Silver (also known as Marvel Silver), is a type of currency in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. It is used to purchase items from the store, research new items, and to level up Heroes. S.H.I.E.L.D. Points are almost always used in conjunction with silver purchases.

Silver can be acquired in fixed amounts by:

  • Completing Story: Season 1 and Special Operations missions.
    • Achieving 1 star mastery: 250 Silver-icon
    • Achieving 2 star mastery: 1,000 Silver-icon
  • Completing battles.
  • Completing Deploy Missions: 30 Silver-icon
  • Participating in a PVP Tournament.
    • With at least one attack (Silver or higher league): 100,000 Silver-icon
    • Winning each of the five daily battles: 500 Silver-icon
    • Winning a battle (after the daily five): 50 Silver-icon
    • 10,000 Silver-icon for each winning and a maximum of 5 per day in PVP Tournament: Pre-Season 17 Beta.
  • Completing a Simulator Challenge for the first time: 10,000 Silver-icon
  • Selling items.

Silver can also be acquired by:

Purchasing Silver

As is the case with Gold, Silver can also be purchased in exchange for real world currency. As of August 2014, the exchange rates for a level 300 Agent are the following:

Silver Amount US Dollar Amount Amount of Silver per Dollar
268,000 Silver-icon $5 53,600
562,800 Silver-icon $10 56,280
1,139,000 Silver-icon $20 56,950
3,216,000 Silver-icon $50 64,320
6,700,000 Silver-icon $100 67,000
13,936,000 Silver-icon $200 69,680

Note: currently, silver prices are based on agent Level. The higher level your agent, the more silver you get per dollar of real money spent. For instance, for a level 167 agent, multiply all above values by 2.53. For a level 20 agent, multiply all above values by 0.62



  • Gold could previously be exchanged for silver.

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