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February 11, 2015 Patch Notes[]

New Uniform: Modern Rogue

Available Classes : Generalist - Scrapper Power, Generalist - Blaster Power

  • New Passive
    • Classy Lady
      • Absorbed powers are now permanent
      • Retains each absorbed class benefit
  • Scrapper Power
    • Single-target attacks grant a follow-up attack
  • Blaster Power
    • Single-target attacks ignore defense and are guaranteed to crit

August 15, 2014 Patch Notes[]


  • Damage from Rogue's Brawl has been slightly reduced

May 1, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Bug Fix

  • Rogue's Southern Comfort / Black Horse is now correctly tagged as Unarmed

April 25, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Adjustments & Bug Fixes

  • Various healing effects have been fixed to give the correct healing amount while Blessing is active

April 2, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Bug Fix

February 19, 2014 Patch Notes[]


February 7, 2014 Patch Notes[]

New costume: Horseman of Famine

  • Classes: Generalist with Blaster Power or Infiltrator Power
  • Self Passive: Scarcity
    • Applies Shortfall to all enemies, removing one beneficial status effect each turn
  • Self Passive: Southern Hospitality
    • Chance to counter enemy attacks with Absorb Power
    • Will not cause Stun
  • Level 1: Brawl
    • One Enemy
      • Adds: Withered
        • Reduces damage done by 10%
        • This effect can be applied 3 times
        • Lasts 3 Rounds
  • Level 2 : Absorb Power
    • One Enemy
      • Adds: Disadvantage
        • Creates a negative effect according to the class of the target
      • Adds: Drained Energy
        • All stats reduced
        • This effect can be applied 3 times
  • Level 6: Drain Essence
    • One Enemy
      • Adds: Starving
        • So hungry…
        • Lasts 2 Rounds
      • Adds: Drained Energy
        • All stats reduced
        • This effect can be applied 3 times
  • Level 9 : Black Horse
    • One Enemy
    • Melee
    • Special Properties
      • Stealthy
        • Does not trigger counter-attacks or protect abilities
    • One Enemy
    • Self
      • Kree Speed
        • Taking two actions after a full round
        • Expires next round
      • In the Fray
        • Deals increased damage
        • Restores more from Drain Essence
        • Increased chance to stun with Absorb Power

Undocumented Change

November 12, 2013 Patch Notes[]



1 - Southern Comfort is no longer a Quick Action.

October 15, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Adjustment

  • Southern Comfort¹ will now correctly trigger only when Rogue is attacked
  • Southern Comfort¹ will no longer proc a stun when used as a counter


1 - Wrongly named. It should be Southern Hospitality

October 1, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Refactor

  • Improved AI
  • New Passive: Southern Hospitality
    • Chance to counter enemy attacks with Absorb Power
  • Southern Comfort (Level 9)

July 18, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Adjustment

  • Rogue's Blaster Power now correctly causes attacks to ignore defense

July 5, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Adjustment

May 21, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Related Change

  • "Exhausted" now properly prevents all kinds of extra turns and prevents extra turns from triggering (in the case of permanent extra turns)

October 4, 2012 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Fix

  • Rogue will no longer regain health or stamina if Drain Essence misses

August 27, 2012 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Adjustment

August 17, 2012 Patch Notes[]

Rogue Post-Release

  • Generalist class - No class bonus, but no class weakness
  • Gains the benefits of other classes by using her Absorb Power ability
  • Can drain health and stamina from a target
  • Improves all of her abilities with Southern Comfort
  • The Kree Speed buff is a nod to Rogue’s backstory
    • Rogue gained her superhuman strength and ability to fly by absorbing them from Ms. Marvel
  • Rogue was unintentionally released with too much damage on abilities other than Brawl. This was quickly patched after her initial release
  • 8/17 Update - Swapped Absorb Power and Drain Energy
    • Absorb Power is a defining feature of Rogue’s power set. Because of this, Absorb Power is now Rogue’s Level 2 ability, and Drain Energy is now her Level 6 ability. This will improve Rogue’s combat ability at lower levels.
  • 8/17 Update - Replaced High Crits with Deadly Crits on Brawl and increased Brawl’s base damage.
    • The tooltip for this originally incorrectly listed Deadly Crits
    • This allows the Blaster Power buff gained from Absorb Power to be more useful
  • 8/17 Update - Fixed a bug where Stun was failing to apply after using Absorb Power