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PVP Season 8[]

Adamantium Reward Hero - Red Hulk[]

  • Class: Tactician
  • Passive: Heat Generation
    • Gains 10% Heat each round
    • Gains 10% Heat when Red Hulk takes damage
  • Passive: He’s Heating Up (40% and up)
    • Apply Burning and Pyrophoric to all attacks
  • Passive: He’s On Fire! (70% and up)
    • All Red Hulk’s attacks are Combustible (guaranteed to crit against Burning targets) and count as Fire attacks (thus triggering Pyrophoric)
  • Passive: Meltdown (100%)
    • Red Hulk releases all his pent-up Heat, dealing damage to all enemies and allies
    • Red Hulk becomes Stunned and loses his next turn
    • Removes all Heat
  • Action 1: Searing Smash
    • Unarmed melee
    • Grants 10% Heat to Red Hulk
    • Applies Wide Open to targets
      • Increases damage taken by melee attacks
  • Action 2: Bunker Buster
    • Single Target
    • Exothermic
      • Consumes up to 30% Heat to deal extra damage
    • Exploits Radiation
      • Deals extra damage against targets with Radiation Exposure
    • Deadly Crits
  • Action 3: Bulwark
    • Self-buff
    • Protects against single target and area attacks
    • Absorb Energy
      • Drains Health and Stamina from the attacker and gives it to Red Hulk
  • Action 4: Gamma Bomb
    • Area
    • Catastrophic
    • Radiation Exposure
    • Side Effects
      • May cause: Blind, Poisoned, Staggered, Off-balanced, Winded, Cornered, Incapacitated, Intimidated, Exhausted, Halitosis, and others

New Collection Villain: Juggernaut[]

We are introducing a new lockbox villain collection with PvP Season 8. Juggernaut will be available to users who complete the Unstoppable Lockbox collection. These lockboxes are awarded to players who compete in PvP Season 8. Players will receive 1 lockbox each time they win a fight, up to 5 each day. These lockboxes are also available on the PvP daily spin. In addition, a small chain of side quests is available to players who participate in PVP which awards a considerable sum of lockboxes upon completion.

New Villain: Juggernaut[]

  • Class: Bruiser
  • Passive : Unstoppable
    • Grants a Momentum every round
    • Stamina is restored every round
    • Immune to Stun
  • Passive : Get Outta My Head!
    • Immune to psychic attacks
  • Action 1: Sunday Punch
    • One Enemy
    • Unarmed, Melee
    • Momentum
      • Increases damage done
      • Takes reduced damage from counter-attacks
      • This effect can be applied up to 3 times
    • Stun
      • 10% chance to cause Stun
      • Loses next turn
      • Reduced chance to dodge
  • Action 2: Mountain Crusher
    • Single Target
    • Exploits Shields
      • Bypasses and deals extra damage against targets that are protected by Shields
    • Deadly Crits
      • Deals extra damage on critical hits
    • Shield Breaker
      • Removes and prevents new shields
      • Lasts 1 Round
  • Action 3: I’m the Juggernaut!
    • One Enemy
    • Melee
    • Catastrophic
      • Can’t be Protected against
      • Ignores most Avoidance effects
      • Guaranteed to hit
    • Building Speed
      • Requires 3 Momentum
      • Consumes all Momentum
  • Action 4: Surge of Cyttorak
    • All Allies
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Unstoppable Force
      • Increases the damage of unarmed attacks
      • Lasts 2 Rounds
    • Strengthened
      • Attack increased by 25%
      • Lasts 3 Rounds
      • 3 Round Cooldown

Changes and Bug Fixes[]

New PvP User Interface[]

  • The Player vs Player section of MAA has been completely visually overhauled. We believe it makes for a tighter and more coherent experience, and it will lend itself better to the next major PvP update: Separate loadouts for Missions and PvP. Coming soon!
  • Tasks can now be seen in the Player vs. Player section.

Class Changes[]

  • Blasters attacking or attacked by a Bruiser now gain Focused Attacks, which allows their next attack to be a guaranteed crit and ignore defense
  • Tacticians’ bonus turn is called Tactical Maneuvers
    • Tacticians will gain Tactical Maneuvers when attacking or attacked by Blasters
    • A visible status icon will appear when a Tactician gains a bonus turn from Tactical Maneuvers
    • After gaining a bonus turn from Tactical Maneuvers, Tacticians will gain Exhausted Options, indicating that they will not gain an additional bonus turn until the end of the round
    • Scrappers, Infiltrators, Blasters, and Bruisers will gain their respective buffs when doing Area attacks that hit their favored class
  • Class bonuses will not trigger on Quick Actions for any class.

Flight Deck Improvements[]


The Flight Deck now has an option for sorting heroes!

  • By checking “Show heroes that need XP first,” the flight deck will place lower-level heroes that are not ready for training at the front of the list
  • The default setting is the current behavior, showing the highest-level heroes first
  • Fixed an issue with the order heroes are displayed in the flight deck UI. The order of heroes should no longer change when you deploy an individual hero from your roster.

Team-up Bonuses[]

  • Removed “Mindbenders” and rolled all psychic characters into “Mind Games”.
  • Re-added “Ladies Man”
  • Re-added “Partners in Crime”
  • Re-added Psylocke to “Fashionistas”
  • “Family Reunion” has been fixed for bringing Cable and either Cyclops or Phoenix
  • Magneto and Omega Sentinel now have “Red in the Ledger”
  • Many more characters now have the “Avengers” team up bonus
  • New Team-up Bonuses:
    • “Proud to Serve”: Bring two veterans (Includes Red Hulk, War Machine, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, and Union Jack)
    • “Thunderbolts”: Bring two members of the Thunderbolts initiative (Includes Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Deadpool, Punisher, Juggernaut, and many more)
    • “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”: Bring two founding members of the Avengers (Includes Hank Pym, Wasp, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor)
    • “Newly Assembled”: Bring two members who have recently joined the Avengers
    • And more! See which ones you can find

UI and Graphical Issues:[]

  • Fixed an inconsistent experience in the UI upon entering the team management screen. When selecting the “Team Management” page from the mission select screen, any character that needs training will be selected as opposed to your agent.
  • Corrected a task sorting issue with the optional side quests associated with Spec Ops. Side quests should no longer sort to the top of the task list above the Spec Op tasks.
  • Helicopters should no longer appear in strange parts of the map canvas.
  • When changing out heroes in the pre-fight screen, the character selection frame should now display the proper page.
  • Health and Stamina are no longer abbreviated and are now displayed consistently throughout the game.
  • New backgrounds can now be seen at the end of PvP fights.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the hero recruitment screen to take more than one click to close after a deploy.
  • When customizing your avatar under the team management page, if you select another hero, the customization screen will properly dismiss.

Status effects[]

  • Incapacitation no longer prevents Protects and Counter-attacks
  • Flanked no longer allows more than one follow-up attack
  • Soulfire now properly triggers “Combustible” as it counts as a burning status
  • Agents who have the buff “Spider Sense” will properly animate when they gain an extra attack
  • The trigger chance for “Disoriented” has been increased from 25% to 30%
  • The description for Melt Armor has been revised
  • Many Shield effects in the game have been corrected to work properly with Exploits Shields
  • Relentless (Boss ability) now makes bosses immune to both Stun and Exhausted
  • “Exhausted” now properly prevents all kinds of extra turns and prevents extra turns from triggering (in the case of permanent extra turns)
    • Quicksilver and Omega Sentinel’s extra turns
    • She Hulk’s Burst of Speed
    • Ms. Marvel and Rogue’s Kree Speed
    • Tactician bonus turns
    • Thing’s Stonewall ability
    • Magneto’s Magnetic Field
  • Exhausted can now be removed and no longer stacks with itself
  • Status icons mid-combat will always be Red or Green
    • Blue icons are only used for informational effects such as “Deadly Crits” on actions or information on the Team Page
  • The following passive abilities have been updated to green status icons:
    • Union Jack: Allied Forces
    • Vision: Density Shift, Gathering Energy
    • Wolverine: Berserker Rage, Come at me Bub, Best There Is, Healing Factor
    • Captain Britain: Lion of Avalon, Heir to the Otherworld
    • X-23: Weapon X Programming, Healing Factor
    • Hank Pym: Smartest Man in the Room
    • Omega Sentinel: Overclocked, Helios, Eos, Selene Protocol
    • Punisher: All of his class passives

Items and Equipment[]

  • Fixed an issue where people with Reactive Iso-8 would have their Iso turn into a different type and cause Combat Validation Errors
  • Spec Op 9 and other Customized gear have been made reforgeable. This includes the following equipment:
    • The Exsanguinator
    • Ironstar
    • Touch of Madripoor
    • Enigma .45
    • OsCorp Prototype
    • Acinaces
    • Spatha
    • Radian Pistol
    • Radian Rifle
    • Scythe of Ptah
    • Radian Cannon
    • Wave-Nullifier
    • Chakra Strike
    • Hand of Despair
    • Soldering Iron
    • Baltag's Blaster
    • Decade
    • Mahayuga
    • Indiction
    • Manvantara
    • Displacer
    • Damocles Target Painter
    • S.H.I.E.L.D. Slugger
  • Spec Op 9 items now give a higher PVP bonus
  • Force Field generator and other shield causing statuses should now have the proper sound effects when the status appears on the Agent / Hero.
  • Damage Amplifier no longer applies the visual effect to the Agent and now properly displays on the targeted enemy.
  • Sword of Barony will no longer proc a heal on a target that is not bleeding.
  • Mystical Munitions now causes Deathfrost, Dark Void, and Soulfire

Hero Changes[]

Black Widow

  • Corrected a bug where Tactician Grey Suit Black Widow’s attacks were not considered Stealthy

Captain Britain

  • Captain Britain’s “Curse of the Otherworld” can now be removed
  • Damage for “Britannic” has been reduced slightly


  • Fantomex’s “Misdirection” will now be removed from the team when he is defeated


  • Hawkeye’s Electric Volley and Arrow will now properly cause static charge to trigger

Ms. Marvel

  • Ms. Marvel’s original costume can now dodge stealthy attacks (as stealthy attacks do not affect Avoidance effects)
  • Ms. Marvel’s original costume can no longer dodge if affected by “Pinpoint Target”


  • Nightcrawler will no longer use his “BAMF!” passive on attacks that are Subtle


  • Phoenix’s AI will no longer always use “Mind Link” if “Focused” is not on her
  • Phoenix will now use Telekinesis when summoned for a distress call


  • Rescue can now “Magnetize” other opponents who have Rescue in their strike team
  • Rescue will now properly use more than “Flyby” attack when a Blaster is present in a PvP fight
  • Rescue’s “Panacea Response” will now be removed from the team when she is defeated
  • Rescue will no longer protect when an enemy rests


  • Shatterstar’s Mojo Skewer will now properly remove any shield with “Shield Breaker,” unless stated otherwise


  • Spider-Woman is now immune to Poison and Radiation debuffs

Union Jack

  • Union Jack’s counters and passives no longer trigger on actions that are considered splash damage or secondary effects


  • Vision is now immune to “Bleeding” status effects

War Machine

  • War Machine’s “Reactive Shield Charger” passive on the Iron Patriot costume should now properly grant a “Charged Capacitors” stack when it triggers
  • War Machine’s “Plasma Blade” on the Iron Patriot costume will now properly prevent resurrection abilities


  • Wolverine’s “Come at me Bub” will no longer activate on Stealthy attacks
  • Wolverine’s “The Best There Is” will no longer trigger off “Combat Reflexes,” after characters counter-attack, or when another character on the team protects


  • While X-23 is under “Berserker Rage,” no other enemies will gain “Trigger Scent”
  • “Trigger Scent” and “Berserker Rage” can now be removed


  • Unleash Hell now causes Deathfrost instead of Burning

Ghost Rider

  • Damnation Chains now causes Dark Void, Poisoned, and Soulfire in that order

PvP Season 8 Rewards[]

  • Diamond League - Savant’s Spear
    • Customized
    • Pre-emptive Shield
      • Grants a shield to allies at the start of combat, before any attacks have been made
    • Generalized
      • Removes effects from class bonuses
      • Prevents this character from gaining Class benefits
  • Vibranium League - Bruiser’s Aegis Armor
    • Kiai Shout
      • Single-target attacks have a 50% chance to apply Intimidated, lowering enemies Attack, Accuracy, and Evasion
  • Adamantium League - Red Hulk
    • See above

Past PvP Rewards[]

For season 6, those users who finished the season with an ELO between 1617 and 1619 showed in the UI as if they qualified for the reward, but this was a rounding error for adamantium only. They will be awarded Fantomex if they don't already have him.

For season 5, users from 1592-1603 (fb) or 1699 to 1732 (dest) will get X-23. 1244-1271 or 1268-1306 will get the tac armor key. 1045..1052 or 1051-1059 will receive Chakra strike. No rewards/compensation will be awarded if they are already in possession of those rewards (either in inventory or in danger room/pvp armory)

In all cases, the league they finished in will be updated to reflect the reward given.

Beta ISO Removal[]

We recently introduced a new type of Iso-8 to Marvel: Avengers Alliance called “Reactive Iso-8.” This new Iso-8 works similar to customized agent gear, in that it is always valuable for a player to obtain since the power is set based on the agent’s level. With this new addition the time has come for us to sunset the percentage based Iso-8 some of our beta players were able to purchase back in the beta event last year.

If you are a user who happens to own some of these older Iso-8s, we will be replacing them with the same sub-type of the newer “Reactive” Iso-8.

Listed below is the conversion from Beta Iso-8 to Reactive Iso-8:

Beta Iso-8 Reactive Iso-8
Iso-8 - ATK & ACC Reactive Steady Iso-8
Iso-8 - ATK & DEF Reactive Forceful Iso-8
Iso-8 - ATK & EVA Reactive Skillful Iso-8
Iso-8 - ACC & DEF Reactive Adroit Iso-8
Iso-8 - ACC & EVA Reactive Athletic Iso-8
Iso-8 - DEF & EVA Reactive Lasting Iso-8
Iso-8 - Health Refined Reactive Healthy Iso-8
Iso-8 - Stamina Refined Reactive Enduring Iso-8
Iso-8 - Attack Refined Reactive Strong Iso-8
Iso-8 - Accuracy Refined Reactive Precise Iso-8
Iso-8 - Defense Refined Reactive Tough Iso-8
Iso-8 - Evasion Refined Reactive Speedy Iso-8

Patch Notes Addendum[]

There is currently a known issue that we are attempting to fix, the issue is: When viewing an opponents profile (PvP related), there is a high chance of the client crashing.

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