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Punisher Marvel XP Sidebar Statistics
Height 6'1"
Weight 200 LBS
Intelligence 5
Strength 6
Speed 5
Durability 6
Energy Projection 4
Fighting Skills 6
Punisher Marvel XP


Maria Hill Marvel XP Sidebar PREPARED BY MARIA HILL[]

PERSONNEL BRIEF, Directorate of Operations: Punisher

Designation: Vigilante

Nationality: American

Criminal Record: Frank Castle is wanted for murder and assault at the Federal, state and local level in several municipalities. The fact his victims have been some of the country's (and the world's) worst criminals had led many law enforcement entities not to expend a lot of effort trying to apprehend him

Powers: None

Abilities: Punisher is a formidable hand-to-hand combat specialist, as well as the master of a wide variety of firearms and explosives.

Known History: A highly directed Special Forces operative, Frank Castle returned to his native New York City after mustering out. On a picnic with his family in Central Park, they accidentally stumbled upon a gangland hit. The mobsters decided to eliminate Castle's family as potential witnesses, but made the extreme mistake of leaving Castle himself alive. Since his recovery he has waged a one-man war on crime as The Punisher.

Observations: "Okay, okay. I saidBlack Widow was a security risk, and you ignored me. I said Deadpool was a crazy person, and you ignored me.

"Now I'm basically begging you: Please do not send the Punisher into the field. His 'following orders' days died with his family. Deadpool, at least, can be persuaded by money. All the Punisher cares about is his vendetta against a freaking abstract concept, 'Crime,' that he thinks he can stop by filling it with bullets.

"You do realize there are some members of the Avengers considered to be criminals, right? How can you guarantee he won't shoot them on sight?" -- Maria Hill

"SHIELD and I have mutual enemies, so we will fight together until those enemies are dead.

"If you try and get in my way? Or stop my waging of my war in any way?

"Then we have a problem." -- The Punisher