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The original Secret Avengers was a black-ops sect of the team, the Avengers, which operates under the guidance and leadership of Captain America. The current incarnation of the the Secret Avengers is led by S.H.I.E.L.D. under the guidance of Maria Hill.

In-Game Members


Agent Venom Icon 1.png
Beast Icon 1.pngBeast Icon 2.png
Black Widow Icon 1.pngBlack Widow Icon 2.pngBlack Widow Icon 3.pngBlack Widow Icon 4.png
Captain America Icon 1.pngCaptain America Icon 2.pngCaptain America Icon 3.pngCaptain America Icon 4.pngCaptain America Icon 5.png
Captain Britain Icon 1.png
Hawkeye Icon 1.pngHawkeye Icon 2.pngHawkeye Icon 3.pngHawkeye Icon 4.png
Hulk Icon 1.pngHulk Icon 2.pngHulk Icon 3.pngHulk Icon 4.pngHulk Icon 5.png
Mockingbird Icon 1.pngMockingbird Icon 2.png
Moon Knight Icon 1.png
Ms. Marvel Icon 1.pngMs. Marvel Icon 2.pngMs. Marvel Icon 3.png
Richard Rider Icon 1.png
Spider-Woman Icon 1.pngSpider-Woman Icon 2.png
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Thor Icon 1.pngThor Icon 2.pngThor Icon 3.pngThor Icon 4.pngThor Icon 5.png
Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1.png
Valkyrie Icon 1.png
War Machine Icon 1.pngWar Machine Icon 2.pngWar Machine Icon 3.png


Black Widow Icon.png
 Black Widow
Captain America Icon.png
 Captain America
Captain Britain Icon.png
 Captain Britain
Hawkeye-B Icon.png
Hulk Icon.png
Iron Patriot Armor Icon.png
 Iron Patriot Armor
(War Machine)
Kuurth Icon.png
 Kuurth (Spider-Woman)
Mockingbird Icon.png
Nerkkod Icon.png
 Nerkkod (Mockingbird)
Pestilence Icon.png
 Pestilence (Beast)
Taskmaster Icon.png
Thor-B 1 Icon.png
Thor (Jane Foster) Icon.png
 Thor (Jane Foster)

Non-Game Canon

These Heroes are members in other media, but are not members in the game.

Falcon Icon 1.png
M.O.D.O.K. Icon.png
Winter Soldier Icon.png
 Winter Soldier

Team-Up Bonuses

Keep it Secret Members of the Secret Avengers Agent VenomBeastBlack WidowCaptain AmericaCaptain BritainHawkeyeHulkMockingbirdMoon KnightMs. MarvelRichard RiderSpider-WomanTaskmasterThorThor (Jane Foster)ValkyrieWar Machine

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