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Welcome to the Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki!

This is a community-based project that has been created and is maintained by players of MAA. This Wiki is not maintained nor contributed by Playdom. If you have a bug that needs to be resolved, you will need to contact Playdom's Support Team to get it resolved. Some of the users in this forum are pretty experienced and can help you out with advice, but that's all we can do.

In order to help maintain continuity within our Wiki and to keep things civil, we have a few guidelines that we ask all Users (Registered or not) to abide by.

Code of Conduct

This is really simple:

  1. Try to help people where you can
  2. Be nice about it
  3. Don't be a jerk

Trolls and Vandals will get one warning, but continued negative behavior will get you banned and your IP blocked. We don't want to moderate, but we will if necessary. Our ultimate goal is to make this Wiki a place where people feel that they can speak their mind - in a civilized and non-antagonistic manner.


Language can be tough, as some cultures have a higher sensitivity to some words than others. At the same time, there are some words that are considered profanity within one culture, but are completely unknown/unrecognizable by people not familiar with that culture.

A simple rule of thumb is:

  • If you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't type it here
  • If you wouldn't say it in a place of worship, don't type it here
  • If you would get scolded by a teacher for saying it in a classroom, don't type it here

In order to play Marvel: Avengers Alliance you have to be 13+ years old. This is an adult forum, so we expect you to behave like an adult, and remember Rule #3.

Do not add unnecessary ALL CAPS.

Adding Allies

Users' comment such as "Add Me," "Need Allies," and add Facebook link or email address should post in Find Allies page and not allowed to post in any pages, except in Find Allies and forums that about this.

Image Guidelines

Main article: Marvel Avengers Alliance Wiki:Image Policies

Search First!

Before you upload a picture to the Wiki, please do a search for a keyword related to the image you're not uploading a duplicate.

Naming Guidelines

Please name your image!

The name of your Image should adhere to the following guideline:

  1. Use Title Case (of, and, the should be in lower case)
  2. Name of the Hero always comes first. This allows for easy searching
    • Eg...
      • Invisible_Woman_Dialogue.png
      • Invisible_Woman_Dialogue_Future.png
      • Invisible_Woman_Power_Invisibility.png
      • Invisible_Woman_Power_Cage.png
  3. Name of Further Identifies/Distinctions. This allows for searching for clusers.
    • Eg
      • Invisible_Woman_News_Future.png

Image Categories

Categories for Images are awesome. They help others to find your image and use it, rather than uploading duplicates.

Content Restriction

Playdom have restrictions on what content is allowed (or to be more specific, is forbidden) in their Forums. The Admins of this Wiki would like to promote this Wiki in Playdom's MAA Forum and if we are to achieve this, we need to abide by their prohibition on posting about Unreleased Content

Do not post or ask for information about bots, macros, cheats or hacks for Playdom games. This also includes links to sites that may indirectly promote such programs. Similarly, talk about your personal use of such items, or discussion of unreleased content (in other words, content that cannot be obtained by standard means), is also forbidden.
Source: Playdom Forum Rules. See Also Announcement About 3rd Party Websites

So, in order for our Wiki to play nice with the forums...


- TaikunZ MAA Wiki Bureaucrat

Blogs about speculation towards Heroes that you would like to see released in the future are of course fine. And linking to announcements Playdom has made at Conventions and other websites (e.g. the Announcements Playdom made at ComicCon in San Diego in June 2012) is also fine.

Basic rule of thumb is: if the info can't be obtained via standard means (i.e. the same content we all see when we load the game or go to an official M:AA page) then it's not allowed here. (e.g. info on unreleased weapons, unreleased details for future heroes, unconfirmed dates of future timed events, etc.)

People that break this prohibition on unreleased content damage our relationship with the Forum. Thus, you will get one warning. Further violation of this rule may result in getting you banned. We love it when you contribute, but not if it's going to damage our relationship with Playdom and other MAA Communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that get repeated A LOT in the comments of various pages. If you have a question, there are many people here with a wide variety of knowledge about the game. Don't be afraid to ask a question, but please read the FAQs first so that you're not repeating something that has already been asked and covered many times.

The FAQs page is also a great place to ask generic questions, since the Admins and other experienced Users will generally "watch" this page for new comments and questions.