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  • Mockingbird was released on November 30, 2012 as the reward for completing the newly introduced Special Operation.
  • Mockingbird was the first hero released after the 28 original. She was the first Generalist hero, introducing the new class. She was also the first Limited Edition Hero and the first hero able to change classes.
  • Mockingbird appeared as a Boss in Special Operations 1: Mission 3. She is the first hero ever to be both a boss and a hero.
  • Mockingbird was the first limited edition hero that was available for recruitment for Command Points (for November 23 - 26, 2012, for 200 Command Points). She was also the first 200 CP hero.
  • Mockingbird was the first limited edition hero that was available twice for recruitment for Command Points. She is the first and right now only hero that can be recruited in several different ways.
    • 5 star all missions in Spec Ops 1 (Expired)
    • Recruit her for 200 CP (Permanent) or 75 Gold (Limited)
    • Avengers Initiative
  • Mockingbird was used as a placeholder for the Adamantium League Reward for the mobile version for the PVP Tournament in Version 2.0. This was changed in Version 2.1.
  • Mockingbird recieved a Worthy outfit for the Chapter 9 Mastery reward, Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans. In the comics, the person who became Nerkkod was Attuma, an enemy of Namor, the Sub-Mariner.
  • Aside from Rogue, Mockingbird also has all of her alternates the same class as the original.
  • Mockingbird's Nerkkod uniform would later also appear in mobile game Avengers Academy, in June 2017. It was part of a Multiverse event, and was clearly homaging Avengers Alliance, as the uniform is identical.[1]



  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance is the first game where Mockingbird is a playable character. (Her previous sole appearance was in Hawkeye's ending as part of his reformed West Coast Avengers, for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3).