Season 2 Unlocked

"Complete all tasks, deploys, heroic battles, incursions, epic bosses, and challenge modes in a chapter to complete it.
Completing a chapter will grant awesome rewards!
— S.H.I.E.L.D. Intel

Chapter Mastery Edit

Each chapter has a number of requirements to be completed in order to fully master it. These requirements are:

Mastering all the requirements yields various rewards for the player.

Mission DifficultyEdit

Each Missions, with a couple exceptions, now permanently set the difficulty to the Agent level when the Mission was first played and completed. This means that for example, a Level 100 Agent runs Mission 1 of Season 2 for the first time, the difficulty is permanently set to Level 100 even when the Agent has Leveled up since.

This change does not affect Premium Missions, as their difficulty is still set to the current Agent's Level. Missions that are set to Challenge Mode are also not affected, as the difficulty is set to the current Agent's Level plus 10 Levels.

Chapter 1 - Excalibur

Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights
Msnfrm1S2 C01 M1
Artificial Sweetener
Msnfrm2S2 C01 M2
Msnfrm3S2 C01 M3
Sword in the Stone
Msnfrm1S2 C02 M1
Msnfrm2S2 C02 M2
Eight Fingers
Msnfrm3S2 C02 M3
Foggy Vision
Msnfrm4S2 C01 M4
Vulture, MP
Msnfrm5S2 C01 M5
God Save The Queen
Gambit Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C01 M6

To Catch a Thief
Msnfrm4S2 C02 M4
The Sting
Msnfrm5S2 C02 M5
Scarlet Witch Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C02 M6

Rock Candy

Chapter 3 - Crisis of Leadership

Chapter 4 - Globetrotting
Msnfrm1S2 C03 M1
Msnfrm2S2 C03 M2
Gates of Hell
Msnfrm3S2 C03 M3
Capo Crimine
Msnfrm1S2 C04 M1
Splintering Cells
Msnfrm2S2 C04 M2
Heated Negotiations
Msnfrm3S2 C04 M3
Tourist Trap
Msnfrm4S2 C03 M4
Growing Pains
Msnfrm5S2 C03 M5
Techno Illogic
Punisher Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C03 M6

Msnfrm4S2 C04 M4
Circular Speculations
Msnfrm5S2 C04 M5
Black Panther Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C04 M6

On the Prowl

Chapter 5 - Spot Treatment

Chapter 6 - When Opportunity Knocks
Msnfrm1S2 C05 M1
Tech Up
Msnfrm2S2 C05 M2
Grudge Match
Msnfrm3S2 C05 M3
Up a Tree
Msnfrm1S2 C06 M1
Unknown Intel
Msnfrm2S2 C06 M2
Ancient Knight
Msnfrm3S2 C06 M3
Dark Complications
Msnfrm4S2 C05 M4
Cleaning House
Msnfrm5S2 C05 M5
Hercules Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C05 M6

Deific Inadequacy
Msnfrm4S2 C06 M4
Harvester of Souls
Msnfrm5S2 C06 M5
Clash of Titans
Deadpool Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C06 M6

Fourth Wall

Chapter 7 - Crest of the Wave

Chapter 8 - Trial By Fire
Msnfrm1S2 C07 M1
Black Queen, Black Knight?
Msnfrm2S2 C07 M2
Mysteries Abound
Msnfrm3S2 C07 M3
Msnfrm1S2 C08 M1a
Circle of 8 City
Msnfrm2S2 C08 M2
We're Not Worthy!
Msnfrm3S2 C08 M3
Highest Bidder
Msnfrm4S2 C07 M4
Many Heads
Msnfrm5S2 C07 M5
But One Immortal
Wonder Man Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C07 M6

Explosive Events
Msnfrm4S2 C08 M4
Mindless Mischief
Msnfrm5S2 C08 M5
Demonic Dealings
Domino Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C08 M6

Savage Science

Chapter 9 - Signs of the End

Chapter 10 - Strength of Fear
Msnfrm1S2 C09 M1
Ritual Cleansing
Msnfrm2S2 C09 M2
Delusions of Grandeur
Msnfrm3S2 C09 M3
The Better of Both Worlds
Msnfrm1S2 C10 M1
Breaking into Vibranium
Msnfrm2S2 C10 M2
The Big Apple
Msnfrm3S2 C10 M3
Msnfrm4S2 C09 M4
Change the Channel
Msnfrm5S2 C09 M5
Hammer Hunt
Black Panther Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C09 M6

Worlds Domination
Msnfrm4S2 C10 M4
Eternal Darkness
Msnfrm5S2 C10 M5
Cosmic Connections
Deathlok Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C10 M6

I Have Become Death

Chapter 11 - Rise of the Serpent

Chapter 12 - Fear Itself
Msnfrm1S2 C11 M1
Hellfire Extinguisher
Msnfrm2S2 C11 M2
Incurring Incursions
Msnfrm3S2 C11 M3
Soul Searching
Msnfrm1S2 C12 M1
The Worthy Appeal
Msnfrm2S2 C12 M2
Time Trials
Msnfrm3S2 C12 M3
Serpent Strike
Msnfrm4S2 C11 M4
Devil's in the Details
Msnfrm5S2 C11 M5
Forging Alliances
Iron Man Icon 1Msnfrm6S2 C11 M6

Tower's Avenger


  • Story: Season 2 and its first Chapter premiered on August 1, 2013.
  • Chapter 2 - Crazy Eights premiered on October 15, 2013.
  • Chapter 3 - Crisis of Leadership premiered on November 27, 2013.
  • Chapter 4 - Globetrotting premiered on March 11, 2014.
  • Chapter 5 - Spot Treatment premiered on May 1, 2014.
  • Chapter 6 - When Opportunity Knocks premiered on July 2, 2014.
  • Chapter 7 - Crest of the Wave premiered on October 16, 2014.
  • Chapter 8 - Trial By Fire premiered on March 13, 2015.
  • Chapter 9 - Signs of the End premiered on August 14, 2015.
  • Chapter 10 - Strength of Fear premiered on February 23, 2016.
  • Chapter 11 - Rise of the Serpent premiered on August 17, 2016.
  • Chapter 12 - Fear Itself premiered on August 26, 2016.

Pre-release NotesEdit

Main article: Story: Season 2/Notes

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