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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Emma Frost/Boss.

Emma Frost Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 5'10"
Weight 144 LBS
Intelligence 7
Strength 5
Speed 4
Durability 7
Energy Projection 7
Fighting Skills 6
Emma Frost Marvel XP


Charles Xavier Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY CHARLES XAVIER[]

Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters Student Record: Emma Frost

Gender: Female

Nation of Origin: United Kingdom

Affiliations: Hellfire Club, Hellions

Active Mutations: In addition to being a powerful telepath, Emma has developed a secondary mutation whereby she can transform her skin into an indestructible, diamond-like surface.

Passive Mutations: None

Hereditary Mutations? No.

Recruit Background: After a troubled childhood of privilege, a teenage Emma became one of the female entertainers at the Hellfire Club, an ancient and powerful secret society for the East Coast elite. There she discovered a fellow mutant, Sebastian Shaw, and together they overthrew the Club’s human leaders to transform the society into one entirely controlled by mutants such as themselves. The Hellfire Club has attempted to exert control over the world’s mutant population to further their own selfish (and often criminal) ends, which has frequently brought them into conflict with my X-Men .

Attempt to Recruit Made? Yes, and there seemed to be considerable interest. Emma is not as evil as some the other Hellfire leaders, such as Sebastian Shaw. But just as I was preparing to accept Emma full-time into the X-Men, she disappeared; S.H.I.E.L.D. has intimated to me she may have fallen back in with her former compatriots in the Hellfire Club, which would be most unfortunate indeed.

Likelihood of Recruitment? High


Charles Xavier