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  • Phoenix-Mind Link Mind Link - Counts as a Protect action.


  • Phoenix appeared as an Epic Boss in Special Operations 3: Mission 3 (Avengers side).
  • If Phoenix has a Phoenix Potential buff, the animations for Psi-Blast and Telekinesis change while the Phoenix symbol appears.
  • Phoenix has two themed weapons, Psychic Punch and Cosmic Flame.
  • Phoenix has a themed supply, Phoenix Essence.


  • Once the agent or hero has Third Charm, Death and Rebirth won't be activated.



Phoenix Icon 3 Phoenix Five Phoenix:

  • This Alternate Uniform was designed by Leigh Kellogg and Kelly Hamilton.
  • This rendition of Phoenix and her membership as a Phoenix Five member is original to the Marvel Gaming Universe.
  • Professional Cosplayer Yaya Han cosplayed as this Alternate Uniform and wore it during San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (as one of the judges in the Marvel booth's Costume Contests) and New York Comic Con 2013. (Details)