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Black Panther Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Real Name T'CHALLA
Height 6'
Weight 200 LBS.
Intelligence 5
Strength 4
Speed 4
Durability 3
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 6
Black Panther Marvel XP


Mr. Fantastic Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY REED RICHARDS[]

PERSONNEL BRIEF, Directorate of Operations: Black Panther

Designation: Foreign Head of State

Nationality: Wakandan

Criminal Record: None (***DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY APPLIES***)

Powers: Upon ascending to the Wakandan throne after the death of his father, T’Chaka, T’Challa ate the sacred “heart-shaped herb” as part of the ritual that made him the traditional chieftain of Wakanda’s ruling Panther Tribe. The herb granted T’Challa peak-of-human-level strength, agility and stamina.

Abilities: In addition to his formidable personal combat skills, T’Challa is a superlative scientist, with concentrations in engineering, electronics, and applied physics.

Unique Weapon(s): The Black Panther frequently deploys advanced weaponry of his own design to enhance his already impressive physical abilities; thanks to his access to the state-owned laboratories of Wakanda, the most technologically-advanced nation on Earth, the potential variety of his personal arsenal of weapons and defenses is quite literally endless.

Known History: The tiny, secretive, and virulently xenophobic central African nation of Wakanda boasts the world’s highest standard of living and per capita income, thanks to the discovery of the mysterious energy-absorbing metal known as vibranium on a mountainside frequented by a species of black panther long before the European colonial period. Wakanda’s Panther Tribe monopolized trade and development of vibranium, making the chieftain of that clan the de facto ruler of Wakanda from that time to the present day.

The current “Black Panther,” i.e. tribal chieftain, is T’Challa, who broke the tradition of isolation with the West when he invited Reed Richards and his Fantastic Four to Wakanda for an official state visit. Intrigued by the burgeoning culture of super heroes in America, the Black Panther travelled to New York to join the Avengers, and has since become that team’s strongest ally in the continent of Africa.

Observations: “Given T’Challa’s background in energy-absorbing materials such as vibranium, it would be insane not to consult him with regards to the nature and origin of our own Iso-8. Frankly, I would trust his opinion far above my own in such matters.” -- Reed Richards

“Duly noted, Dr. Richards, but don’t forget that T’Challa, places the interest of Wakanda far above those of any other entity, including S.H.I.E.L.D.…as a king should. We should remember that in case the interests of his nation and our agency ever come into conflict.” -- Nick Fury