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Crimson Dynamo Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Code Name Crimson Dynamo
Real Name Boris Turgenov
Height 5'9"
Weight 205 LBS
Intelligence 5
Strength 6
Speed 4
Durability 5
Energy Projection 6
Fighting Skills 4
Crimson Dynamo Marvel XP



Stark Industries Tech-Assess: “Crimson Dynamo

"The press liked to call Ivan Vanko ‘The Russian Tony Stark,’ which isn’t really fair to him or me. The only thing we had in common was that we both built suits of armor at gunpoint -- except I did it in an insurgents’ cave and escaped back to my mansions and lingerie models and he did it for a totalitarian government and went home every night to a collectivist block of apartments and drank himself to sleep.

“But Vanko had talent, there’s no denying that, and his Crimson Dynamo armor is proof. He parallel developed many of the same features of my Mark III Iron Man, including a chromed titanium and steel casing, boot-based propellant technology for supersonic propulsion -- fifteen hundred miles per hour, give or take -- along with hinged ailerons along the sides of the legs for added control during a roll.

“What sets the Crimson Dynamo apart -- and gives it its name -- is the charged-particle beam weapon that’s probably based -- or at least inspired -- by the plans for a concentrated non-dispersive energy projector Nikola Tesla sold the Soviets in 1937. But Vanko not only perfected Tesla’s device, he miniaturized it to the point where he could put it inside a suit of armor: An internal generator ionizes the hydrogen in air, adding electrons and accelerating the resulting anions through traveling wave type projectors in the palms of the Dynamo’s gauntlets. The resulting beam approaches the speed of light and generates a gigajoule of kinetic energy when it slams into you. Really, just inspired stuff.

“A gigajoule hurts, by the way. A lot.

“I truly wish Vanko could have lived long enough for me to hire him. I could have made him a millionaire many times over. Instead an interchangeable series of mercenaries and totalitarian thugs have piloted his Crimson Dynamo suit into one harebrained scheme after another.

“Some ex-KGB slab of beef named Boris Turgenov is its current owner, but I’m sure that will change next week.”