Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki

New LE Item[]

Damocles Target Painter

  • Customized
  • Catastrophic
  • Damocles Targeting
    • Initiates ion cannon bombardment from Kang’s orbital base
    • Removes all Timestream Displacement for extra damage

Bug Fixes[]

  • When Wolverine faced Wolverine in PvP combat, this would cause an infinite loop of Berserker Rage until one of the Wolverine’s was killed. We have resolved this issue
  • Nightcrawler’s “Night kick” ability cooldown was not functioning properly, and has been corrected
  • The PvP Tournament notification has been fixed to not continually pop-up
  • The issue some players may have experienced while attempting to load a PvP tournament if their heroes needed to be leveled up should now be resolved

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