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Gear ~ - C (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Name Type
"Snikt".png "Snikt" Melee Slashing
Acinaces.png Acinaces Melee Slashing
Anklebiter.png Anklebiter Unarmed Melee Slashing Debuff
Articulated Edge.png Articulated Edge Melee Slashing
Balanced Wakandan Club Knife.png Balanced Wakandan Club Knife Slashing Melee Vibranium
Barber's Razor.png Barber's Razor Slashing Melee
Bashenga's Blade.png Bashenga's Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Beyond Corp Can Opener.png Beyond Corp Can Opener Melee Slashing
Blade Catcher.png Blade Catcher Melee Slashing
Blade of the Corruptor.png Blade of the Corruptor Melee Slashing
Blade of the Guardian.png Blade of the Guardian Melee Slashing
Bleak Harvest.png Bleak Harvest Melee Slashing Tech
Britannic Sceptre.png Britannic Sceptre Melee Slashing
Brutal Claw.png Brutal Claw Slashing Melee
Butcher's Blade.png Butcher's Blade Melee Slashing
Cat's Claw.png Cat's Claw Melee Slashing
Ceramic Blade.png Ceramic Blade Slashing Melee
Ceramic Knife.png Ceramic Knife Slashing Melee
Chain Blade.png Chain Blade Slashing Melee
Chain Tonfa.png Chain Tonfa Melee Slashing
Combat Knife.png Combat Knife Melee Slashing
Conductor.png Conductor Melee Slashing
Custom Brutal Claw.png Custom Brutal Claw Slashing Melee
Custom Chain Blade.png Custom Chain Blade Slashing Melee
Custom Energy Fist.png Custom Energy Fist Slashing Energy Melee
Custom Fang-L13.png Custom Fang-L13 Melee Slashing
Custom Knuckle Sting.png Custom Foley's Heart Tickler Melee Slashing Debuff
Fury Blade.png Custom Fury Blade Melee Slashing
Custom Goblin Glider.png Custom Goblin Glider Ranged Slashing
Custom Hidden Blade.png Custom Hidden Blade Slashing Melee
Custom Katana.png Custom Katana Slashing Melee
Custom Knuckle Sting.png Custom Knuckle Sting Melee Slashing
Custom Monofilament Blade.png Custom Monofilament Blade Slashing Melee
Custom R-Pod Concealed Cutter.png Custom R-Pod Concealed Cutter Melee Slashing
Custom Survival Knife.png Custom Survival Knife Slashing Melee
Custom Sword of the Barony.png Custom Sword of the Barony Slashing Melee
Custom Chain Blade.png Custom The Ripper Slashing Melee
Custom Tyrant Blade.png Custom Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Custom Vibra-Shotel.png Custom Vibra-Shotel Slashing Melee Vibranium
Custom Vibra-Trumbash.png Custom Vibra-Trumbash Slashing Melee Vibranium
Cybernetic Blade.png Cybernetic Blade Slashing Melee
Cybernetic Glaive.png Cybernetic Glaive Melee Slashing Energy

Gear D - O (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Name Type
Decade.png Decade Melee Slashing
Devil's Claw.png Devil's Claw Melee Slashing
Devil's Fang.png Devil's Fang Melee Slashing
Devourer.png Devourer Melee Slashing Magic
Dread Axe.png Dread Axe Melee Slashing
Enchanted Odin's Steel.png Enchanted Odin's Steel Slashing Melee Magic Electric
Energy Fist.png Energy Fist Slashing Energy Melee
Survival Knife.png Fang-L13 Melee Slashing
Feral Claw.png Feral Claw Slashing Melee
Ferric Blade.png Ferric Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Knuckle Sting.png Foley's Heart Tickler Melee Slashing Debuff
Frigga's Hope.png Frigga's Hope Melee Slashing
Frostbound Hatchet.png Frostbound Hatchet Melee Slashing Ice
Frozen Hell.png Frozen Hell Melee Slashing Fire
Fury.png Fury Melee Slashing
Fury Blade.png Fury Blade Melee Slashing
Girl's Best Friend.png Girl's Best Friend Slashing Melee
Goblin Glider.png Goblin Glider Ranged Slashing
Golden Fan.png Golden Fan Melee Slashing
"Snikt".png Golden Feral Claws Slashing Melee
Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife.png Golden Glazed Ceramic Knife Slashing Melee
Golden Katana.png Golden Katana Slashing Melee
Golden Kopis.png Golden Kopis Melee Slashing
Golden Tyrant Blade.png Golden Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee
Grave Digger's Spade.png Grave Digger's Spade Melee Slashing
Grecian Sai.png Grecian Sai Melee Slashing
Grief.png Grief Melee Slashing
Hammering Nail.png Hammering Nail Melee Slashing Magic
Hard Nox.png Hard Nox Melee Slashing Magic
Heir of Hell.png Heir of Hell Melee Slashing Magic
Hidden Blade.png Hidden Blade Slashing Melee
Hobnail.png Hobnail Unarmed Melee Slashing
Infernal Axe.png Infernal Axe Melee Slashing
Infernal Blade.png Infernal Blade Melee Slashing Fire
Katana.png Katana Slashing Melee
Knuckle Sting.png Knuckle Sting Melee Slashing
Kuzuri.png Kuzuri Melee Slashing
Laprov.png Laprov Slashing Melee
Laprov!.png Laprov! Slashing Melee
Laser Sword.png Laser Sword Slashing Energy Melee Tech
Laufey's Knife.png Laufey's Knife Melee Slashing Ice
Laufey's Needle.png Laufey's Needle Melee Slashing Ice
Mahayuga.png Mahayuga Melee Slashing Energy
Master's Sword.png Master's Sword Melee Slashing
Mercurial.png Mercurial Melee Slashing
Might of Attilan.png Might of Attilan Slashing Energy Tech
Monofilament Blade.png Monofilament Blade Slashing Melee
No Mercy.png No Mercy Melee Slashing
Odin's Steel.png Odin's Steel Slashing Melee Magic Electric
Omni-Fury.png Omni-Fury Melee Slashing

Gear P - Z (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Name Type
Panther's Blade.png Panther's Blade Slashing Vibranium Melee
Pendragon.png Pendragon Melee Slashing
Phoenix Pinion.png Phoenix Pinion Melee Slashing
Phoenix Talon.png Phoenix Talon Melee Slashing Energy
Primitive Spear.png Primitive Spear Melee Slashing
Psychotic Blade.png Psychotic Blade Melee Slashing
Pulse Blade.png Pulse Blade Melee Slashing Tech
Hidden Blade.png R-Pod Concealed Cutter Melee Slashing
Raft Shank.png Raft Shank Slashing Melee
Retractable Claw.png Retractable Claw Melee Slashing
Sabretooth's Claws.png Sabretooth's Claws Melee Slashing
Sacrificial Blade.png Sacrificial Blade Melee Slashing
Savage Axe.png Savage Axe Melee Slashing
Savant's Spear.png Savant's Spear Ranged Slashing
Screamer.png Screamer Melee Slashing
Scythe of Atum.png Scythe of Atum Melee Slashing
Scythe of Ptah.png Scythe of Ptah Melee Slashing
Shadow.png Shadow Melee Slashing
Sinflayer.png Sinflayer Melee Slashing Fire
Sorcerous Sceptre.png Sorcerous Sceptre Magic Slashing Ground
Soulfinder.png Soulfinder Melee Slashing Fire
Soulfire Blade.png Soulfire Blade Magic Melee Slashing
Spatha.png Spatha Melee Slashing
Spirit Edge.png Spirit Edge Melee Slashing Magic
Splinter of Night.png Splinter of Night Melee Slashing Magic
Stainless Steel.png Stainless Steel Melee Slashing
Stropped Razor.png Stropped Razor Slashing Melee
Cauterizer.png Super Blade Punch Slashing Energy Melee
Survival Knife.png Survival Knife Slashing Melee
Survivalist.png Survivalist Slashing Melee Fire
Sword of the Barony.png Sword of the Barony Slashing Melee
Tactical Knife.png Tactical Knife Melee Slashing
Thanaphage.png Thanaphage Melee Slashing
The Exsanguinator.png The Exsanguinator Melee Slashing
The Knight.png The Knight Melee Slashing
Chain Blade.png The Ripper Slashing Melee
Tyrant Blade.png Tyrant Blade Slashing Melee Vibranium
Unrefined Psychotic Blade.png Unrefined Psychotic Blade Melee Slashing
Uterpendragon.png Uterpendragon Melee Slashing
Vampiric Sword.png Vampiric Sword Slashing Melee Vibranium
Vibra-Crescent.png Vibra-Crescent Melee Slashing Vibranium
Vibra-Shotel.png Vibra-Shotel Slashing Melee Vibranium
Vibra-Trumbash.png Vibra-Trumbash Slashing Melee Vibranium
Wakandan Club Knife.png Wakandan Club Knife Slashing Melee Vibranium
Wakandan Speed Blade.png Wakandan Speed Blade Melee Sonic Vibranium Slashing
Warbringer Axe.png Warbringer Axe Melee Slashing
Watcher's Blade.png Watcher's Blade Slashing Melee
Web Axe.png Web Axe Melee Slashing
Whistling Steel.png Whistling Steel Melee Slashing
Withering Blade.png Withering Blade Melee Slashing
Woodsman's Axe.png Woodsman's Axe Melee Slashing
Wretched Defender.png Wretched Defender Melee Slashing
Zed Slugger.png Zed Slugger Melee Slashing

Heroes (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Agent Venom Icon 1.png
Agent Venom-Rip To Shreds.png Rip To Shreds Melee Slashing
Agent Venom-Along Came A Venom.png Along Came A Venom Melee Slashing
Angel Icon 1.png
Angel-Absolution.png Absolution Slashing Melee
Angel-Aspersio.png Aspersio Ranged Slashing
Angel Icon 2.png
Angel-Pestilence.png Pestilence Slashing Ranged
Angel-Death.png Death Slashing Melee
Angela Icon 1.png
Angela-Xiphos.png Xiphos Melee Slashing
Angela-Blades of Ichor.png Blades of Ichor Melee Slashing
Angela-Blood Angel.png Blood Angel Melee Slashing
Anti-Venom Icon 1.png
Anti-Venom-Bloodletting.png Bloodletting Slashing Melee
Anti-Venom-I AM THE CURE!.png I AM THE CURE! Melee Slashing
Anti-Venom-Crusade.png Crusade Slashing Melee
Ares Icon 1.png
Ares-Art of War.png Art of War Melee Slashing
Beast Icon 1.png
Beast-A Farewell to Arms.png A Farewell to Arms Unarmed Slashing Melee
Beast Icon 2.png
Beast-A Farewell to Arms.png Jekyll and Hyde Unarmed Slashing Melee
Black Cat Icon 1.png
Black Cat-Cat Scratch.png Cat Scratch Slashing Melee
Black Knight Icon 1.png
Black Knight-Ebony Blade.png Ebony Blade Slashing Melee
Black Knight-Cursed Blade.png Cursed Blade Slashing Melee
Black Panther Icon 1.png
Black Panther-Anti-metal Claws.png Anti-metal Claws Vibranium Slashing Melee
Black Panther-Vibranium Daggers.png Vibranium Daggers Slashing Vibranium Ranged
Blade Icon 1.png
Blade-Bleeding Edge.png Bleeding Edge Slashing Melee
Boomerang Icon 1.png
Boomerang-Razorang.png Razorang Ranged Slashing
Boomerang-Shatterang.png Shatterang Ranged Fire Slashing Explosion
Boomerang-Isorang.png Isorang Ranged Slashing
Boomerang-Electrang.png Electrang Ranged Slashing Electric
Boomerang-Gluemerang.png Gluemerang Ranged Slashing
Boomerang-Screamerang.png Screamerang Ranged Slashing Sonic
Boomerang-Gravityrang.png Gravityrang Ranged Slashing
Boomerang-Reflexerang.png Reflexerang Ranged Slashing
Chase Stein Icon 1.png
Chase Stein-Get 'em Old Lace!.png "Get 'em Old Lace!" Melee Slashing
Chase Stein-Team Rocket.png Team Rocket Melee Ranged Slashing Explosion
Colleen Wing Icon 1.png
Colleen Wing-Keen Kenjutsu.png Keen Kenjutsu Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Meito Massacre.png Meito Massacre Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Impeding Iaijutsu.png Impeding Iaijutsu Melee Slashing
Colleen Wing-Hissatsuwaza.png Hissatsuwaza Melee Slashing
Constrictor Icon 1.png
Constrictor-Crackdown.png Crackdown Melee Slashing Electric
Constrictor-Lightning Lash.png Lightning Lash Melee Slashing Electric
Constrictor-Snake Eater.png Snake Eater Melee Slashing Electric
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1.png
Daimon Hellstrom-From Hell's Heart.png From Hell's Heart Melee Slashing
Domino Icon 1.png
Domino-Spinal Scratch.png Spinal Scratch Ranged Melee Slashing
Drax Icon 1.png
Drax-Hack and Slash.png Hack and Slash Slashing Melee
Drax-Daggerfall.png Daggerfall Slashing Melee
Fandral Icon 1.png
Fandral-Have At Thee.png Have At Thee Melee Slashing
Fandral-Flynning Circus.png Flynning Circus Melee Slashing
Gamora Icon 1.png
Gamora-Mortal Strike.png Mortal Strike Unarmed Melee Slashing
Gamora-Whirlwind.png Whirlwind Melee Slashing
Gamora-Execute.png Execute Melee Slashing
Hawkeye Icon 2.png
Hawkeye-Sure Shot.png Adamantium Arrow Slashing Melee
Hawkeye-Arrow Volley.png Adamantium Volley Slashing Melee
Heimdall Icon 1.png
Heimdall-Hofund.png Hofund Melee Slashing
Heimdall-Uru Blade.png Uru Blade Melee Slashing
Hellcat Icon 1.png
Hellcat-Cleaving Claws.png Cleaving Claws Melee Slashing
Hellcat-Laceration.png Laceration Melee Slashing
Howard the Duck Icon 1.png
Howard the Duck-Friggin' Sword of Hope.png Friggin' Sword of Hope Melee Slashing
Hybrid Icon 1.png
Hybrid-Riot.png Riot Melee Slashing
Hybrid-Agony.png Agony Melee Slashing
Hybrid-Lasher.png Lasher Slashing Ranged
Hybrid-Backstab.png Backstab Melee Slashing
Jessica Jones Icon 1.png
Jessica Jones-Bus Stop Battleaxe.png Bus Stop Battleaxe Slashing Melee
Ka-Zar Icon 1.png
Ka-Zar-Knife Slash.png Knife Slash Slashing Melee
Ka-Zar-Zabu Pounce.png Zabu Pounce Slashing Melee
Ka-Zar-Jungle Combo.png Jungle Combo Slashing Melee
Kang Icon 1.png
Kang-Maha-Kalpa.png Maha-Kalpa Slashing Melee Tech
Kraven the Hunter Icon 1.png
Kraven the Hunter-I am the Hunter.png I am the Hunter Slashing Melee
Kraven the Hunter-The Most Dangerous Game.png The Most Dangerous Game Slashing Ranged
Lizard Icon 1.png
Lizard-Septic Bite.png Septic Bite Slashing Melee
Lizard-Rending Slash.png Rending Slash Slashing Melee
Medusa Icon 1.png
Medusa-Splitting Hairs.png Splitting Hairs Slashing Ranged
Medusa-Headbang.png Headbang Slashing Ranged
Medusa-Bad Hair Day.png Bad Hair Day Slashing Ranged
Moon Knight Icon 1.png
Moon Knight-Crescent Darts.png Crescent Darts Ranged Slashing
Moon Knight-Blood Moon.png Blood Moon Melee Slashing
Morbius Icon 1.png
Morbius-Fly By Night.png Fly By Night Slashing Melee
Nightcrawler Icon 2.png
Swashbuckler - All attacks now cause Bleeding; Ambush now causes HemorrhagingSwashbuckler - All attacks now cause Bleeding; Ambush now causes Hemorrhaging
Nightcrawler-Ambush.png Ambush Melee Slashing
Nightcrawler-Triple Threat.png Triple Threat Melee Slashing
Nightcrawler-Shadow Dance.png Shadow Dance Melee Slashing

Heroes (View or Edit this Section)

Name Ability Type
Psylocke Icon 1.png
Psylocke-Telekinetic Katana.png Telekinetic Katana Slashing Kinetic Melee
Psylocke-Psychic Knives.png Psychic Knives Slashing Melee
Punisher Icon 1.png
Punisher-Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger.png Stoker Z-F Combat Dagger Melee Slashing
Sabretooth Icon 1.png
Sabretooth-Claw Swipe.png Claw Swipe Slashing Melee
Sabretooth-Brutal Slash.png Brutal Slash Slashing Melee
Satana Icon 1.png
Satana-Enthralled Guardian.png Enthralled Guardian: Bound Blade Melee Slashing Magic
Shanna Icon 1.png
Shanna-Scorpion's Sting.png Scorpion's Sting Melee Slashing
Shanna-Pinning Prick.png Pinning Prick Melee Slashing
Shanna-Serpent Strike.png Serpent Strike Melee Slashing
Shanna-Off the Vine.png Off the Vine Melee Slashing
Shatterstar Icon 1.png
Shatterstar-Blade Maelstrom.png Blade Maelstrom Slashing Melee
Shatterstar-Mojo Skewer.png Mojo Skewer Slashing Melee
Shatterstar-Vibro Shockwave.png Vibro Shockwave Slashing Kinetic Melee
Sif Icon 1.png
Sif-Thrust.png Thrust Slashing Melee
Sif-Leaping Slash.png Leaping Slash Slashing Melee
Sif-Flying Sword.png Flying Sword Slashing Ranged
Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1.png
Spider-Man 2099-What the Shock.png What the Shock?! Slashing Melee
Spider-Man 2099-You're History!.png You're History! Slashing Melee
Spiral Icon 1.png
Spiral-Cut Loose.png Cut Loose Melee Slashing
Spitfire Icon 1.png
Spitfire-Attack Run.png Attack Run Melee Slashing
Spitfire-Sleeping Tiger.png Sleeping Tiger Melee Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Taskmaster-Dance of Blood.png Dance of Blood Melee Slashing
Taskmaster-Nightmare Sword.png Nightmare Sword Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Taskmaster-Parting Gift.png Parting Gift Ranged Slashing
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Taskmaster-Attack of Opportunity.png Attack of Opportunity Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Dance of Blood.png Dance of Blood Slashing Melee
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Taskmaster-Ring of Steel.png Ring of Steel Slashing Melee
Taskmaster Icon 1.png
Taskmaster-Mutilate.png Mutilate Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Berserker Frenzy.png Berserker Frenzy Slashing Melee
Taskmaster-Flying Steel.png Flying Steel Ranged Slashing
Tigra Icon 1.png
Tigra-Razor Claws.png Razor Claws Slashing Melee
Tigra-Swipe.png Swipe Slashing Melee
Tigra-Frenzy.png Frenzy Slashing Melee
Union Jack Icon 1.png
Union Jack-Trench Warfare.png Trench Warfare Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-Over the Top.png Over the Top Melee Unarmed Slashing
Union Jack-V for Victory.png V for Victory Melee Unarmed Slashing
Valkyrie Icon 1.png
Valkyrie-Geirr.png Geirr Slashing Melee
Valkyrie-Dragonfang.png Dragonfang Magic Slashing Melee Electric
Volstagg Icon 1.png
Volstagg-Splitting Headache.png Splitting Headache Slashing Melee
Volstagg-Axe-arang.png Axe-arang Slashing Ranged
Wolverine Icon 1.png
Wolverine-Adamantium Claws.png Adamantium Claws Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Berserker Frenzy.png Berserker Frenzy Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Savage Rend.png Savage Rend Slashing Melee
Wolverine-Feral Ambush.png Feral Ambush Slashing Melee
X-23 Icon 1.png
X-23-Snikt!.png Snikt! Slashing Melee
X-23-Blades of Rage.png Blades of Rage Slashing Melee
X-23-Made For Walking.png Made For Walking Slashing Melee
X-23-Assassin's Strike.png Assassin's Strike Slashing Melee

Enemies (View or Edit this Section)

Icon Ability Type
Baron Strucker Icon.png
 Baron Strucker
Slash Slashing Melee
Black Dwarf Icon.png
 Black Dwarf
Severing Swing Melee Slashing
Cut Short Melee Slashing
Throw Axe Ranged Slashing
Corvus Glaive Icon.png
 Corvus Glaive
Waving Glaive Melee Slashing
Dark Wolverine Icon.png
 Dark Wolverine
Blind Side Slashing Melee
Frenzy Slashing Melee
Severing Strikes Slashing Melee
Swipe Slashing Melee
Executioner Icon.png
Axe Cleave Slashing Melee
Hand Assassin Icon.png
 Hand Assassin
Exsanguinate Melee Slashing
Sharp Breeze Ranged Slashing
Steel Caress Melee Slashing
Hand Dragon Icon.png
 Hand Dragon
Unavoidable Slash Melee Slashing
Hand Ninja Icon.png
 Hand Ninja
Blinding Slash Melee Slashing
Cut Melee Slashing
Deep Laceration Melee Slashing
Silent Stab Melee Slashing
Hand Scorpion Icon.png
 Hand Scorpion
Unavoidable Slash Melee Slashing
Hand Shadow Icon.png
 Hand Shadow
Exsanguinate Melee Slashing
Rupture Ranged Slashing
Sharp Breeze Ranged Slashing
Slow Poke Melee Slashing
Steel Caress Melee Slashing
Hand Shinobi Icon.png
 Hand Shinobi
Unavoidable Slash Melee Slashing
Hand Soldier Icon.png
 Hand Soldier
Blinding Slash Melee Slashing
Cut Melee Slashing
Silent Stab Melee Slashing
Hand Spy Icon.png
 Hand Spy
Exsanguinate Melee Slashing
Sharp Breeze Ranged Slashing
Slow Poke Melee Slashing
Steel Caress Melee Slashing
Hand Warrior Icon.png
 Hand Warrior
Blinding Slash Melee Slashing
Cut Melee Slashing
Deep Laceration Melee Slashing
Silent Stab Melee Slashing
Kang Icon.png
Temporal Armory Slashing Melee Temporal Tech
Man-Ape Icon.png
Vibranium Spies Slashing Melee Vibranium
Wakandan Mes Technique Melee Slashing
Lizard Icon.png
Septic Bite Slashing Melee
Rending Slash Slashing Melee
Sabretooth Icon.png
Brutal Slash Slashing Melee
Claw Swipe Slashing Melee
Taskmaster Icon.png
Flying Sword Slashing Ranged

Augmented Isotope-8


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