Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki

For Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Wikia to remain and accurate repository of information for the game, several restrictions on allowed content must be adhered to. Depending on the severity of the infringement, breaking these restrictions may result in exclusion from the wikia.


The wikia is only affiliated with Marvel Avenger’s Alliance. Only content released for the game is considered valid information. This means only the content existing in game is allowed on the pages of the wiki. The producers of the game do release promotional information and clarifications of content existing or soon to be released in game, so sourced content from official recognised sources, is also allowed on the wiki.

If the source releasing the content is not official from the producers or game, there is no guarantee that it will be released in the final product, Marvel’s Avengers Alliance, the game itself which the wikia is made for. The argument that it exists in game files is not a valid excuse, as frequently the information presented is not released or is significantly changed at the time of official release. Presenting incorrect and invalid content as factual information is counter to the purpose of the wiki and when information presented as fact proves false, it misleads fans who trust the site.

Hosting information not officially released also discredits the wikia’s relationship with Playdom, as often such information is found through methods against the Terms of Service related to the game’s copyright and proprietary information.

Basic rule of thumb is: if the info can't be obtained via standard means (i.e. the same content we all see when we load the game or go to an official M:AA page) then it's not allowed here. (e.g. info on unreleased weapons, unreleased details for future heroes, unconfirmed dates of future timed events, etc.) If it can be found from a known reliable source, it is welcome.


Blogs about speculations and ideas of what people think will happen, are allowed. The best part of the wikia project is the community, so discussion of ideas about the future of the game is encouraged. However, mislabeling speculation as fact or falsely mislabeling information gleamed from unofficial sources as speculation is not allowed. This is an attempt to manipulate other fans with misinformation, or avoid being penalized for breaking the rules outlined above, and will not be tolerated.

Fan-made Content[]

The wiki is dedicated to providing factual information about the game, and hence do not allow the hosting of fan-made content, movesets, sprites, reworks in all blogs, user pages, comments and forums. This is in accordance to the voting done in October and November 2014 and officially implemented on 16th February 2015. Fan-made content should be located in our sister wiki instead.


When providing information about content not existing in-game, be prepared to give a link to the source of said information. If it is not official, or is a known blacklisted site, it and the information will be removed in accordance with the content policy.

Interviews at conventions can be difficult to source, but live streams are typically provides so the content reported is verified by any active users present., is an affiliated party so information provided here from interviews with the game’s producers is accurate. Though may be open to later clarification. Promotional articles from third party websites must be verified by official sources to be allowed in the wiki. The verified twitter, MAA Insiders, ran by the game’s producers as a promotional tool is a readily available means of verifying the official, and hence allowed, nature of content.