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This article is about the playable hero. For the Enemy version, see Hulk.

Hulk Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Code Name HULK
Height 8'0"
Weight 1400 LBS
Intelligence 6
Strength 7
Speed 7
Durability 7
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 5
Hulk Marvel XP


Jasper Sitwell Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY JASPER SITWELL[]

To: Nick Fury From: Jasper Sitwell

Subject: The Hulk

Designation: Human of Mass Destruction (HMD)

Nationality: American

Criminal Record: Extensive. The Hulk is wanted for mass property destruction in many countries of the world, including 39 US states, and has been accused of several (unconfirmed) fatalities.

Powers: Sudden and rapid skin discoloration, growth of bone structure and musculature, increased aggression. There is a correlation between the intensity of Hulk’s anger and the intensity of his strength. There’s nothing the Hulk can’t destroy if he’s angry enough.

Known History: Banner’s physicist father killed his mother when he was very young. Early development showed great intellectual aptitude but also signs of mental instability: violent tendencies and possible multiple-personality disorder. Schools usually try to keep that stuff off the record, but we’ve questioned some former classmates and they had some interesting stories.

Banner’s life changed when he was working for the Department of Defense. He was supervising a gamma bomb test in the desert when a teenager drove onto the test site. Banner grabbed the kid boy and threw him into a trench, out of harm’s way. Then the bomb went off and Banner was standing at ground zero of a gamma bomb blast. Unbelievably, he survived, but now transforms into a raging monster when angered or otherwise stressed.

Observations: “The Hulk has been officially inducted as a member of Captain America’s Avengers team, which indicates that he can play nicely with others and channel his rage in a positive manner… at least for now. It’s also known that some claim Banner’s intellect can assert itself while he maintains in his Hulk form, though I wouldn’t bet my life on it. But Tony Stark swears they’ve had conversations with the Hulk where the big green guy didn’t refer to himself in the third person even once." — Jasper Sitwell