Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
  Quick Action
Attack Buff
 Grants an immediate free turn after using
 Does not trigger follow-up attacks
 Can only use 1 Quick Action each round
Related / Similar Effects:
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
 Free Action
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 085
 Powered Reload
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 025
 Shadow Guard
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 012
 Power of the Principalities
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 186
Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 005
Effect BG 1 RedEffect Icon 005
Quick Action
Attack Buff
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 005
 Grants an immediate free turn after using
 Does not trigger follow-up attacks
 Can only use 1 Quick Action each round


  • Applies
    Effect BG 2 RedEffect Icon 005
     Stalled after using a Quick Action.

Augmented Isotope-8Edit

Icon Name Action
A-Iso Purple 024 Cooperative Augmented Iso-8
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 026
 On Call
Summon abilities
A-Iso Purple 079 Reflexive Augmented Iso-8
(Black Panther Icon 1 Black Panther only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Black Panther-Vibranium Daggers Vibranium Daggers
A-Iso Purple 031 Ritualistic Augmented Iso-8
(Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo only)
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 106
Doctor Voodoo-Voodoo Incantation Voodoo Incantation
A-Iso Yellow 078 Gifted Augmented Iso-8
(Hercules Icon 1 Hercules only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 016
Hercules-Gift of Battle Gift of Battle
A-Iso Purple 030 Rushing A-Iso-8
(Psylocke Icon 1 Psylocke only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 030
Psylocke-Telekinetic Katana Telekinetic Katana
A-Iso Green 007 Naturopathic Augmented Iso-8
(Shanna Icon 1 Shanna only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 191
Shanna-Nature's Bounty Nature's Bounty
A-Iso Blue 016 Victorious Augmented Iso-8
(Union Jack Icon 1 Union Jack only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 112
Union Jack-V for Victory V for Victory
A-Iso Blue 007 Valhallan Augmented Iso-8
(Valkyrie Icon 1 Valkyrie only)
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 141
Valkyrie-Sacrificial Blessing Sacrificial Blessing


Icon Name
Accelerated Protection Accelerated Protection
Abative Helmet Abative Helmet
Advanced Idea Advanced Idea
Arc Reactor Charge Arc Reactor Charge
Attilan's Call Attilan's Call
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Crystal-Aerokinesis Aerokinesis
Karnak-Stress Point Perception Stress Point Perception
Kamala Khan-Lockjaw's Lookout Lockjaw's Lookout
Blaster Amplifier Blaster Amplifier
Bough of Binding Bough of Binding
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Bough of Binding-Summon Doctor Voodoo Summon Doctor Voodoo
Bough of Binding-Summon Baron Mordo Summon Baron Mordo
Bough of Binding-Summon Dr. Strange Summon Dr. Strange
Bough of Binding-Summon Magik Summon Magik
Bough of Binding-Summon Scarlet Witch Summon Scarlet Witch
Breath of the Nile Breath of the Nile
Bruiser Amplifier Bruiser Amplifier
Chalice of Souls Chalice of Souls
Chitter-Chatter Box Chitter-Chatter Box
Chrono Overdrive Chrono Overdrive
Combat Analyzer Combat Analyzer
Combat Communicator Combat Communicator
Combat Serum Combat Serum
Concentrated Gamma Emitter Concentrated Gamma Emitter
Cosmic Flame Cosmic Flame
Crooked Branch Crooked Branch
Cuff Support Cuff Support
Curative Measure Curative Measure
Cursed Cup Cursed Cup
Custom S.A. "Pincer" Custom S.A. "Pincer"
Cybernetic Blaster Cybernetic Blaster
Effect BG 1 GrayEffect Icon 012
Damage Amplifier Damage Amplifier
Density Phase Array Density Phase Array
Digital Spotter Digital Spotter
Digital Surveillance Digital Surveillance
Energy Band Energy Band
Famine's Post Famine's Post
Famine's Toll Famine's Toll
Fire Starter Fire Starter
GG Prototype GG Prototype
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 085
 Powered Reload
Golden Heavy Ion Beam Golden Heavy Ion Beam
Guardian Insignia Guardian Insignia
Heavy Ion Beam Heavy Ion Beam
Hire a Hero Hire a Hero
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Hire a Hero-Hire Luke Cage Hire Luke Cage
Hire a Hero-Hire Iron Fist Hire Iron Fist
Hire a Hero-Hire Misty Knight Hire Misty Knight
Hire a Hero-Hire Colleen Wing Hire Colleen Wing
Hire a Hero-Hire Jessica Jones Hire Jessica Jones
Huldran's Bold Call Huldran's Bold Call
Huldran's Powerful Call Huldran's Powerful Call
Infiltrator Amplifier Infiltrator Amplifier
Key of the Nile Key of the Nile
Laser Beacon Laser Beacon
Laser Spotter Laser Spotter
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Luna-C Luna-C
Magic Incantation Ring Magic Incantation Ring
Manic De-Amplifier Manic De-Amplifier
Marksman's Scouter Marksman's Scouter
Marksman's Spotter Marksman's Spotter
Model Tesseract Device Model Tesseract Device
Momentum Engine Momentum Engine
Momentum Generator Momentum Generator
Mutagen Emitter Mutagen Emitter
Neuropurge Neuropurge
Neurotrope Neurotrope
Numbing Needle Numbing Needle
Overloader Overloader
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 027
Personal Combat Boost Personal Combat Boost
Personalized Singularity Matrix Personalized Singularity Matrix
Portable Iso-8 Scanner Portable Iso-8 Scanner
Power Amplifier Power Amplifier
Power Cell Power Cell
Power Cell Mk II Power Cell Mk II
Power Cell Mk III Power Cell Mk III
Protector of Attilan Protector of Attilan
Psychic Amplifier Psychic Amplifier
Psychic Band Psychic Band
Quantum Capacitor Quantum Capacitor
Quantum-Flux Capacitor Quantum-Flux Capacitor
Rayshield Generator Rayshield Generator
Reboot Reboot
Rectifier Rectifier
Restored Vickers Machine Gun Restored Vickers Machine Gun
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 085
 The Grand Old Lady
Revolt 4 Revolt 4
Revolt 5 Revolt 5
S.A. "Pincer" S.A. "Pincer"
Scrapper Amplifier Scrapper Amplifier
Scroll of Angolob Scroll of Angolob
Scroll of Oziroch Scroll of Oziroch
Scroll of Rutamarroth Scroll of Rutamarroth
Odin's Staff Shepherd's Staff
Signpost Signpost
Source of the Nile Source of the Nile
Specimen Scanners Specimen Scanners
Sharpshooter Patch Sharpshooter Patch
Skeletal Cup Skeletal Cup
Spider-Sense Injector Spider-Sense Injector
Stark Industries Catalyst Stark Industries Catalyst
Quantum Jumper Sudden Support
Superior Combat Sensor Superior Combat Sensor
Swift Support Swift Support
Tactician Amplifier Tactician Amplifier
Digital Spotter Target Painter
Target Painter II Target Painter II
Temporal Shielding Temporal Shielding
Terrifying Goblin Mask Terrifying Goblin Mask
Terrifying Goblin Visage Terrifying Goblin Visage
The Experiment The Experiment
The Pawn The Pawn
Thorny Thorny
Tony's Heart Tickler Tony's Heart Tickler
Turbo Overdrive Turbo Overdrive
Venom Launcher Venom Launcher
Vickers Machine Gun Vickers Machine Gun
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 085
 The Grand Old Lady
Vigilante Mask Vigilante Mask
Wakandan Mace Wakandan Mace
Effect BG 3 BlueEffect Icon 197
 Vibranium Set
Weather Control Device Weather Control Device
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059
Weather Control Device-Fire Tornado Fire Tornado
Weather Control Device-Hail Storm Hail Storm
Weather Control Device-Warm Zephyr Warm Zephyr
Woodsman's Axe Woodsman's Axe
X-ploiter X-ploiter


Name Ability
Adam Warlock Icon 1
Adam Warlock-Cosmic Sorcery Cosmic Sorcery
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Adam Warlock-Cosmic Divination Cosmic Divination
Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 2
Amazing Spider-Woman-Magnetic Maneuver Magnetic Maneuver
Angel Icon 1
Angel-Rapture Rapture
Angela Icon 1
Angela-Battle Cry Battle Cry
Ares Icon 1
Ares-Personal War Personal War
Avalanche Icon 1
Avalanche-Epicenter Epicenter
Baron Mordo Icon 1
Baron Mordo-Astral Phase Astral Phase
Beast Icon 2
Beast-The Grapes of Wrath Masque of the Red Death
Black Widow Icon 1Black Widow Icon 2Black Widow Icon 3Black Widow Icon 4
Black Widow-Widowmaker Widowmaker
Blade Icon 1
Blade-Bloodlust Bloodlust
Blue Marvel Icon 1
Blue Marvel-Antimatter Manipulation Antimatter Manipulation
Boomerang Icon 1
Boomerang-Wind-Up Wind-Up
Cammi Icon 1
Cammi-Gadget Gadget
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Cammi-Distraction Distraction
Cammi-Gather Intel Gather Intel
Cammi-Defensive Matrix Defensive Matrix
Captain America Icon 1Captain America Icon 2Captain America Icon 3Captain America Icon 5
Captain America-Shield Guard Shield Guard
Cloak and Dagger Icon 1
Cloak and Dagger-A Light in the Darkness A Light in the Darkness
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Cloak and Dagger-Child of Light Child of Light
Cloak and Dagger-Child of Darkness Child of Darkness
Colossus Icon 1Colossus Icon 2Colossus Icon 3
Colossus-Steel Curtain Steel Curtain
Cyclops Icon 1Cyclops Icon 2Cyclops Icon 3
Cyclops-Evasive Maneuvers Evasive Maneuvers
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 2
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Succubus: Dominatrix
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Mort Douce Succubus: Mort Douce
Daimon Hellstrom-Succubus Act of Darkness Succubus: Act of Darkness
Death Locket Icon 1
Death Locket-Combat Subroutine Combat Subroutine
Death Locket-Recon Subroutine Recon Subroutine
Deathlok Icon 1
Deathlok-Suppression Grenade Suppression Grenade
Destroyer Icon 1
Destroyer-Fueling Essence Fueling Essence
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Destroyer-Enchanted Armor Enchanted Armor
Destroyer-Cooldown Cooldown
Destroyer-Frenzy Frenzy
Dr. Strange Icon 1Dr. Strange Icon 2
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 012
 Power of the Principalities
Dr. Strange-Teresing Boost Teresing Boost
Dr. Strange-Vapors of Valtorr Vapors of Valtorr
Dr. Strange-Shield of the Seraphim Shield of the Seraphim
Domino Icon 1
Domino-Hold Up Hold Up
Effect BG 3 GreenEffect Icon 005
 One More Time
Electro Icon 1
Electro-Discharge Electricity Discharge Electricity
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Electro-Surge Surge
Electro-Supercharge Supercharge
Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
Elsa Bloodstone-Tea Time Tea Time
Elsa Bloodstone-Gravedigger Gravedigger
Emma Frost Icon 1Emma Frost Icon 2
Emma Frost-Unlock Potential Unlock Potential
Ghost Rider Icon 1
Ghost Rider-Burn Out Burn Out
Groot Icon 1Groot Icon 2
Groot-I AM Groot! I AM Groot!
Havok Icon 1
Havok-Channel Energy Channel Energy
Hogun Icon 1
Hogun-Overwhelming Presence Overwhelming Presence
Howard the Duck Icon 1
Howard the Duck-Fury's Closet Fury's Closet
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Howard the Duck-Reinfarcements Reinfarcements
Howard the Duck-Neurotripe Neurotripe
Iron Man Icon 1Iron Man Icon 2Iron Man Icon 3
Iron Man-Deflector Shield Deflector Shield
Juggernaut Icon 1
Juggernaut-Surge of Cyttorak Surge of Cyttorak
Ka-Zar Icon 1
Ka-Zar-Primal Roar Primal Roar
Kamala Khan Icon 1
Kamala Khan-Disembiggen Defense Disembiggen Defense
Kamala Khan-Lockjaw's Lookout Lockjaw's Lookout
Karnak Icon 1
Karnak-Stress Point Perception Stress Point Perception
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1
Kraven the Hunter-A Hunter's Thirst A Hunter's Thirst
Lizard Icon 1
Lizard-Conduct Experiment Conduct Experiment
Loki Icon 1
Loki-Fog of Chaos Fog of Chaos
Loki-Hall of Mirrors Hall of Mirrors
Luke Cage Icon 1
Luke Cage-Bodyguard Bodyguard
Luke Cage Icon 2
Luke Cage-You're Not Worthy You're Not Worthy
Mantis Icon 1
Mantis-Psychic Blast Psychic Blast
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Mantis-Telekinetic Shielding Telekinetic Shielding
Mantis-Psychic Transferal Psychic Transferal
Mantis-Projected Healing Projected Healing
Mantis-Pyrokinesis Pyrokinesis
Misty Knight Icon 1
Misty Knight-Satan Claw 2.0 Satan Claw 2.0
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Misty Knight-Killer Driller Killer Driller

Mockingbird Icon 1
Mockingbird-Critical Intel Critical Intel
Molly Hayes Icon 1
Molly Hayes-Temper Tantrum Temper Tantrum
Moondragon Icon 1
Moondragon-Mind Suppression Mind Suppression
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Moondragon-Psychic Cage Psychic Cage
Moondragon-Telekinetic Shielding Telekinetic Shielding
Moondragon-Psychic Push Psychic Push
Nova Icon 1
Nova-Charged Flyby Charged Flyby
Phyla-Vell Icon 1
Phyla-Vell-I'll Teach You Pain I'll Teach You Pain
Psylocke Icon 1Psylocke Icon 2
Psylocke-Kinetic Shield Kinetic Shield
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 025
 Shadow Guard
Rescue Icon 1
Rescue-Status Reset Status Reset
Sandman Icon 1
Sandman-Gathering Sand Gathering Sand
She-Hulk Icon 1She-Hulk Icon 2
She-Hulk-Burst of Speed Burst of Speed
Sif Icon 1Sif Icon 2
Sif-Inspire Courage Inspire Courage
Songbird Icon 1
Songbird-Acoustikinesis Acoustikinesis
Effect BG 1 BlueEffect Icon 059

Songbird-Solid Rhetoric Solid Rhetoric
Songbird-Bloody Dialogue Bloody Dialogue
Songbird-Tactile Exchange Tactile Exchange
Songbird-Harsh Oration Harsh Oration
Spider-Gwen Icon 1
Spider-Gwen-Bring The House Down Bring The House Down
Thane Icon 1
Thane-Black Hand Black Hand
Thor Icon 1Thor Icon 2Thor Icon 3Thor Icon 4Thor Icon 5
Thor-Inspire Bravery Inspire Bravery
Tigra Icon 1
Tigra-Swipe Swipe
War Machine Icon 1War Machine Icon 3
War Machine-Overcharge Overcharge
War Machine Icon 2
War Machine-Full Overcharge Full Overcharge
White Tiger Icon 1
White Tiger-White Tiger Claws White Tiger Claws


Name Ability
Angel Icon
Angrir Icon
Succubus: Dominatrix
Succubus: Mort Douce
Succubus: Act of Darkness
Arcade Icon
BlasterBruiserInfiltratorScrapperTactician Arcade
No Cheating
Ares Icon
Personal War
Arnim Zola Icon
 Arnim Zola
My Bidding
ESP Control
Spec Ops 17.1, 17.3
Baron Mordo Icon
 Baron Mordo
Astral Phase
Baron Strucker Icon
 Baron Strucker
Black Widow Icon
 Black Widow
Revenge Tactics
Blackheart Icon
GeneralistTactician Blackheart
Blackheart Icon
Bruiser Blackheart
Razor Shield
Hydra Soldier Icon
Heavy Ion Beam
Bowman Icon
Marked for Death
Carnage Icon
Carnage Rules
Daredevil Icon
Radar Sense
Dark Hawkeye Icon
 Dark Hawkeye
Pinpoint Target
Dark Thor Icon
 Dark Thor
Battle Cry
Dark Widow Icon
 Dark Widow
Dark Widow's Mark
Dragoness Icon
Burning Touch
Dr. Strange Icon
 Dr. Strange
Teresing Boost
Vapors of Valtorr
Shield of the Seraphim
Effect BG 1 GreenEffect Icon 012
 Power of the Principalities
Electro Icon
Havok Icon
Channel Energy
Groot Set only
Hawkeye-B Icon
Pinpoint Target
Iron Patriot Armor Icon
 Iron Patriot Armor
Full Overcharge
Kraven Icon
Be Prepared
A Hunter's Thirst
Kurse Icon
BlasterBruiserInfiltratorScrapperTactician Kurse
Living Armor
Lizard Icon
Conduct Experiment
Loki Icon
Pass Essence
Mission 1.5.3
Magneto Icon
Electromagnetic Shield
Mission 1.4.4
Magus Icon
Cosmic Divination
Man-Ape Icon
Chest Pound
Morlun Icon
Draw Power
Nico Minoru Icon
 Nico Minoru
Blood Sacrifice
Phoenix Icon
Phoenix Force
Proxima Midnight Icon
 Proxima Midnight
Aggressive Shift
Defensive Shift
Spinning Kick
Sif Icon
Inspire Courage
Sin Icon
Throw Knives
Skadi Icon
Channel Power
Skirn Icon
Burst of Speed
Spider-Man Icon
Thanos Icon
Bruiser Thanos
Touch of Nihilism
Thor-B 3 Icon
Blaster Thor
Inspire Bravery
Mission 1.2.6
Titanium Man Icon
 Titanium Man
Running Hot
Ultron Mode-C Icon
 Ultron Mode-C
Predictive Modeling
Ultron Mode-E Icon
 Ultron Mode-E
Status Reset
Ultron Mode-B Icon
 Ultron Prime
Status Reset
Vapor Icon
Change State


Name Ability
Angler (1) Icon
Bullets (1) Icon
Swap Ammo
Felon Icon
"You're Mine!"
Mission 1.9.1, 1.9.5
Spec Ops 4.1, 5.1
Fugitive Icon Fugitive2 Icon
"You're Mine!"
Hellfire Commander Icon
 Hellfire Commander
Swap Ammo
Hellfire Elite (Tactician) Icon
Tactician Hellfire Elite
Swap Ammo
IN-Beta Icon IN-Delta Icon
Revolutionary Icon
"Liberate Them All!"
Servo-Pummeler Icon
Charge Up


  • The attacker will not activate their class ability when using Quick Actions.
  • Blaster attacking Tactician in single-target attacks removes Quick Action for a round.
  • Some of the following Quick Action abilities that can perform in one click:

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