Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Attack Buff
 Can be used to perform different actions.
Attack Buff
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
 Can be used to perform different actions.


  • Multi-Function Gear will trigger the Gear-change animation, even when equipped in the first weapon-slot.
  • Mantis's Mantis-Psychic Blast Psychic Blast, Moondragon's Moondragon-Mind Suppression Mind Suppression, Ronan's Ronan-Stasis Field Stasis Field and Winter Soldier's Winter Soldier-Magnetized Mines Magnetized Mines are the only abilities that do not show this tooltip on the team page.


Icon Name Functions
Attilan's Call Attilan's Call Black Bolt-Whisper Whisper Crystal-Aerokinesis Aerokinesis
Karnak-Stress Point Perception Stress Point Perception Kamala Khan-Lockjaw's Lookout Lockjaw's Lookout
Quake-Harmonic Tremor Harmonic Tremor
BMKG-Rifle 3007 BMKG-Rifle 3007 BMKG-Rifle 3007-Mod 1 Mod 1 BMKG-Rifle 3007-Mod 2 Mod 2 BMKG-Rifle 3007-Mod 3 Mod 3
BMKG-Rifle 3007-Mod 4 Mod 4 BMKG-Rifle 3007-Mod 5 Mod 5 Rocket Raccoon-Reload Reload
Bough of Binding Bough of Binding Bough of Binding-Summon Doctor Voodoo Doctor Voodoo Bough of Binding-Summon Baron Mordo Baron Mordo
Bough of Binding-Summon Dr. Strange Dr. Strange Bough of Binding-Summon Magik Magik
Bough of Binding-Summon Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch
Breaching Pistol Breaching Kit: Pistol Breaching Kit-Detonator Detonator
Fe'Eb Den'roc Fe'Eb Den'roc Fe'Eb Den'roc-Banish Lesser Banish
Fe'Eb Den'roc-Banish Banish
Hire a Hero Hire a Hero Hire a Hero-Hire Luke Cage Luke Cage Hire a Hero-Hire Iron Fist Iron Fist
Hire a Hero-Hire Misty Knight Misty Knight Hire a Hero-Hire Colleen Wing Colleen Wing
Hire a Hero-Hire Jessica Jones Jessica Jones
Lantern of Doom Lantern of Doom Lantern of Doom-Smothering Shadow Smothering Shadow Lantern of Doom-Alluring Light Alluring Light
Lantern of Doom-Inevitable Doom Inevitable Doom Lantern of Doom-Sealed Safeguard Sealed Safeguard
Overloader Overloader Overloader-Tamper Tamper
Peace Pulser Peace Pulser Peace Pulser-Peace Pulser Fire Peace Pulser Fire
Peace Pulser-P.A. Grenade Launcher P.A. Grenade Launcher
Peace Pulser-Short Controlled Bursts Short Controlled Bursts
Synthetic Cube Prototype Cube Synthetic Cube-The Light Fantastic The Light Fantastic
Synthetic Cube-Atom Smasher Atom Smasher
QYIT Mk III QYIT Mk III QYIT Mk III-Tranq Shot Tranq Shot QYIT Mk III-Octo Shot Octo Shot
QYIT Mk III-Raging Shot Raging Shot QYIT Mk III-Howling Shot Howling Shot
QYIT Mk III-Screaming Shot Screaming Shot
Rad-Sniffer Rad-Sniffer Rad Sniffer-Rad-Sniffer Feedback Rad-Sniffer Feedback
Savage Spear Savage Spear Savage Spear-Soporific Strike Soporific Strike
Savage Spear-Caustic Strike Caustic Strike
Savage Spear-Noxious Strike Noxious Strike
Small Hadron Collider Small Hadron Collider Small Hadron Collider-Micro Analysis Micro Analysis Small Hadron Collider-Cosmic Singularity Cosmic Singularity
Small Hadron Collider-Supershear Earthquake Supershear Earthquake Small Hadron Collider-Demon-sional Rift Demon-sional Rift
Stake Thrower Stake Thrower Stake Thrower-Stake Adamantium Stake Stake Thrower-Stake Shredder Stake
Stake Thrower-Stake Smoke Stake Stake Thrower-Stake Stun Stake
Synthetic Cube Synthetic Cube Synthetic Cube-Blackest Void Blackest Void Synthetic Cube-The Light Fantastic The Light Fantastic
Scarlet Witch-Probability Field Improbability Field Synthetic Cube-Atom Smasher Atom Smasher
Tactical Launcher Tactical Launcher
Vigilante Toolkit Vigilante Toolkit Vigilante Toolkit-Retractable Claw Retractable Claw
Vigilante Toolkit-Holographic Shield Holographic Shield
Vigilante Toolkit-Wrist Slinger Wrist Slinger
Vorpal Blade Vorpal Blade Vorpal Blade-Vorpal Blade Slash Vorpal Blade Slash
Vorpal Blade-Snicker-Snack Snicker-Snack
Weather Control Device Weather Control Device Weather Control Device-Fire Tornado Fire Tornado
Weather Control Device-Hail Storm Hail Storm
Weather Control Device-Warm Zephyr Warm Zephyr


Name Action(s) Functions
Baron Mordo Icon 1
Baron Mordo-Astral Phase Astral Phase Baron Mordo-Astral Projection Astral Projection
Boomerang Icon 1
Boomerang-Pain-Rangs Pain-Rangs Boomerang-Razorang Razorang Boomerang-Shatterang Shatterang
Boomerang-Isorang Isorang Boomerang-Electrang Electrang
Boomerang-Utili-Rangs Utili-Rangs Boomerang-Gluemerang Gluemerang Boomerang-Screamerang Screamerang
Boomerang-Gravityrang Gravityrang Boomerang-Reflexerang Reflexerang
Cammi Icon 1
Cammi-Gadget Gadget Cammi-Distraction Distraction
Cammi-Gather Intel Gather Intel
Cammi-Defensive Matrix Defensive Matrix
Captain America Icon 4
Captain Steve Rogers-Take Charge Take Charge Captain Steve Rogers-Ranged Awareness Ranged Awareness
Captain Steve Rogers-Offensive Operations Offensive Operations
Captain Steve Rogers-Counterintelligence Counterintelligence
Chase Stein Icon 1
Chase Stein-Fistigons Fistigons Chase Stein-Fistigons Firestarter Firestarter
Chase Stein-Fistigons Shock of the Lightning Shock of the Lightning
Chase Stein-Fistigons Boom Boom Pow Boom Boom Pow
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1
Cloak and Dagger-Casting Shadows Casting Shadows Cloak and Dagger-Shot in the Dark Shot in the Dark
Cloak and Dagger-Pitch Black Pitch Black
Cloak and Dagger-A Light in the Darkness A Light in the Darkness Cloak and Dagger-Child of Light Child of Light
Cloak and Dagger-Child of Darkness Child of Darkness
Crystal Icon 1
Crystal-Aerokinesis Aerokinesis Crystal-Firestorm Firestorm
Crystal-Arctic Tempest Arctic Tempest
Crystal-Dust Devil Dust Devil
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 2
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Summon Succubus Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: Dominatrix

Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Mort Douce Succubus: Mort Douce
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Act of Darkness Succubus: Act of Darkness

Death Locket Icon 1
Death Locket-Combat Subroutine Combat Subroutine Death Locket-Recon Subroutine Recon Subroutine
Death Locket-Mega Blast Mega Blast Death Locket-Snipe Snipe
Destroyer Icon 1
Destroyer-Fueling Essence Fueling Essence Destroyer-Enchanted Armor Enchanted Armor
Destroyer-Cooldown Cooldown
Destroyer-Frenzy Frenzy
Doctor Doom Icon 1
Doctor Doom-Technological Superiority Technological Superiority Doctor Doom-Arc Lightning Arc Lightning Doctor Doom-Trifurcator Trifurcator
Doctor Doom-Dark Arts Dark Arts Doctor Doom-Magic Bolt Magic Bolt Doctor Doom-Steal Essence Steal Essence
Doctor Doom-Summon Servo-Guard Summon Servo-Guard Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Minion Minion Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Basher Basher Doctor Doom-Summon Servo Driller Driller
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1
Doctor Voodoo-Voodoo Incantation Voodoo Incantation Doctor Voodoo-Doom Curse Doom Curse Doctor Voodoo-Daniel Drumm Daniel Drumm
Doctor Voodoo-Vodoun Crows Vodoun Crows Doctor Voodoo-Spirit Possession Spirit Possession
Electro Icon 1
Electro-Discharge Electricity Discharge Electricity Electro-Surge Surge Electro-Supercharge Supercharge
Electro-Killerwatts Killerwatts Electro-Fry Fry Electro-Ball Lightning Ball Lightning
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
Elsa Bloodstone-Tea Time Tea Time Elsa Bloodstone-Gravedigger Gravedigger
Faiza Hussain Icon 1
Faiza Hussain-Beneficence Beneficence Faiza Hussain-Triage Triage
Fixer Icon 1
Fixer-Switching Gears Switching Gears Fixer-Blaster Shift Blaster Shift
Fixer-Tactician Shift Tactician Shift
Fixer-Infiltrator Shift Infiltrator Shift
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Fury's Closet Fury's Closet Howard the Duck-Coulson's BFG Coulson's BFG Howard the Duck-Reinfarcements Reinfarcements
Howard the Duck-Neurotripe Neurotripe Howard the Duck-Friggin' Sword of Hope Friggin' Sword of Hope
Iron Man Icon 5
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 104
 Hulkbuster Armor
Iron Man-Deploy Rockets Deploy Rockets Iron Man-Penetrator Rockets Penetrator Rockets
Iron Man-Rocket Barrage Rocket Barrage
Jessica Jones Icon 1
Jessica Jones-I'm Resourceful I'm Resourceful Jessica Jones-Bus Stop Battleaxe Bus Stop Battleaxe
Jessica Jones-Fire Hydrant Hangover Fire Hydrant Hangover
Jessica Jones-Parking Meter Madness Parking Meter Madness
Kate Bishop Icon 1
Kate Bishop-Quiver of Arrows Quiver of Arrows Kate Bishop-Tranq Arrow Tranq Arrow Kate Bishop-EMP Arrow EMP Arrow
Kate Bishop-Putty Arrow Putty Arrow Kate Bishop-Sonic Arrow Sonic Arrow
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared Be Prepared Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 1 Be Prepared
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 2 Be Prepared
Kraven the Hunter-Be Prepared 3 Be Prepared
Loki Icon 1
Loki-Throwing Dagger 1 Throwing Dagger Loki-Throwing Dagger 2 Throwing Dagger
Loki-Throwing Dagger 3 Throwing Dagger
Mantis Icon 1
Mantis-Psychic Blast Psychic Blast Mantis-Telekinetic Shielding Telekinetic Shielding Mantis-Psychic Transferal Psychic Transferal
Mantis-Projected Healing Projected Healing Mantis-Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Satan Claw 2.0 Satan Claw 2.0 Misty Knight-Hit the Streets Hit the Streets
Misty Knight-Take It Slow Take It Slow
Misty Knight-Killer Driller Killer Driller
Mockingbird Icon 2
Mockingbird-Making Waves Making Waves Mockingbird-Call the Seas Call the Seas
Mockingbird-Preserver Preserver
Moondragon Icon 1
Moondragon-Mind Suppression Mind Suppression Moondragon-Psychic Cage Psychic Cage
Moondragon-Telekinetic Shielding Telekinetic Shielding
Moondragon-Psychic Push Psychic Push
Moonstone Icon 1
Moonstone-Big Bang Singularity Moonstone-Big Bang 2 Big Bang
Nico Minoru Icon 1
Nico Minoru-Lesser Arcana Lesser Arcana Nico Minoru-Die in a Fire! Die in a Fire! Nico Minoru-Stick Around! Stick Around!
Nico Minoru-Freeze! Freeze! Nico Minoru-Kick Ass! Kick Ass!
Nico Minoru-Greater Arcana Greater Arcana Nico Minoru-Fear Me! Fear Me! Nico Minoru-You Suck! You Suck!
Nico Minoru-More Dots! More Dots! Nico Minoru-Rock and Roll! Rock and Roll!
Nova Icon 1
Nova-Nova Blasts Nova Blasts Nova-Big Bang Blast Big Bang Blast
Omega Sentinel Icon 1
Omega Sentinel-Change Protocol Change Protocol Omega Sentinel-Scrapper Protocol Scrapper Protocol
Omega Sentinel-Change Protocol Bruiser Protocol
Omega Sentinel-Tactician Protocol Tactician Protocol
Punisher Icon 1
Punisher-Walking Armory Walking Armory: Punisher-CFJ-15 Assault Rifle Generalist Punisher-Dual WMI J'Woo Tactician
Punisher-CE-3 Sniper Rifle Infiltrator Punisher-Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger Scrapper
Punisher-Reforged Batstone 2.357 Bruiser Punisher-The Migrant Blaster
Richard Rider Icon 1
Richard Rider-Human Rocket Human Rocket Richard Rider-Space Rock Space Rock
Richard Rider-Nova Beam Nova Beam Richard Rider-Supernova Blast Supernova Blast
Richard Rider-Nova Prime Nova Prime Richard Rider-Nova Punch Nova Punch
Richard Rider-Nova Blast Nova Blast
Richard Rider-Nova Rocket Nova Rocket
Ronan Icon 1
Ronan-Stasis Field Stasis Field Ronan-Universal Charge Universal Charge
Ronan-You Stand Accused! You Stand Accused!
Shanna Icon 1
Shanna-Savage Toxins Savage Toxins Shanna-Scorpion's Sting Scorpion's Sting
Shanna-Pinning Prick Pinning Prick
Shanna-Serpent Strike Serpent Strike
Shocker Icon 1
Shocker-Alternate Frequency Alternate Frequency Shocker-High Frequency High Frequency
Shocker-Low Frequency Low Frequency
Songbird Icon 1
Songbird-Enhanced Vocal Cords Enhanced Vocal Cords Songbird-Screaming Screaming Songbird-Sonic Discourse Sonic Discourse
Songbird-Acoustikinesis Acoustikinesis Songbird-Solid Rhetoric Solid Rhetoric Songbird-Bloody Dialogue Bloody Dialogue
Songbird-Tactile Exchange Tactile Exchange Songbird-Harsh Oration Harsh Oration
Spider-Girl Icon 1
Spider-Girl-Web Them Up Web Them Up Spider-Girl-Web Crazy Web Crazy
Spider-Girl-One Shot One Shot
Spiral Icon 1
Spiral-Macabre Fandango Shall We Dance
(with Empowered Iso-8 033 Rhythmic Empowered Iso-8)
Spiral-Sword Dance Sword Dance
Spiral-Dance Magic Dance Dance Magic Dance
Spiral-Fouetté en Tournant Fouetté en Tournant
Star-Lord Icon 1Star-Lord Icon 2
Star-Lord-Element Gun Element Gun Star-Lord-Hot Shot Hot Shot Star-Lord-Cold Snap Cold Snap
Star-Lord-Rocks Fall Rocks Fall Star-Lord-Lit Up Lit Up
Winter Soldier Icon 1
Winter Soldier-Magnetized Mines Magnetized Mines Winter Soldier-Magnetized Blast Mine M. Blast Mine Winter Soldier-Magnetized Irradiated Frag Mine M. Irradiated Frag Mine
Winter Soldier-Magnetized Chemical Mine M. Chemical Mine Winter Soldier-Magnetized Mines Detonate

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