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Forum Patch Notes: PvP Seaon 6

New Hero - Fantomex (PvP Season 6 Reward)[]

  • Class: Tactician
  • Passive: Team Misdirection
    • Attacks against Fantomex and his allies have a 20% chance of being negated by illusions
  • Level 1 : Diabolique
    • Single Target
    • Target Focus
      • Increases damage taken by the next single-target attack
    • Grants Focused to all allies
      • Accuracy increased by 25%
  • Level 2 : Allons-y
    • All Enemies
    • Lock-On
      • Taking additional damage from ranged attacks
    • E.V.A.
      • Chance for E.V.A. to counter when an ally attacks or is attacked
  • Level 6 : Fantôme
    • Single target
    • Stealthy
      • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
    • Disoriented
      • Has a chance of attacking allies
  • E.V.A
  • Single Target
  • Hyperfocus
    • Deals extra damage while Focused
  • Some Assembly Required
    • Not usable without E.V.A.

Nightcrawler Refactor[]

  • Passive: Whiff of Brimstone
    • Chance to BAMF away from single target or AOE attacks
    • Applies Combo Setup when he BAMFs away
  • Passive: Noble Sacrifice
    • Chance to protect 30%
    • Single Target, or AOE
  • 1. Ambush
    • Stealthy
    • Combo Setup
    • Exploits Combos
    • 60% chance of doublestrike
  • 2. Night Kick
    • Stealthy
    • Cooldown 2
    • Stun 60%
    • Weakened
  • 3. Triple Threat
    • Stealthy
    • Cooldown 2
    • 60% Ambush against any target with Dizzy, Weakened, Exposed, or Slowed
    • Dizzy
  • 4. Shadow Dance
    • Stealthy
    • AOE
    • Slowed, Exposed

Nightcrawler Swashbuckler Costume[]

  • Swashbuckling
    • All attacks now cause Bleeding, Ambush now causes hemorrhaging

Character Tuning[]

A number of our heroes have been tuned to be more fair and competitive in pvp. Below you will find the list of changes.

  • Tigra
    • Tigra now receives Sharpened Claws on attack when countering
    • Sharpened Claws is no longer triggered on Quick Actions
    • Reduced the bonus of Tiger’s Fury
  • Wolverine
    • Wording of passives has been clarified
    • Wolverine is now less likely to protect against his counter-class
    • “Come At Me, Bub” now does a protect animation properly
    • “The Best There Is” should only have a chance to activate when Wolverine protects with “Come At Me, Bub” or counter-attacks with “Berserker Rage”
    • Wolverine will no longer counter-attack at very high health or protect at very low health
    • Wolverine can only trigger “The Best There Is” once per turn
    • Healing Factor can only prevent KOs once a round
    • Berserker Rage should no longer trigger while stunned
  • X-23
    • Fixed a bug where Made For Walking was not exploiting bleeds
  • Captain Britain
    • Captain Britain will no longer trigger Merlyn’s Gift (extra turn) if his target does not have Weakened, Exposed, Dizzy, or Slowed
    • Captain Britain’s chance to gain an extra turn increases for each of those debuffs on the target
    • The chance for Smashing to cause Stun reduced to 40%
    • A typo in Britannic has been corrected
    • Britannic’s damage has been corrected
  • Hercules
    • The chance for Column Down to cause Stun has increased to 40%
  • Magneto
    • Magnetism and Master of Magnets no longer announces every time someone attacks
    • Magneto’s first attack now does more damage when someone is already magnetized
    • Magneto is now immune to Magnetized in his passive
    • Stun chance of Heavy Metal adjusted to 50%/75%. Tooltip updated
    • Magneto’s PVP AI has been improved
  • Psylocke
    • Mental Coordination can now be removed
    • Psionic Shadow no longer avoids Catastrophic attacks
  • Havok
    • Havok will correctly take reduced damage from energy attacks
    • Cosmic Absorption will no longer pop-up every time Havoc absorbs
  • Wasp
    • Fist Bump is now Catastrophic
  • Hank Pym
    • Army of Ants is now correctly tagged as a ranged attack
    • Default counter-attack has been changed to Goliath Punch
  • Phoenix
    • Phoenix Fire’s damage has been adjusted
  • Changes to the Future Foundation
    • Tingling (Future Foundation Spider-Man), Tough Guy (FF Thing), Flexible Thinking (FF Mr. Fantastic), and Reactive Shields (FF Invisible Woman) no longer expire and continue providing their effects throughout the fight
    • Reactive Shields (FF Invisible Woman) are only created 70% of the time (down from 100%)
    • Toughness (FF Thing) and Awareness (FF Spider-Man) now only stack to 10
    • Amount of Defense per stack of Toughness and amount of Evasion per stack of Awareness reduced from 7% to 5%
    • Toughness and Awareness only stack 10 times
    • Fourth Field (FF Invisible Woman), Toughness, and Awareness are now tagged as buffs and can be removed by effects that remove them
    • Now each application of Toughness and Awareness expires after 3 rounds
  • Dr. Strange
    • Now starts the fight with one stack of Mystic Energy, rather than one stack of Power of the Principalities
    • Reduced the amount absorbed by Light of the Seraphim by 20%
    • Initial damage of Vapors of Valtorr is no longer considered an energy attack
  • Hulk
    • Increased the base damage of Rage Punch by 42%
    • Increased the base damage of Thunder Clap by 14%
    • Increased the base damage of Hulk Smash by 7%
  • Thor
    • Increased the base damage of Empowering Strike by 49%
    • Increased the base damage of Hammer Throw by 17%
    • Increased the base damage of Summon Thunder by 20%
    • Reduced the damage increase of Might of Mjolnir by 12%
  • Storm
    • An attack animation should no longer play for Storm’s Wind Wall ability
    • A new shield animation has been implemented for Storm’s Wind Wall ability
    • Wind Wall now has a duration of 5 rounds
    • Wind Wall’s damage absorption has been increased
    • Wind Wall is now considered a buff for removal purposes
    • Wind Wall will appropriately apply Off-Balance to attackers
  • Kitty Pryde
    • Strike from the Shadows counter now stacks with Combat Reflexes
  • Valkyrie
    • Increased the damage of Gierr by 9%
    • Fixed an issue with Desperation attack triggering on Geirr
  • Human Torch
    • Fixed an issue with Desperation attack triggering on Nova Blast
    • Desperation Attack
    • Desperation attack will not trigger above 72% health
    • Desperation attacks now deal more damage at low health
    • Text has been revised
  • Party buffs brought by a character or a costume no longer continue to apply when that character is knocked out
    • Dr. Strange Light of the Seraphim
    • Captain America Morale
    • Phoenix 5
      • Colossus
      • Phoenix
      • Emma Frost
      • Cyclops
      • Magik
    • Future Foundation
      • Invisible Woman
      • Mr. Fantastic
      • Thing
      • Spider-Man
  • Pyrophorric now correctly procs extra damage in the presence of a fire or explosive attack
    • The following moves have been tagged as explosive attacks
    • Missile Barrage
    • Phoenix Fire
    • Nova Blast
    • Rocket pistol
    • Phosphorous Pang
    • Golden Phosphorous Pang
    • Handheld Hohlraum
    • Sgt’s Fury
    • Single-Shot Thumper
    • Single-Shot Hobbler
    • Custom Thumper
    • Grenade Revolver
    • “Rolling Thunder” Launcher
    • Army of One

Item changes[]

  • Handheld Hohlraum now behaves like Nova Blast
  • Radian Cannon no longer performs a counter-attack or follow-up attack while stunned
  • Blaster Power Armor should no longer reflexive flash on counter-attacks
  • Blaster Power Armor will no longer trigger on Ground attacks
  • Chakra Strike damage has been adjusted
  • Chakra Strike now tagged as unarmed
  • Servoguard Programming Interface now marked as Stealthy, instead of Subtle
  • Face Punch has had its damage lowered
  • Decade has had its damage lowered
  • Mahayuga has had its damage lowered

Scroll of Angolob[]

  • Performs an animation when removing debuffs on the party
  • Should no longer display a damage number on the enemy team


  • Chance to protect and counter has been modified to match that of Wolverine.
  • Red in Tooth will now fire after each attack with Kuzuri
  • Red in Tooth will not fire after counter-attacks


  • Bleeding will no longer cause damage when passive or triggered abilities such as the Blaster Power Armor or Laufey’s Needle fire


  • Soulfire now replaces Burning on targets instead of both being applied. Burning will not replace Soulfire if applied.


  • Deathfrost now replaces Chilled on targets instead of both being applied. Chilled will not replace Deathfrost if applied.


  • Miss chance caused by Blind has been reduced
  • It is now removed after the next attack, whether that attack hits or misses
  • It is now removed after any attack (such as counter-attacks)


  • Reduced the amount of stats gained from Enraged slightly. In particular, Bruisers will gain less Evasion than other stats.

Defensive Experiment[]

  • Text has been revised

Exploit Flying[]

  • Displays Bonus Damage pop-up when attacking a target with Flying

Bug Fixes[]

  • Hero bonus calculations for the Generalist class bonuses have been fixed
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the news page to not show up correctly for all users, subsequently this also affected the Daily roulette as well
  • Some users may have experienced an issue whereas the Spec Op jet went missing from the Flight Deck. This has been resolved
  • Facebook Only: Hero recruitment announcements that are posted on your timeline will now appear as large square images, rather than small rectangular ones.

Known Issues[]

  • Wolverine may sometimes not trigger “The Best There Is” at the right time. We are investigating this
  • The “PVP Tournament is now live” pop-up will pop up every time you visit the flight deck until you join the tournament.
  • The “Advanced Idea” has a chance to cause a combat validation error.
  • Stacks of Timestream Displacement being removed are not properly damaging the host.


  • When entering a PvP match, if your hero is at max experience, they may receive a notification about leveling up their hero. This notification pop up may cause users to be unable to properly load a PvP match.
  • If a user has not yet entered the PvP tournament 6, or Spec Op 8 the news page will continue to pop up after it has been dismissed.

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