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2012/10/26 Spec Op 4 Patch Notes


Story: “The chaos of the pulse has weakened the boundaries of reality. The very souls of the citizens of New York City are at risk as portals to Hell and the Dark Dimension are opened. It is time to bring in an expert.”
Reward Hero: Ghost Rider

  • Class: Scrapper
    • Passive - Eye of Judgment
    • Applies Sin to an enemy each time they attack
    • Sin
      • Reduces Defense
  • Passive - Infernal Contract
    • Immune to burning
    • Chance to take half damage from non-Magic attacks
    • Attacks that would reduce Ghost Rider’s health to 0 have a 50% chance to reduce him to 1% instead
  • Level 1 - Damnation Chains
    • Ghost Rider whips a single target with his chain
    • Sin (Applied to target)
      • Reduces Defense
    • Path to Damnation
      • Causes Burning.
      • Applies Dark Void to targets with Burning.
      • Applies Soulfire to targets with Dark Void.
        • Burning (Applied to target - 2 turns)
          • Taking damage every turn
          • Defense reduced
          • Cancelled by chilled
        • Dark Void (Applied to target - 2 turns)
          • Taking Magic damage every turn
          • Accuracy reduced
        • Soulfire (Applied to target - 2 turns)
          • Taking Magic damage every turn
          • Removes beneficial statuses when applied
  • Level 2 - Penance Stare
    • Ghost Rider looks deep into the soul of a single target, causing them to relive the pain of those they have hurt
    • Inner Reflection
      • Consumes all stacks of Sin on the target to deal extra damage
    • Ignore Defense
      • Damage ignores enemy’s Defense stat
      • Attacks penetrate Shield statuses
    • Psychic Attack
      • Ignores most Avoidance, Shield, Counter, and Protect effects
    • Guaranteed Hit
      • 100% chance to hit... usually
    • High Crits
      • Increased chance of critical hits
  • Level 6 - Highway to Hell
    • Ghost Rider does an awesome wheelie and burns the face of a single target, spraying hellfire on the other enemies
    • Melt Armor (Applied to target - 2 turns)
      • All attacks against this target ignore defense
    • Fiery Spray
      • Applies Soulfire to other targets
      • Taking Magic damage every turn
      • Removes beneficial statuses when applied
  • Level 9 - Burn Out
    • Ghost Rider launches his bike at all enemies
    • Quick Action
      • Grants an immediate free turn after using
      • Does not trigger follow-up attacks
    • Spirit of Vengeance
      • Gains Vengeance equal to the number of Sin effects on all enemies
      • Increases Attack

Featured Spec Op 4 Bosses

There are several never-before-seen enemies in these Spec Op missions

  • Satana Hellstrom: Half-demon sister of Daimon Hellstrom
    • Chance to drop the SACRIFICIAL BLADE
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Lifeforce Leech
        • Absorbs life force from Bleeding wounds
  • Baron Mordo: Powerful sorcerer and long time enemy of Dr. Strange
    • Chance to drop the SINISTER SCEPTER
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Astral Form
        • Chance to grant Phased on use
      • Bane (Applied to target - 3 turns)
        • Taking additional damage from Magic attacks and effects
  • Mephisto: Demonic deal-maker and holder of Ghost Rider’s soul
    • Chance to drop the BINDING CONTRACT
      • Customized
        • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
      • Bleeding x3 (Applied to target - 3 turns)
        • Taking damage every turn
        • This effect can be applied 5 times
      • Signed in Blood
        • Causes Bleeding on the Agent

New Demon Faction An unholy horde is spilling out from the portals of hell. They are hungry for souls, and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way.

New Daily Bonus Rewards

New Shotgun: Hotshot (hits all enemies)**Customized

      • Power is set by Agent level when acquired
  • Skull Protector
    • Restores a small amount of Health
    • Reduces Fire, Burning, and Magic damage by 50%
  • Grim Visage
    • Damages an enemy and lowers their stats

New Side Quest

After researching Infernal Fang, you will receive a Side Quest to forge Grief, a fearsome sword that is part of the Demon Set.

  • Collect Infernal Fangs by defeating demons, or purchase them in the store once they are researched.
  • Find the Frozen Hell, a sword dropped by Dormammu, an Epic Boss of Spec Op 4.


  • The damage bonuses from Chrono Overdrive, Quantum Capacitor, and Arc Reactor Charge no longer stack.