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Let's Talk Strategy...[]

Strategy is a carefully thought out plan that when put together with the resources you have and can give you a better chance to win a contest or a string of battles. Simply put, the strategy you want is the one that will allow you to deal the most damage to your opponent while taking little to no damage in return. Unlike in the missions, PVP pits you against other players who build their own strategies in order to win and gain rank in the current PVP Season. On this page, we will go over some of the basics and touch upon some advanced strategy and team building so that you can be your best in all of the PVP Seasons.

Choosing Your Heroes[]

In choosing the two heroes for PVP, there are several criteria that you want to keep in mind:

  • Class Coverage
  • Special Abilities
  • Attacks and Effects
  • Team Synergy

We will touch on each of these points one by one

Class Coverage[]

Much like a massive game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, each class has a weakness and a resistance to another in respect, with the exception of Generalists.



Tacticians gain an extra turn after they attacked or are attacked by Blasters.



Blasters gain Focused Attacks by attacking or getting attacked by a Bruiser, which allows the next attack to be a critical and ignore defence.



Bruisers gain an Enrage status (boost to all stats) that can stack twice when attacking or being attacked by Scrappers.



Scrappers gain 'Close-Quarters Combat' against a single target or area target when attacking or being attacked by Infiltrators, and will attack twice on the next turn, if using a single-target attack. Second attack is usually the first skill.   



Infiltrators gain Combat Reflexes when attacking or attacked by Tacticians, allowing them to counter attack and makes their attacks stealthy, meaning they can bypass protect effects. It also gives them a 30 percent damage boost



Generalists are the exception as they do not gain benefits or have a weakness to the other classes, however, most Generalist Heroes have the capability to either copy the class of their foe or even make the foe lose their class perks altogether for a few rounds.

Keep in mind, you have the max of three classes in your team, two heroes and your agent. Think about who you may come to face and make the best judgment call on what classes you should have in your team, and remember your Agent can always fill in for the class that is missing.

Special Abilities[]

You need to be familiar with your Heroes passives, we mean the innate abilities they bring with them, for example, Ghost Rider's “Infernal Contract” and “Eye of Judgment”. Knowing what each Hero can do without attacking is a key to strategy.

((Examples to come))

Attacks and Effects[]

Attacks and the Effects they cause are a big part of strategy, as these are what you will come to depend on the most. Some attacks a Hero has can apply special effects to either team, it can be detrimental effects to the opponents, bonus effects to your team or even affect the hero themselves. Some like buffing don't do damage, but instead give the Hero and team something more to work with while others like Debuffing cause your opponent to continue to take damage unless healed. These Effects will always expire within a few rounds, or when a certain condition is met, so pay close attention to how long they last in the description.

Team synergy[]

The most important point in all is team synergy. How well do two heroes work with your Agent? Do they have abilities that work well together? Maybe they have a certain ability that won't activate without the other. You have to take your knowledge of each Hero, their pros and cons, Abilities, Attacks, and Effects, and see which works out the best. Always remember, in testing (Practice), failure is always an option, because you can then learn, adapt, and try again in Practice before taking the team to the Season.

Scarlet Witch and Hercules are a good example of team synergy. Hercules can use Gift of Battle in combination with Scarlet Witch's Chaos Shield in order to protect the team and heal from one of the attacks while countering. Along with the probability field, you have a chance of Hercules gaining Blessing of Olympus, making him more capable of taking down targets quickly. Finally, both Heroes' attacks cause debuff effects on the opponent, all of which include Hexed, Cerberus Bite, Wound of Cerynitis, and Impact of the Cretan Bull. 

Hero Level[]

Although not a major criteria for higher levels, this should be considered for those starting out in PVP at low levels. The level of your Hero dictates how much Iso-8 can be affixed to their uniform and what attacks they can use. Always plan for leveling up your Heroes to open more possibilities, and use the assets you have to the best of their capabilities.

Who Do I Choose to Add to my PvP Party?[]

Your team will consist of two of these heroes as will about 99% of your enemies PvP team. Also, knowing what abilities and attacks your Heroes have and can work together with is a must in creating working strategies. An advantage can always be had in having alternate costumes that grant extra abilities and even change the base class of your Hero.

You will get a free hero at the end of Chapter 1, to help maximize your ability in PvP.

Annihilus Human Torch
Annihilus Human Torch

Current Costs:
Bruiser Cost: 56 Command point icon

Blaster Cost: 42 Command point icon

Effect Icon 091 Green Cosmic Control Rod-

• Chance to call warriors from the Annihilation Wave when an ally attacks or is attacked
Effect Icon 098 Green Future Countdown-
• Works with other Future Foundation costumes
• Grants Future Countdown with two Future Foundation members
• Permanently increases Attack and Accuracy by 35% on round 4

Modern Colossus
Modern Colossus

Current Costs:
Scrapper Cost: 42 Command point icon

Bruiser Cost: 32 Command point icon

Effect Icon 048 Green Steel Fortress (3 turns) -

• Protects allies from single-target attacks for the first three rounds of combat
• Takes reduced damage

Phoenix Five Colossus
Phoenix Five Colossus

Current Costs:
Scrapper Cost: 48 Command point icon

Bruiser Cost: 34 Command point icon

Effect Icon 108 Green Phoenix Potential: Guardian Force -

• Allies have a chance to unleash Phoenix power every turn
• Restores Health and Stamina
• Reduces damage taken by 50% for one round