PVP Tournament: Season 12
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Status: ENDED
Date Began: November 12, 2013  Facebook version Playdom version
June 20, 2014 iOS version
Date Ended: December 9, 2013  Facebook version Playdom version
July 7, 2014 iOS version
Unlockable Hero: Domino  Facebook version Playdom version
Agent Venom iOS version
Table of Contents
Important Notes:
  • The rules are the same as PVP Tournament: Season 11.
  • Domino will become available for recruitment at some point after the season ends.
  • Season Rewards are awarded to the players that placed and maintained their League until the end of the whole Season, not just by placing on the required League alone.
  • Players not only obtain the Season Reward for their current League but also the rewards of the lower Leagues.
  • Players that are suspended from PVP cannot participate in PVP Tournament Seasons.
  • See External Links for helpful information regarding PVP.


Armory Upgrades

Armory Sorting and Filtering

When adding items to the PVP Armory, the Inventory panel on the left side now displays all items in a single interface. By default all items are displayed, but players can choose to only show gear, uniforms, supplies, or resources. In addition, the items with the highest PVP bonus are sorted to the front of the list. Players may choose to sort by highest total bonus, highest offensive bonus, or highest defensive bonus.

In addition, players who need to do a lot of resocketing can check a box that will suppress the warning message about permanently losing the item that is being socketed, and destroying anything you socket over. Please exercise caution when using this feature, as destroying items in your armory is permanent and cannot be recovered.

Split PVP Armory

The PVP armory received an upgrade to accommodate different Attacking / Defending team loadouts. Now, items in the armory either boost the Attacking Team or Defending team depending on which side they are socketed in. Items in the Attacking side will only increase the stats of a player’s Attacking team, and items in the Defending side will only increase the stats of a player’s Defending team. This allows players to use different strategies that support their different team compositions.

Armory Unsocketing

Did you accidentally put your Golden Screaming Eagle in your armory, or just want to reorganize to maximize Offense on your Attacking Team? Now you can, for a modest price, unsocket all of the items in your armory at once, giving you a chance to get back socketed items and resocket them as you see fit.

Note that any Customized gear socketed lose their level and will be their minimum level when unsocketed. However, once unsocketed, gear may be reforged up to the Agent’s current level as usual.

With the release of Split PVP Armories, all players will gain one free use of “Unsocket All.”

Armory Page 6

A sixth page of armory has been added. Players at level 150 can research Armory Expansion V, granting the sixth page. In addition, the level required to research the previous armory page has been lowered across the board.

Armory Expansion I now requires level 10 (previously 25) Armory Expansion II now requires level 25 (previously 60) Armory Expansion III now requires level 60 (previously 100) Armory Expansion IV now requires level 100 (previously 150) Armory Expansion V now available for players level 150 and up

Season 12 PVP Balance Tuning

Stat Boost Calculations

The way the engine calculates the final stats of a character with multiple buffs has been changed. Previously, all increases to stats were calculated independently and compounded each other. Now each buff will be calculated based on the character’s pre-combat stats. This means that multiple stacking buffs will add up rather than multiply each other.

Take for instance World War Hulk with a pre-combat Attack of 200. During combat, he gains Strengthened (30%), 3 stacks of War Frenzy (12%), and 3 stacks of Hulk Up (10%). Previously, the total bonus would have been 1.3 * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.1 * 1.1 * 1.1 = 2.99 x Hulk’s base Attack, for a final Attack of 1495. Now, the bonus is 0.3 + 0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 = +1.2, for a total bonus of 2.2 x Hulk’s base Attack, for a final Attack of 1100.

This should help alleviate problems that arise from players stacking many different similar stat-boosting effects. While boosting stats is still valuable, the total will no longer escalate exponentially.


As players compete, they will be placed in a League. Players are placed in different Leagues according to their Rating, Ranking, and their number of PVP fights done in that Season. By gaining the number of ranked PVP fights required and attaining a high enough Rating, players can be promoted to higher Leagues. If a player loses Rating, they can be demoted back to a lower League.

Each League has its own Season Reward. The higher the League players placed in by the end of the Tournament, the better the Season reward.

There are five Leagues as of Season 1. These are:

Silver League.png
Gold League.png
Diamond League.png
Vibranium League.png
Adamantium League.png

League Requirements

Note: Offline PVP Battles do not count towards the players' required PVP Battles.

For the Agent to be placed in a league, he must have either the minimum league rating OR the minimum league rank required for that league.

League Name Awarded Badge Minimum Ranked Fights Minimum Top Agents Rating Required Minimum Rank
Silver League
Silver League.png
1 Ranked attack All Ratings All Rankings
Gold League
Gold League.png
10 Ranked attacks 900 Rank in top 25%
Diamond League
Diamond League.png
20 Ranked attacks 1050 Rank in top 10%
Vibranium League
Vibranium League.png
35 Ranked attacks 1250 Rank in top 3%
Adamantium League
Adamantium League.png
50 Ranked attacks 1550 Rank in the top 0.5%

Season Rewards

At the end of the Season, players win rewards based on the League they are in at the end of the season. Players must maintain their placement in their league until the very end of the season in order to win the reward. Each league has different rewards, and players that are in a higher league will win that league's reward plus the rewards of the lower leagues.

These rewards are:

Silver League.png
Silver League
Silver PVP Reward Icon.png

100,000 Silver
Gold League.png
Gold League
Gold Sale 1.png

10 Gold
Diamond League.png
Diamond League
Beyond Corp Can Opener.png
Beyond Corp Can Opener
Vibranium League.png
Vibranium League
Blueprint Scrapper's Empowered Armor.png

Blueprint: Scrapper's Empowered Armor
Adamantium League.png
Adamantium League
Domino PVP Reward Icon.png

Feral Creed

1. Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Basic Instinct
Feral Creed - 1 of 3

  • Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Fight 2 PVP Battles
    • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. PVP requires completing Chapter 1 Mission 4 of Story Mode.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon.png Gold to skip the Task
  • Reward: 5 Fanged Lockbox

2. Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Sharp Impulses
Feral Creed - 2 of 3

  • Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Win 5 PVP Battles
    • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. PVP requires completing Chapter 1 Mission 4 of Story Mode.
  • Requires 20 Gold icon.png Gold to skip the Task
  • Reward: 10 Fanged Lockbox

3. Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Feral Drive
Feral Creed - 3 of 3

  • Fanged Lockbox Task Icon.png Fight 30 PVP Battles
    • Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players. PVP requires completing Chapter 1 Mission 4 of Story Mode.
  • Requires 40 Gold icon.png Gold to skip the Task
  • Reward: 25 Fanged Lockbox

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