible

Dyed Egg Dyed Egg • Nice to look at, but more fun to throw!
• Applies Off-balance and Blind

Jelly Beans Jelly Beans • Can apply a variety of buffs to the team Easter


Image Name Effects Availability
Anniversary Cake Anniversary Cake • Celebrate our one year anniversary with Coordinated Attack! 1 Year Anniversary


  • Halloween supplies were first introduced 31 October 2012.
  • Christmas/Hanukkah supplies were first introduced 13 December 2012.
  • Valentines supplies were first introduced 15 February 2013.
  • St. Patrick's Day supplies was first introduced 13 March 2013.
  • Easter supplies were first introduced 27 March 2013.
  • Marshmallow Ghosts were first introduced 29 October 2013.
  • Valentines Set 2 supplies were first introduced 7 February 2014.