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We are working on bringing back some of your favorite items and heroes from the past in the month of July! Check back daily to see what is available.

Refactored Hero: HAVOK[]

  • New Self-Passive! : Uncanny Coordination
    • Chance to gain an extra turn when an ally attacks
  • Shattering Punch
    • Added
      • Shield Breaker
        • Removes and prevents new shields
        • Lasts 1 Round
  • Plasma Wave
    • Added
      • Paragon Exploiter
        • Deals extra damage against targets with Combo Setup, Dizzy, Exposed, Slowed, Stunned, or Weakened
      • Kicks Like a Mule
        • Lose next turn
        • Lasts 2 Turns
  • Plasma Spheres
    • Removed
      • Consume Energy
    • Added
      • Exhausted
        • Cannot take extra turns
        • Quick Actions become normal actions
        • Lasts 1 Round

Status Effects[]

  • Biofeedback now has a chance to cause stun and counts as stun for effects that trigger against Stunned targets
  • Damage Amplifier no longer stacks

Agent Equipment[]

Radian Cannon

  • Added Exploit Attrition

OsCorp Prototype Cannon

  • Add chance to add internal bleeding
  • Add chance to add Halitosis
  • Change Poison to Biofeedback
  • Change Biofeedback
    • Low (10%) chance to lose turn
    • Counts as stunned
  • Improve chances for DoTs to be applied

Spec Op 11 Bug Fixes[]

  • Bruiser Blackheart’s allies no longer perform healing moves
  • Various grammar fixes
  • Hint for Quest 17 clarified
  • Venom’s Symbiote Shield is now reducing damage as intended
  • Text fix for the Infernal Trident research
  • Fix for Infiltrator Blackheart’s Dark Rage
  • Venom’s Hematophage now reduces player stamina as well as health
  • Satana’s dialogue portrait is now facing in the correct direction

Bug Fixes[]

  • Added RED IN THE LEDGER to Satana (Team Up Bonus)
  • Added Team Up Bonuses to Daimon Hellstrom
  • Fixed a bug where Satana’s Soul Kiss wasn’t healing properly when her target dies
  • Fixed Tooltip errors with some of Satana’s Abilities
    • Irredeemable no longer has a duration
    • All Infernal Magicks no longer has a duration
    • Witchcraft no longer has a duration
    • Soul Drain’s text has been changed to remove “dies” with “knocked out”
  • Fixed an error where Beast and Wonder Man were not getting the “RAD BROMANCE” Team Up Bonus
  • Fixed an error where Vision and Wonder Man were not getting the “IT'S COMPLICATED” Team Up Bonus
  • Fixed an error where Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were not getting the “IT'S COMPLICATED” Team Up Bonus
  • Fixed an error where Wonder Man was not getting the “BEST COAST” Team Up Bonus
  • Fixed an error on several Spec Op 10 items, which were not properly decreasing in effectiveness as players outleveled them.
  • Nightcrawler’s Ambush now correctly causes Hemorrhaging while using his Swashbuckler costume
  • Dr. Strage now correctly gains an extra turn from Power of Principalities
  • Omega Sentinel now correctly exploits Protection and Shields while Selene Protocol is active
  • Psylocke now correctly gains an extra turn after using Kinetic Shield while she has Psionic Shadow
  • Red Hulk now correctly triggers Pyrophoric and Combustible when he has He’s Heating Up and He’s On Fire
  • Black Suit Spider-Man now correctly Exploits Webs
  • Rogue’s Blaster Power now correctly causes attacks to ignore defense
  • Heroes with Fires of Truth from Phoenix’s Phoenix Five costume now correctly bypass protection and counter effects
  • Hobbled now correctly prevents Stealthy attacks
  • Optic-Camouflage from Tactician’s Power Armor now correctly makes attacks Stealthy
  • Grief now correctly Exploits Attrition
  • Daimon Hellstrom now correctly has a chance to protect magic attacks
  • Many of Baron Mordo’s attacks are now considered magic
  • Black Widow correctly gains the Widowmaker buff with Widowmaker

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