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Jotuns or known as The Frost Giants that live in Jotunheim. Laufey (Loki's father) was the ruler of the Giants.

Foot Soldiers

Standard Jotun soldiers come in three classes: Bruisers, Scrappers and Tacticians. Infiltrator Jotun are mostly Spec-Ops exclusive.

Class Enemy Enemy Enemy
Bruiser.png Jotun Ice-Smith Icon.png
 Jotun Ice-Smith
Jotun Ice-Crafter Icon.png
 Jotun Ice-Crafter
Jotun Ice-Shaper Icon.png
 Jotun Ice-Shaper
Scrapper.png Jotun Warrior Icon.png
 Jotun Warrior
Jotun Berserker Icon.png
 Jotun Berserker
Jotun Chieftain Icon.png
 Jotun Chieftain
Tactician.png Jotun Hoarfrost Icon.png
 Jotun Hoarfrost
Jotun Rimefrost Icon.png
 Jotun Rimefrost
Jotun Aufeis Icon.png
 Jotun Aufeis
Infiltrator.png Jotun Hoarfrost Icon.png
 Jotun Coldshadow
(SO 5.2 only)
Jotun Rimefrost Icon.png
 Jotun Blackice
(SO 5.2 only)
Jotun Rimefrost Icon.png
 Jotun Frostkeeper


Jotun first show up as foot soldiers employed by Loki, though they have helped several other enemies of Asgard from time to time. Loki himself is technically a Jotun as he is the son of Laufey. Ymir is the forefather of the Ice Jotun, while Surtur is the oldest of the Jotun (and thus the first of the Fire Jotun). Hela is technically a Jotun as well, although she does not seem to have the abilities of a Fire or Ice Jotun.

Blaster.png Surtur Icon.png
Bruiser.png Ymir Icon.png
Tactician.png Hela Icon.png
Loki Icon.png


Jötunn(plural Jötnar), sometimed anglicized as Jotun, is a giant in Norse mythology, a member of a race of nature spirits with superhuman strength, described as standing in opposition to the races of Æsir and Vanir, although they frequently mingled with or were even married to these.