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November 10, 2014 Patch Notes[]


  • Scarlet Witch's Chaos Shield, Hex Spheres, and Probability Field now have a Magic Action Type

October 16, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Bug & Balance Fixes:

  • Characters
    • Fixed an issue that wasn't preventing debuffs with Domino and Scarlet Witch's Get Lucky passive
  • Empowered Isotope-8
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Chaos Shield from being a Quick Action while Scarlet Witch has both the Statistical Empowered Iso-8 and Fortuitous Empowered Iso-8 equipped

May 1, 2014 Patch Notes[]

New uniform

  • Get the Transian Scarlet Witch Uniform by completing Chapter 5 100%.
  • Class: Blaster / Infiltrator
  • Self Passive

April 25, 2014 Patch Notes[]

Adjustments & Bug Fixes

  • Passive Evasion Effects
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a character with the passive evasion effect to miss when attacking using a preemptive counter
    • Fixed an issue where allies were causing the evade to trigger
    • Fixed an issue that caused allies to evade beneficial actions
    • The above adjustments have been applied to the following:

November 12, 2013 Patch Notes[]


July 18, 2013 Patch Notes[]

Scarlet Witch Team-Up Bonus Fix

  • Fixed an error where Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were not getting the "IT'S COMPLICATED" Team Up Bonus

November 12, 2012 Patch Notes[]

Scarlet Witch Adjustment

  • Probability Field will now have a chance to remove debuffs, but not make characters immune to debuffs
  • The PVP AI should no longer try to use Chaos Shield as the first move... most of the time

Undocumented Change

June 28, 2012 Patch Notes[]

Scarlet Witch Unnoficial Release Patch Note

  • Blaster, 90 CP
  • Passive: Reality Warping
    • Has 25% chance to evade attacks
  • 1. Hex Spheres
  • 2. Arcane Blast
  • 3. Chaos Shield
    • Party buff
    • 3 rounds cooldown
    • Has a chance to grant Chaos Shield to her and to allies
      • The next attack will restore health instead of causing damage
      • Many harmful status effects become replaced by their opposite
      • Has a chance to fail
  • 4. Probability Field
    • Affects all Buff Debuff
    • 3 rounds cooldown - Starts cooled down
    • Subtle - does not trigger most status effects
    • Probability Field
      • Creates random buffs on all allies and random debuffs on all enemies